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Still Open to all suggestions , Doesnt have to be IEMS 
:) Thanks for the help 
Hmm, true true. I might just get the SE215's ? Harvey Norman has them for $115 last time i checked 
I'll see if they stock these at Harvey Norman, can u get them for <$150 AUD? 
Something a little more fun i reckon. I use diff. earphones/headphones depending on what i listen to :)
Yeap they do :) . Well In Brissy anyways. Their internet Catalogue doesnt list them all which kinda sucks :S
Bump :3 
Hello all Head-fi ers, Im looking for a new set of earphones or headphones, I currently own the Etymotic MC5, AKG K450, Audio-Technica CKS55, and Logitech UE 100's and also Studios :L... however i have a $100 Harvey Norman gift card as a birthday present and im wondering if anyone would like to recommend me a new set of earphones/headphones :) . I'll be willing to spend around an extra $50 or so to bring a total of around $150 . I'm currently looking at the Shure...
I was browsing their facebook when i found out they have a new model comming out soon, ready for pre-ordering . They look sweet: Heres the link:
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