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Crazy qualifying. I was happy I didn´t have to see it live though :)
It´s indeed very hard to find any use for these headphones. Spend the money on VR headsets instead to get the complete package. An easy way to fix the swinging head around is sit in an office chair. Only way to watch 360 videos while not standing. It has great potential but need to fix the resolution and fisheye. 180 degree videos may get more popular though and is a bit more practical. To spend the money on audio and no picture to go with it. Indeed why?
Why would they appeal? Might get worse.
I think Lewis said he didn´t run the track in the simulator because he wanted to photograph it with his photographic memroy the first time he ran it for real or something :)
Sure it was the same shirt? I am sure they have plenty of spare 7 shirts lol
Don´t recall he had some incident in Monaco?   But yeah he certainly takes his chances. All simracing is helping these young drivers a lot. 
Honda is already matching Renault? I think it´s more Red Bulls superior chassi that make them so much better. But they do suffer in close racing against the mercs. Requires more skill to overtake in corners then on straights but it´s a choice they made optimize more for downforce. Had Max started first he would probably have won the race as he really had no issues matching the pace with the mercs. He and rosberg had to sacrifice tires battling eachother and Max was stuck...
There is a ton of guys that wants it :D
To bad about Ronaldo. Probably don´t matter he would never get any balls anyway lol
Clever coaching by Merc instead of a pontentially failed gearbox they take the chance on a less severr penalty. Or the gearbox would be fine and they lost second but why risk it all for  a second place?   Force India probably wish they would just done the same and taking the penalty instead of asking. After you ask you can´t do it :p   Good race but why the start behind the safety car? Just handed the race to Lewis and it was not all that wet. Wet enough to cause chaos...
New Posts  All Forums: