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That is nothing. tdockwreiler I think it was has probably seen it 40 times by now :)
Wrong on a lot of accounts. There is hardly a president out there without a blackberry :)   Soldiers will have HUDs to get crucial information without looking at a stupid watch.   Chicks are not impressed by watches maybe helps if you are gay :)   But yes it´s cool engineering though analogue is medieval and there is to many moving parts. I think digital can be made to last much longer.
Same goes for snakes. But I don´t really see what would be wrong with animals attacking humans. Humans attack animals all the time.
Yeah snakes get a lot of negative PR just like Wolves :(
You don´t need to spend any money on watches at all here is smart phones that can do much more for a much lower cost :)   Watches are redundant.
Is it you in this video
You learned that as a kid
It´s not a natural instinct it´s something we learn. I haven´t seen snakes often but I have never been afraid. Respect that I got from the society warning me about them but no instinctual fear.    Same as jumping trampoline. I was never afraid to dive from 10 metres but now in older days I can´t do it. I learned to be afraid.   Here is a video proofing it´s no natural instinct   Many more examples also.
Why call it man bag instead of what it is a handbag? 
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