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Hello Head-Fiers :) I recently went to Hong Kong and bought my self 3 pairs of Audio-Technica CKS55i and also the CKS55's, 1 black, 2 whites, but i have decided to sell them cause i need the money. These earphones are the new model, the successor of the CKS50 :D 100% legit, unopened, sealed packaging   EDIT: Price drop : $80 ~    PM if interested, Price can be negotiable     Info... Audio-Technica ATH-CKS55i Dynamic Solid Bass In-Ear Headphones for...
bumpy =]
bumpy :D  
Hi all, looking to sell or trade my Logitech Anywhere 2 ipod docks/speakers which are aprox. 2 months old Comes with all original accessories as well as the original box and receipt for warrenty Colour is black   Offer or PM me if interested =]
Wanting to trade/sell my 2 month old Logitech Anywhere 2 Ipod Dock (black), offer me/pm me if interested Willing to trade for earphones/headphones offer 
Recieved them as a combo with my Anywhere 2's So far compared to my MC5's, More bass quantity, but no quality, very muddy bass Highs and Lows dont even compare to the Etymotics  For $30 , get something else  
:D yep , cant w8
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