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Fury 3/10. Honestly it should be disqualified. Some super unrealistic battle scenes and what not but the drop.   [[SPOILER]]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYIYOoAApmQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIg6tgdgJWQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGeeXPtqF8Q   Was another video where some guy tried to twist a leg right off knowing full awhare he was trying to invalidise a player.   Seldom you see such clear intent even in other physical sports like ice hockey.   Though what is striking is it´s not clearly a red card punching somebody in the face or trying to break a leg. Macho taken to far?
Mafia 2. I have just gotten to chapter 8 of 15 but so far it´s an instant classic 10/10.
You mean the overtake on Rosberg? Red bull was super strong there he had sized Rosberg up for multiple laps and went all in. Nearly succeded with a big but calculated risk. Hungaroring is not the easiest to overtake on so this race was really a surprise.I refuse to complain and suggest Ricciardo should settle for third and don´t even attempt an overtake. Red bull must use their superior braking they don´t have any hp to compete the mercedes on the straights.  A shame for...
Ferrari always have a first and second driver. They never attempt to support two cars equally. I would believe Sebastian would never go to Ferrari signing up to be a second driver so most likely that is Kimi. Which signed up for that since he see the end of his career perhaps and got no better payed seat that can still win some gps if he is lucky :)
It´s not about number of posts it´s about number of created threads :)
Trying to be cool it seems. Nowadays he is almost normal though. Paw!
I ended up watching this WTF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alIRpRS28wY   Why do they start to whisper it´s like they are shooting a porno movie :p
After some 15 years or something without a watch I got a moto 360. It´s sad but I have forgotten how to read an analogue clock? Not entirely of course but the brain really have to work how to put it together sometimes. Digital is so much easier :).
Yeah I suppose Jurassic World is the best of the sequels but it´s also totally pointless because the first does everything it do better. The other two at least try to offering something new :)   I would also protest and suggest it´s not Jeff Goldblums fault that the second is not as good as the first!
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