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Well the examples I made was as much pay driver as Maldonado so there really isn´t much of a difference. The difference is that they impressed more obviously so could later get out of the pay driver niche. There is a reason why Maldonado despite his money is not in a Ferrari already :)
Yes most drivers in F1 has gotten sponsor help to get their first F1 seats :)
Don't bash pay drivers Ronnie Eriksson and Ayrton senna and alonso all started as pay drivers
Ooops yeah you are right it´s another great entertainer. But maybe they have a lot in common lol
Robin Williams blaims extacy.
Yeah we can always create reasons even if there are none.   But in Robins case what would you say caused his addiction to alcohole and drugs and later depressions?   Self inflicted or some experiences in his youth or what?    Why does everybody talk about his troubled sole when nobody know what it springs from if anything other then his own mind :)
A lot of creative people can´t handle reality. But I am wondering did he have some tragedy or something that created his abuse of drugs, alcohole etc or what are the demons. Did he create them himself?
What kind of demons would that be?
Dunno but don´t think so. But Red Bull is not Ferrari. Ferrari is special. Vettel and Riccardio has been quite even this season. Vettel having a bit more bad luck. Of course everybody expect Vettel to be stronger/ everyone hates the guy so people try to paint it so he drives super awful lol
It´s Ferrari it´s not going to happen. I am quite sure Kimi just whent there for the money knowing he is the second driver. Ferrari never have two equal drivers ever. I think the difference in performance just show how much is the car and how little is the driver. Same with Grosjean suddenly getting a super driver when Lotus switched focus to him lol
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