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First time I saw the guy doing something special. I wonder if his pass to himself was deliberate? I think not but would be cool if so.    I also love how hungary played. Okay maybe they should just bunker down like Portugal and try and kill all creative play but you can see why they did so many goals. 4-0 don´t represent the game all that well even if the game suited Belgium like a glove.  Belgium now have Wales so yeah another one of my predictions going down the drain...
My dark horses is doing well who would have guessed :D
I am not even disappointed my bid went out the window when they play like that all of a sudden. To be honest I think neither of the teams should go through after that. 
Croatia-Portugal is not starting much better actually the most horrid game of the tournament so far
Lol didn´t see it either. Surprising to see Wales go through particularly after loosing 3-0 to the awful swedish team before the Euros but Bale is delivering.
Congrats Poland really tight game. Polands goalkeeper really shined. Euros best goal so far by Shaqiri. 
Just can´t understand that line of thinking... It don´t work very well in countries that apply them :p
I have seen both and yes see both it don´t take away from eachother at all. The documentaries often is more interesting no difference here.
Try Starship Troopers if you want something less serious. Come to think of it I think I will watch the sequels never got to it.
Icelands commentator getting slightly excited https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIvsIV956S8   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaHHTwntaEQ
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