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eyyyy   seeing the HE400 made me think, i need a new sound in my collection. i currently own Ultrasone Pro 900, great headphones but im looking for a warmer sound signature.   basically my setup is computer -> ODAC -> O2 -> pro 900, this should be enough to drive most headphones   but i also have a pair of T50RP in my drawer that i need to mod, they've been untouched for a year and a half. should i just finish that mod and be done with it? or should i spring for that...
Interested in those T-Peos, what about MDR-7550 for 179 I heard the H-200 compares to those.
alright, i'm looking for some good IEMs. durability is a must, my last IEMs were ortofon eq-7 which were abysmal in the build. RIP 4-20-2013 - 8-20-2013   a removable cable is highly desired, but not completely necessary.  if it does not have a removable cable a good warranty is required (should i purchase a seperate warranty)   here are some examples of what i listen...
where do i buy these w.o breaking the bank. i know amazon used to do black friday deals, will they do a deal this year?
i personally want to get a proper impression of him, he seems cool
a bit early for me, still plan to make it. hopefully will have lost a lot of weight since the last meet.
hey, i started a BMF mod a year ago, but school got the better of me and I wasn't able to finish the mod. I ended up forgetting about it, but I'm thinking of retrying the mod. I still have the necessary guides and materials, I just need to finish the mod. Has anything changed since April/May 2012?
well i gotta hear it, i heard kid a the first time a few weeks ago, now going fast to my top 10 albums.by the way, me and mrspeakers had a conversation and it ended up being a huge misunderstanding (as expected) and everything's okay between me and him.
you guys are cruel   i honestly was not impressed with many phones this time around, I guess I'm a basshead, heh.
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