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I guess I am old. I referred to a magazine that was out in the early 80´s. So a tv show that has been available for 4 years is new :D
Isn´t it just the new anime series or something that is popular. All I remember is some cartoon that was directed towards those who like ponys duh... 
I don´t see that at all it was just the top teams at the later stages actually one of the most predictal outcomes of the last 5 WC:s. There is often a "Costa Rica" in every world cup that is not new :) I am still waiting for the african teams to become stronger but it looks like there is just to big problems with corruption which make it harder to get the right team spirit going.
I wouldn´t be shocked if Argentina wins 3-0... A new match a new game so much psychology in play but they certainly aren´t favourites :)
Krul wouldn´t have made a difference it was Hollands penalties that wasn´t as sharp this time around.. Chillesen was unlucky should have gotten at least one save on those with a bit more luck but Argentinas penalties was just sharper..
If the Brazil-Germany was unpredictable this is 110 % predictable. No team dare to even try winning the game.    Argentina doing a bit better though. lol
I really hope Argentina- Netherlands don´t get to brutal. The referees are hand tied they can´t do anything about it :(
Sorry my Spanish or is it portugis is not that good :)
Why would they get a penalty kick. It would be like giving the 1 year old robben attention for being bad...   If Brazil would shape up their game and do proper goals I would cheer but not hunting for cheap penalties.
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