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Update after I've had some more time to listen. Firstly, as I mentioned above, if you are worried about using the Pathos with high-sensitivity 'phones, don't be. Sonically, with my Denons, I think the warmth is a little too much, but that's what eq is for. I just tried my Sennheiser HD650's with Cardas cable with it, along with the Sonarworks "average" eq curve (probably off a bit b/c of the cable, if nothing else) and it brought a big  effin' smile to my face - very nice...
Just a bit of added info about the power supply, which visually does indeed look pretty damned unimpressive. :)  I asked the pathos people if they see any value in using it with a linear power supply, and they answered that they do a good bit of additional conditioning of the DC input inside the unit itself, so basically (in their words) all you really hafta do is give it 2 amps of reasonably clean 12v DC. if you unplug the ps while the unit is on standby the led continues...
Arrived!!!!  Only listened to two tracks, with the Denons. Very fast conclusions FWIW:   1. Mine is dead quiet, even with the Denons which are super-sensitive. So if anyone is having noise issues, something is not right - I'd try switching out the power supply if it's hum and the tubes if it's hiss.   2. Yeah, with the Denons the sound is very warm. I don't really mind it but it may get to be too much of a good thing, time will tell.   3. My concerns about it having...
I am expecting mine on Tuesday, shipping is taking a bit longer than I had expected...
BTW I wonder if what you are hearing might be coming from the power supply? I have an HD-Plex that I can't really spare, as it is powering my music server, but I can connect up the Aurium to that as a test, and see what happens.
I will definitely listen for that, especially with the Denons.
I currently own unmodified Denon AH-D7000's and Senn HD650's with cardas cable.  Will see how they sound; if the Denon is more or less OK with it, not only sonically but in terms of gain, I may have it re-cabled, as the stock cable seems to be very poorly made and installed.  But I'll play it by ear.
Help! I'm being censored by the forum software...   Matsu****a! Matsu****a! Matsu****a!   Well, their 7DJ8's are supposed to sound very non-****ty.
MozartMan,  I am expecting mine around the end of next week. Also ordered a pair of NOS Matsu****a tubes for it from Upscale Audio.  Will post impressions as soon as I get some listening time in.
I have one on order from Echo Hifi. Will be about 3 weeks before I get it, but will report on how it works/sounds with Senn HD-650's and Denon AH-D7000's.
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