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 Yes both. If they had real antennas like in the old days they would work much better. 
Yeah sound quality and reception is really bad on "smartphones"
Prost could make the excuse he didn´t hear him :D
 Once upon a time I looked forward to that movie. Despite George Lucas.  Need more in the genre love the planes. I did have fun with flyboys :)
I guess Note 2 is about the perfect size. Plan was not getting an Ipad or something on the side more of a one size fit all. It´s a bit more bulk but it does go down in my pocket and since I have big hands one hand operation is not a problem.   I had a ipod touch 3G before and it was way to small for web browsing to feel anywhere near useful. There is benefits with a more compact format but that is pretty much it.   I am thinking of getting a tablet anyway and I don´t...
 I think it´s quite clear what happened. Prost felt Nick had him and would take the win by a bold move and decided to crash them both and see what happened. He was not going to let Nick pass no matter what :)If he was sure Nick could not take the corner he could do the undercut but no 110 % Prost fault not even his father seem to disagree on that :p
  The irony of Prost calling it a suicide move by Nick is almost to much :p I
I just saw the incident. Nicholas Prost is very upset about Nick Heidfelds driving.... "I would not have expected for him to have attempted a suicide move at the end of the race. My victory was stolen. It is really hard." What an ego.
There is always a dominant team more or less. Red Bull would be dominating team still if it wasn´t for Renault failing :)
We all love conspiracy theories :)   Totos smile may be he now know they won´t crash into eachother lol
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