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Hey everybody. Wanted to check in as a first time Grado owner. I bought a pair of SR60e's on a whim when I was demoing headphones in New York. Gotta say they really surprise me with their sound. I own a pair of HD-598 Senns and am seriously thinking I prefer my SR60s, at least for now!
Hello All--   I am selling my lightly used Ultrasone HFI-780. I like them, and I bought them because I thought I would use a closed-back over ear can. Unfortunately, I haven't been using them much, since I use my Senns at home and my Westones on the road.    These are very lightly used. They have been burned in for 200+ hours and listened to for maybe another 100 hours on top of that.    I am asking $150 or best offer including shipping. I am located on the east...
Had my W4R's for about a week now. Love them.   I do think it's odd that joker made the comment in his review about these being forgiving when you don't have a perfect seal. I find that, although they sound pretty good with whatever tips I'm using, they are quite finicky with your tip selection, and sound much better with a deep insertion. Out of the box, I was using the larger foam and silicone sleeves (IMO foam sound much better). It took a while before I realized that...
In the U.S. Is SoundEarphones the only distributor here?
Ugh, wow. Just decided to impulse splurge and pick up a pair on amazon, only to be sent a message that they are out of stock ... AFTER I ordered.
How hard are these to power? I'm thinking of upgrading my Phonak PFE 112s (another fairly inefficient IEM). From what I understand, the SM64s are pretty difficult to drive, and from searching this thread, I can't find a thorough answer to whether or not they're acceptable unamped. I would be hoping to use these primarily to commute and at work without an amp, or, at best, paired with an e7. Would I be short-changing myself if I dropped the dough on a pair of SM64s?
I'm not totally sure if that's where the battery is located. The spot where the bubble appeared is just over the mini-usb port, which is what is used for charging, so I would guess that the battery isn't too far away. 
It looks like my recently-purchased e7 has melted just above the mini usb port on the lower left side of the device. I had it plugged into my PC and was using it for only a few minutes when I noticed that the device had become extremely hot, and then noticed this bubble.    Is this something that has happened to anyone else before? And has anyone had any experience with RMA'ing an e7 before?  
sorry for double post
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