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Picking up a FiiO E11 today from the post office to try with my W4s. Was just watching a movie last night with them and some of the explosions and deep rumbles were phenominal! Currently I'm trying them with the Shure Olives, and although they don't isolate as well as the triple flanges, the do sound quite good!
Something I took to using my phone was setting my volume limiter to ~50% and then listening around 3/4 volume, which effectively puts it around 37% overall volume. Lately using Equalizer, I've set my pre-amp volume to -19db and listen about 75% volume, although what kind of db that is out of the phones, I'm not sure, certainly quiet compared to most.
I was on a call just the other day with my HF3s and my brother gave me heck after saying it was nearly impossible to hear me when I was wearing them over the ear. I only found this out after I spoke with him in person later that night. I'll have to test again and see, but there have been mentions when I'm outside and walking/on the bus/doing that it is harder to hear when wearing the HF3s over the ear.
  I have to admit I definitely listen at a lower volume. I have my volume limit on my iPhone4 set to about 50-60% and then in EQu or Equalizer (use both) I have my volume 75%-100%. There are a few times I'd bump my volume limiter up a little bit, but I certainly don't like to have the volume cranked. When I listen at 30-60% overall volume output (considering full volume range without limit on the phone), I should be able to hear all the details of the music just the same...
I'm certainly looking forward to this myself. phntmsmshr actually had posted a similar EQ as what you have posted there (in the thread Lunatique linked on page 2), and I agree it certainly changes the sound from the W4s in a good way. They are not nearly as laidback as they are without the eq. I've tweaked the curve a bit to my own liking as I found that the bass was a bit too prominent on tracks where it initially wasn't (if that makes sense). 31hz 4dB, 50hz 1.5dB,...
About the source file, I agree 150% Mark! A friend had borrowed me the Avatar soundtrack in 320kbps MP3, I could not stand listening to it over my iPhone4 with my Ety HF3s. I re-ripped the CD in M4A (Apple lossless) and infinitely better, there is no more crackling on many tracks. Needless to say, I've got most of my collection all re-ripped in lossless now to accommodate the HF3s and the more recent Klipsch Custom3s and Westone 4s.
If you're still looking to make a purchase of any of those IEMs, I believe i2ehan still has them up for sale in his thread here. He recently finished trialing a number of different IEMs and posting his thoughts on each. for sale thread:
I agree with you guys, I've taken to using Ety gliders on my Klipsch Custom 3s, and the sound wasn't right from them today; I took a look and at the end they are splitting and separating from the core entirely. I have some Complys at home as well as olives, although I wasn't a fan of the olives on these. I'll try the Comply foams and see how they work! It's that or back to olives, unless I can find some triples... :(
i2ehan.... brilliant.... that's all I have to say.... If those other headphones are giving the W4s a run for their money, you must be in heaven! lol. I picked mine up yesterday from FedEx, and so far I've got about 6hours on them I would guess. No burn in, just straight into some music. With lossless files they are performing absolutely fantastic! In comparison to my others they seem to have a thicker note, while at the same time having very near the separation of my...
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