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Price drop.
I'm thinking about getting this, as it could be something like a more fun sounding HD600, wich I totally love...
Selling my AudioValve RKV Mark II amazing tube headphone amplifier mint condition (few months old). This is the best amplifier that I've used with my Sennheiser HD800 by far, soundstage and bass with this pairing is just awesome. It's a great performer with other high impedance cans like the Beyerdynamic T1, Sennheiser HD600/HD650 and so on.   Listed price is 2.380 euros + shipping, so you're almost saving 1.000 euros :)   My price: 1.489 euros 1.389 euros   -Boxed...
--SOLD--   Thanks.
Hi, it is not the fastest UI that I used, but library scan is quick and no bugs at all, from my point of view is quite good but there are some point that can improve.
Yes, the best sound I've ever heard in a DAP by far. As the others mates are saying the black background is amazing too, even with the high sensitivity CIEM.I'm waiting for my new pair of Vision Ears VE6 X-Control, I hope they pair well with the Lotoo, it should be a killer a combo... Cheers
 I have one too ;)The first DAP that drives my Sennheiser HD800 well   
Very sad new.... and he was so young. Rest in peace.
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