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Up for sale is my Campfire Jupiter. Have had these for about 6 months I would guess. Fantastic sounding monitor, but I am simply finding more often than not that I prefer to listen to speakers these days. Can't be bothered to keep shoving things into my ears. :)   Sold.
Decided to keep for now.
Letting go of my Gumby. Has a few minor scuffs, but functions perfectly.   Will come with power cable and original Schiit packaging.   SOLD.
Woops, edited body to reflect the $350 as titled.
Up for sale is my custom UERM. Praised by many as one of the best IEMs out there, but that has unfortunately been discontinued. Great opportunity to pick up a classic while you can (retailed for $999).    These will need to be reshelled and there are a number of companies in the US that provide this service. InEarz comes to mind as a highly recommended resheller.   Includes: - UERM itself - UE protective carrying case (note in the picture that this personalized, feel...
Sennheiser HD650 - Purchased used from fellow Head-Fier - Great condition - Will include all original accessories and packaging, but inner and outer boxes show some signs of wear - SOLD.   Modification performed - Black foam that covers the very center of each driver has been removed (after removing the grills). - This is a common modification to the HD650 and is typically accompanied by the "quarter mod". - Please note the quarter mod has NOT been performed on...
Getting out of the hobby as I don't seem to be getting much use out of headphones these days.    Up for sale are two headphones in my stable. Also for sale is my Schiit Gungnir Multi-Bit (AKA Gumby).   Sennheiser HD800S - Purchased new and used for less than 10 hours - In like-new condition - Will include all original accessories and packaging - Serial #02853 - SOLD.   Fostex TH-X00 - Purchased new and used for approximately 50 hours - Some minor wear on the...
Sorry oopeteroo, only shipping to the CONUS.
Hi Baamx2,   $310 shipped is for the Valhalla 2 only.   The Bifrost has been sold. I removed the details regarding the Bifrost, but forgot to update the title of the thread. My apologies!
Up for sale is my Norne Audio Vanquish Series Cable for the Sennheiser HD800.   The cable is gorgeous and is very flexible (I can't stand rigid cables). However, as I am parting ways with my HD800, I will no longer have any use for this cable.   Headphone type: Sennheiser HD800 Length: 5 ft. Termination: Furutech FT-763 1/4 inch Sleeve Color: Black Splitter Type: Wenge, engraved, black Connection Heatshrink: Metallic Gold   Cost for a new Vanquish series cable...
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