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If you haven't already taken a look he's compared all of the IEMs you have mentioned here, with some good observations IMO. I should have my W4s tomorrow, so I'll be able to put some thoughts about it once they are in my hands, albeit fresh out of the box with no time on the drivers.
Well i2ehan, my wallet took a hit, and my W4s should be here tomorrow... or later today that is. If FedEx is alright with shipping them to my office, I'll be listening to them on my way home, maybe even at work... I really can't wait to put them side by side with my other IEMs that I've been listening so far. Since I know of no other people addicted to headphones like I am here where I live, I just have to buy and try, lol. Once I get the W4s in my ears and have had a...
My wallet hurts! This is making me want to try out the W4s all the more. Again with the W3 and UM3X, well presented thoughts in regards to both, and in comparison between the whole group!
Just wanted to say a thank you to i2ehan! I've been following your thread here since you posted it, and great job so far! I've been looking for another set of IEMs to try out, and have been throwing around the idea of DBA-02, CK-10, and W4. The W4 at this point I think are the ones I will try out, once I hear back from EarphoneSolutions about their stock and when they should get some in. Thanks again for taking the time to review and share your thoughts with everyone!
Right on! Best of luck trying the smalls.
You're right about the KC3 being a great unit Mark2410, if they had the same life at low volume as they do at louder volume, they would be my all the time go to IEMs. In the meanwhile, I'll take a look around and see if there are any portable amps around that I might be able to try out. That or even a different source, see if that would make a difference. Otherwise, I'll enjoy the KC3s as they are and that's the way it is as I have to say the presence of the bass on the...
Anyone have any thoughts related to the Custom 3s, or is that simply their sound, and that they don't come alive until they have a higher level of current supplied to them?
From my personal wearing, I've been using the large Ety tri-flange, and I picked up the medium Shure Olives. For me they seem to fit about the same as the large. I've also been able to insert them just as deeply as the tri-flange when wearing my hf3s.
This is my first lengthy posting in regards to any audio related field, so my apologies if I'm a bit difficult to follow. Please let me know if there are any improvements I can make as all thoughts and feedback are welcome! So I have recently been required to take a bus to work and with all of that decided that I would invest in some good IEMs that I can just relax and enjoy some music on the ride. My source has been my iPhone 4, and using either Equalizer or EQu. My...
The way I've been wearing my hf3s, the only option you have is a deep insertion. Using either the large tri-flanges or even Shure Olives, I insert the phones equally deeply in my ear. And from my observations it provides very similar isolation. I would actually be tempted to say that the Olives might even provide a bit better isolation. So as to using a tri-flange, bi-flange, single or foam, it's still a deep insertion with the ER4s for my experience with the hf3.  
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