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FYI, I used to buy speakers direct from Dick Sequerra, and he swore by Mogami Neglex 2534 for both interconnect and speaker cable, even used it (a double run, if I recall) for the internal wiring of some versions of his Met 7 speakers. These days I use SilverAudio and Rscables myself, but the Mogami is good and dirt cheap.
Thanks for the replies - Chris, I do know about the Offramp Turbo, and would love to have one, just wish it were cheaper!
Folks, I known this has probably been asked and answered a gazillion times, but is there an audiophile-quality usb to spdif converter that will pass a 24/96 signal? I am aware the the Benchmark USB Dac will do this but at the moment am just looking for a converter rather than a DAC. Thanks in advance! -- Bob
You guys missed two titans, one obvious and one perhaps a little less so: Keith Richards!!!! .... and the not-so-famous in the US but very, very very incredible Jan Akkerman, formerly of Focus.
I use my UM2's with a Practicaldevices XM4. Works great. I would, though, echo what some others here have said, namely that the UM2's are extremely efficient and easy to drive, and you may be able to do just fine without an amp, depending on what you're listening thru.
I have only used it via the SP/DIF output. Also, it needs to be said that ergonomically, the Delta is not a great design. But then you knew that. All in all, mine has served me very well.
Music Man, I have owned a Delta for 10+ years. Have not compared it to the Sony so no comments in that regard. But FYI there is a place in CN that repairs them and can replace, if not everything, at least the parts that are likely to fail. I can dig up their info if you want. As far as how long it'll last, well, as you can see it is very well-constructed. But I would have to think that with high mileage and age things will at some point start to fail. Mine is no...
Chesebert, Firstly, it is not a stock MSB DAC. it has been substantially modified, has a discrete output stage, and I run it with the CIAudio power supply. How it compares to an unmodified MSB I can't say, having never heard one. I have not yet had time to really compare it extensively to the Apollo's DAC, but so far my ears tell me that neither is leaps and bounds ahead of the other, and each may have its advantages. My system is quite resolving so I am pretty confident...
Binaural and others, I have found the cure, albeit at some inconvenience. Download Isobuster (http://www.isobuster.com) extract the individual song files from the disk to your hd, burn a new CD, and then you will get digital output from the Apollo (and presumably other players that also do not output a digital stream for these disks.) The Clapton CD is now playing thru my DAC just fine. I feel a little better now.
Possibly relevant info - see http://www.newsgroups-index.com/grou...udio_l191.html This is about a different Clapton disc from the same record company, Reprise, but as soon as my neck stops hurting (old diving injury I will pop the "One More Car" disc into my PC and see if the same thing is true. If so, then Reprise is guilty of selling me a CD that is pretty damned non-standard. If that's so then I'll follow the instructions to make a copy that will hopefully fix...
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