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Questions answered and price drop bump :)
Hey,   I'm a fairly heavy user of IEMs and have had many of them fall victim to use. I'm moving to the UK and selling off what I have left over.   All of the IEMs have a major problem. Usually one of the drivers no longer works. I feel like someone may on here may still have a use for them or have the skills to be able to fix them. There are loads of tips and accessories included.    You'll get everything pictured.   For example Shure e3c Xears XE200pro Vsonic...
Found some. Thanks!
Cash is ready to buy a pair of Etymotic ER-4Ps shipped quickly to Vancouver, Canada (V6H2T4) for a reasonable price   I can pay via paypal   Thanks -Alex
ygpm :)
Price drop bump
Hey I'm selling a pair of shure e3c headphones with the end cracked off. It snaps back on, but isn't strong enough to stay on if worn. However, a little dab of super glue should make it basically perfect. I didn't do it yet myself, because I figured, because I am selling, I'd give the buyer the option to do it however he/she wants.    It includes the manual, case, and tons of tips. One bag of tips is even still sealed. (See picture)       I'm also selling a...
Hey I've received a ton of PM's about these items. I've decided to split them up and the cans are pending. If I haven't replied to your PM, I will if the current deal falls through.   As for the EF2A, there is some interest, but no firm offers yet. I'm now looking for 160USD shipped Can/US for it. I will move it to the appropriate forum once the headphones are sold for sure.   
Hey, I'm selling a pair of AKG K702 Headphones and a Hifiman EF2A Amp/DAC   The headphones come with the original box, but it's missing the sleeve that fits over it.   The EF2A come with the stock tubes as well as MULLARD CV4010 VALVE EF95 M8100 6AK5 5654 Tubes   Both items were purchased on here a while back.       The price for both is Headphones SOLD, EF2A SOLD plus shipping   I would like to try selling as a pair, but might part out...
I just picked up a Marantz 6300 from a local audiophile. I listened to it at his place and it's quite amazing. I'm still setting it up at my place, but it's a beauty. I haven't seen a lot of info about them on here, so if anyone has any questions, I'll do my best to figure out answers
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