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no brainer merc will win unless they crash eachother out
Can try The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared as well. I have not seen A Man called Ove yet though :)
Antman 3/10. 
The Drop   6/10   Tom Hardy is doing his stuff as per usual. James Gandolfini likewise.
E.T Phone home!
The new deal is not using a helmet at all but an airbag! http://www.hovding.se/
Interesting race at Twin ring don´t miss :)
13th was really good.
Leviathan 4/10   Not much in term of story here. Thought there would be a movie about a small guys fight against a corrupt society but there never is a fight he just takes to the bottle.
Jungle Book 7/10. To bad about some musical moments but they are minimal.    I think they made a misstake with Bagheera. His is an indian leopard but the body is kind of more like a jaguar or something :p 
New Posts  All Forums: