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Did the other thread get taken down?
Same. FML
    Unfortunately nope :((
Yeah haha, that's what I always do! Kinda gets annoying sometimes. I wish it came with a shirt clip  
  Hey, I've used my SE215's for the gym a couple of times, that being running, weights and just general fitness. The sound is amazing and the fit is also really good. My only concern is the cable as it is extremely long and can get in the way when you're working out. Also, not sure if the problem still exists with newer batched earphones but the earphones tend to cut out however this is very rare. I highly recommend the SE215's for the gym however, I don't use them as i'm...
Selling or trading my Etymotic MC5 (Blue) and my Shure SE215's (Clear) as the title suggests. I'm located in Brisbane Australia but I can ship it to anywhere however local trade is preferred. Reason for sale is that i'm getting bored of these earphones and want to upgrade to better earphones.   Asking price is $50 Mc5's and $80 for the 215's . Both still have australian warranty and were bought from Headphonic Australia and Harvey Norman respectively. All accessories...
bump :3 :)
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