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^ exactly. FedEx/UPS can certainly charge an arm and a leg for bringing anything across the border. One thing that can be done, is if you go to your local customs office and clear the package yourself, then the brokerage fees would be waived by the shipping company. That is if you have an office nearby.
Myself when I have ordered from the US, I've typically gotten the company to send with USPS as they have the least cost for as far as any brokerage costs are concerned. At least in my experience thus far. I have to admit I haven't brought over any audio equipment, but when it comes to car parts, that's the way I have done it. Sales tax iirc is based on the province to which you are bringing in the product. ie. here in MB we have the 7% provincial and the given 5%...
Keep in mind Ambigramic that 'wonderful' agreement called NAFTA. I did a quick check and it appears that Shure is located in Chicago, which if their product is manufactured there, it should fall under the agreement. Which to you should mean that there would be no duty, just shipping into Canada ;)
When I read this the other day, I thought to myself, this might as well have been me posting! Although I'm using a different source (iPhone4), my choices were nearly identical. The RE-Zeros, the DBA-02s, and I was also looking at the Etymotic mc/hf3. My daily listening from track to track anywhere from old Metallica, to a Hans Zimmer soundtrack, to St Germain, to Disturbed and Swallow the Sun to name a few. At this point, read 6 hours ago, I've picked up a pair of hf3s...
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