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CHANGED.   Thanks.
Hi, looking for a pair or Sony Qualia 010.   P.M. with your offer thanks.
Hi, looking for a minty pair of Grado HP1000 HP1 headphones. I would prefer the hp1 version but I'm open to the others.   P.M with your offer.     Thanks
I think it looks almost like black on the photo due to the light
Yes, it is the new Lotoo Paw version with "gun metal" buttons (menu and volume knob) instead of gold, otherwise the rest is the same. I think that the Lotoo Paw Gold drives quite nice the HD800 in high gain for being a DAP, but with a bit more power like the new portable amp will have they would sound even better. Anyway I'm currently using the new HD800 "S" and I'm impressed with the sound connected to the Paw Gold.
Hi, from what I know the Paw Gold is not discontinued, in fact there's a new colour buttons version wich I've been able to get (I think that it's one of the first ones). They don't have a huge stock like other companies, so they are producing in batch, to ensure the best quality.   Here's a photo of my unit, now the buttons are gun metal. With the red Dignis case it looks awesome:     Also yes, a new high-end portable headphone amplifier to pair with the Paw is...
Ok, warm, lush and very present vocal lovers, here is a very, I mean very pleasant combo that I've tried yesterday: Paw Gold + Earsonics S-EM6   Gregory Porter's voice from his last album...just spectacular to my ears. I think I could be listening this all day, all night with no fatigue or whatever, just pure enjoyment  
--SOLD--     Thanks.
Yes, I feel the same, about after 25-30 min of warming it sounds a little better due to the class A amplifier inside, usually this type of amplifier likes a little minutes of playback until show the best performance, somewhere like tubes but in less time :)
Awesome, even you can put your name. I have the red Dignis one and I'm very happy, but this looks like an almost identical alternative regarding the photos.
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