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Interested in purchasing a mint condition Grado PS1.   Please contact me if you're able to sell this model. Looking for a minty pair.   Europe is prefered.   Thanks.
Price drop!
I've been doing quite a lot of testing in that regard and to my ears it's on the same level as some quite good desktop DACs like the Yulong DA8 or the ADA1.Paw Gold's line out is just awesome, and I even use it a lot as a preamp, because you can select on the menu the option to control the line out volume. Cheers
SOLD-- (outside the forum)   Thanks.
SOLD (outside the forum)    Thanks!
Still for sale!
Hi, it was from a recently trade ( I received them a few days ago from USA so I paid custom taxes), the original invoice is of 1808 USD. This is the version with the 3m long XLR 4 pin Dum cable, and it also includes another cable. You can get the quote on MrSpeakers's online store. Anyway you have a P.M.
--SOLD--     Thanks!
CHANGED.   Thanks.
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