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P.M. ! 
Still for sale!
New price!
No sorry, watch not includedūüėÄ
For sale this like new pair or Chord&Major 6 Ballad IEM, great little dynamic In-Earphones with an amazing vocal reproduction, on pair with the Shure SE846.   -Original package and accesories. -Shipping within Europe is included in the price.   -Paypal payment (please add 3% because of Paypal fees)     Thanks.
BTW it seems to be an special price of 499 euros until 30th of September for the Maestral II, I think it is a good price :)
I tried them with my Violectric V100 and the combo is awesome, you need a very low output impedance headphone amplifier. Other cheaper options: HRT MicroStreamer, Leckerton Audio UHA6 MKii   Cheers
They are simply awesome with vocal songs, I usually listen to George Michael, Gregory Porter, Melody Gardot... With this type of music it is almost the best IEM I've tried, midrange quality is not so much far away from the Shure SE846 in terms of vocal performance only.Apart from this it has a shy bass performance that it is not suitable for other bassier music style. Cheers
Hi, they are the new Chord&Major 6 Ballad, specialized on vocal music, with a very sweet and natural midrange :)
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