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Up for sale is the classic Audio Technica CK10. If you were in this hobby 6-7 years ago, you probably knew about these, and may have even owned them at one point. They have been out of production for quite a few years now and are difficult to get a hold of. Putting mine up for sale as they don't seem to get much use anymore.   Here's a review of them for your reference:   Will come with everything...
Looking for an Audio Technica CK10 in excellent condition. I'll add 3% to cover Paypal fees. Let me know if you have one in your stable that you'd like to sell. Thanks!   Purchased!
Up for sale is my Andromeda. It's in good condition overall and functions perfectly. Has some very minor light scratches, which is a common occurrence on these phones as the green paint is prone to chip away whenever the earpieces rub against each other. They've been carried in a protective, padded pouch any time when not in use, so it's not due to me manhandling them. You can see the light scratches if you're searching for them up close, but at a glance or normal viewing...
Up for sale is a Litz cable purchased directly from Campfire Audio. Cable is very flexible, lightweight, and doesn't retain coiling when worn (a pet peeve of mine, and of many other Head-Fiers I'm sure).   Retails for $149.    Sold.
Up for sale are a pair of Bose QuietComfort 35. They have seen minimal use and are in great condition. Will include all original packaging and accessories.   Very comfortable, terrific noise cancellation, and perfect for those who fly a lot or just want some peace and quiet when working or studying. I just find I don't use them often enough to justify keeping them around.   Sold.
Up for sale is my Campfire Jupiter. Have had these for about 6 months I would guess. Fantastic sounding monitor, but I am simply finding more often than not that I prefer to listen to speakers these days. Can't be bothered to keep shoving things into my ears. :)   Sold.
Decided to keep for now.
Letting go of my Gumby. Has a few minor scuffs, but functions perfectly.   Will come with power cable and original Schiit packaging.   SOLD.
Woops, edited body to reflect the $350 as titled.
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