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Dear Fans,   I am Rocky from DUNU. Thanks for your long term support of DUNU and me. I am about to leave DUNU and the contact account would be back to dunu-topsound.   3 year passed, we have some interesting event and good memories. Thanks for the assistance of product review from Joker, Clieos, Swimsoony, Randomkid, Jant71, tinyman and so many to name etc.  I personally enjoy sharing some thoughts with reviewers about product. It's fun to enjoy music with nice...
 Nice idea to made another edition. So far I didn't receive that kind of message. Mostly you can image are review inquiries lol. We understand  removeable cable is important for Hi End model. And we do plan to apply removeable cable on DN-3000 possibly release next year.
DN-2000 eBay official selling page for US customer. If you can't purchase on Amazon, please check our eBay link as well.
Hi BRCMRGN,   Amazon has awful restriction, if a company wants to sell product to US, it has to have US operational address. Since our ware houses are in Taiwan and China. the option ship to US won't be available. So we manage to leave the sell to retailers. In early May, you should be able to purchase from them.   Appreciate for your patience.
DUNU Official Notice Statement   Recently we found a selling page on Aliexpress which list our products.and it's not our authorized agent or distributor. It used one of our previous agent certificate and stolen their name and picture, published fake information about our product DN-2000. It may seriously affect our reputation and lead economic loss to both DUNU and buyers. We now officially announce that it’s a trick on-line store. For protecting your right, please do...
Ha,Ha, sorry not able to leak the price yet. Should be able to tell the price 3/25.
Yeah, you got it right. The price would be higher than DN-1000 for sure. However, the price is still TBD. 
It's fun to do that. I guess everybody knows that tips have different sound features. Just we will make it more prominent. We ever put this idea into DN-19 Tai Chi.But this time, DN-2000 will have possible 3-4 sets of sound. To enhance 3 different aspect like Bass, balance, clarity.  Pair with the spacer(rings in DN-1000) BTW the new included box is as below. Soon we will have the first sample of the box. It looks nice right. 
 It's definitely worth listening. BTW we currently are developing a new tips. Hopefully it will be include in DN-2000. my The tips enhance the SQ once more. Bass reduces a little bit but more tight. Even more sparkles from the treble.It's well balance. If you are balance lover and enjoy a little bit more bass like I do. I sincerely recommend this one.  Since the clarity is further improved, the taste is a little bit different.  However, if you like DN-1000's elastic bass...
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