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Audeze LCD-2, Sony CD 3000, Focal Elear. 
Bottas will run eights around Hamilton considering Hamilton lost to the worst driver on the grid last year :D.   I do hope they will get an equal car and there is no ******** in the contract. But this is motorsport so it´s not likely. New reglement so Hamiltons edge being in a familiar setup will be less then it would otherwise.
The Light between Oceans. Well acted drama that pulls all kind of strings 4/5 despite not watching it on my plasma not VR.  Acting was rock solid.
Is there any point for it in VR though? Isn´t it better to disable all sensors and let the games audio do it´s work without distortion? Is Ossics head tracking really more accurate and latency free then the Oculus?
Nice see you on track :)
No COD winners works for Doritos :p. As for simracing there isn´t a lot of price money so there it may be some :D   It would be really interesting to have a parallell championship. It´s the only way to make sure every driver have the same chance to win a race and it would say more then anything else how the drivers actually stack up against eachother. 
Felix Rosenqvist should get a spot in one of the top teams. He was the only one able to compete with simracers on their home turf in the Vegas E-race. Finishing second aftersome controversy. They have a stupid thing called fan boost in Formula E. Supposed to get it for some 6 seconds but Olli who won the race got it for 6 laps. Later demoted to 3rd. Shown he can win in every car he tried so far. Time to get to try F1 as well :D
Frames are everything that holds the glasses in place not just the pins? Must he a word for those pins even though they are part of the frame?
I think it was a word I googled looking for the english word for the frame that keeps the glasses in place over the ear but it was the wrong one I got I suppose. 
I will watch it later on. I was watching it with no sound and one eyed close afraid to spoil anything expecting a trailer :p
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