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Pm'd :)
Just received my Carbo Basso's + Meelec Double Flanged tips.. oh my god. I'm impressed. 
Klipsch S4i?
Mine have been shipped but I have not received them yet.
Mine have been shipped apparently with a tracking number. This better be legit this time.
Sweet ;)
I'm still waiting on him to post my IEMS back (Shure se215, Ety Mc5). He said "maybe tomorrow" but I doubt it.
Hmm no you didn't.. I sent the last email saying "Still not arrived? I'm starting to get really suspicious." 
@ambchang I haven't been checking this thread for a while but add me to the list, I sent my Shure SE215's and Ety MC5's .. still no word on them yet cause apparently he still hasn't received them.. I've been sending him emails but i'm not getting replies 
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