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Got it home now and yes volume is not a problem. Though it felt like the EPH-100 got totally out of control if I tried to push it but that is generally above the 75 db anyway.
Later 2014 version. I did find this    Maybe a bit low power output even for my iems on the moto x though I understand apple and htc is the power benchmarks :)
Hmm this was less reassuring... I am sometimes over half the volume on the Note 2 though that is probably a bit to high :)  
So I could expect at least equal sound quality to a Samsung Galaxy Note 2? I am not super picky when on the go so that has been okay even though my Ipod touch 3G is a bit better. But since it´s not a phone and an extra device and I mostly use spotify these days I hardly ever carry it.
Anybody found a moto x vs oneplus one comparison audio wise?
Just ordered a Moto X. This thread do somewhat reassure me. I like 95 % of the human population have bassy mobile sound devices. In my case the Yamaha EPH-100 I doubt that a little roll off will hurt any. It´s not like I will do tons of Audeze LCD-2 listening on it.   Can´t wait compare it to my Ipod touch 3G. I dropped my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which is why I ordered the Moto X in the first place. So can´t do any comparison with that.
Are you in a subtle way saying there is team orders at Mercedes they are not allowed to do any battle at all on track? Don´t apply to Nico vs Ferrari though that was nice brute overtaking on track :)   As for Hamiltons China race he just did what anybody would do in the best car having the best pace. He got that confidence being the fastest in the races before, in practise and in qualification. Maintain the gap and tires why push it? I do that all the time in simracing...
So much off topic.   I wonder though about Hamiltons situational awhareness? Where have he showned this new trait? I know he hasn´t parked in the mcLaren garage yet nor have he collided with other cars in the pit lane but on the track he really hasn´t had to do any side by side racing. Has he overtaken anybody or gotten overtaken :)
Why a 5? I would probably rate it closer to 10 as well. I have not read the books or the comics though. I always find movies crap if I done that.
We are just not used to being boored like in the old days I suppose. The best way I can destroy a movie or show or anything is by playing candy crush. We just can´t do two things at the same time our brains don´t work like that but some people seem to believe they can.
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