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Merc is always sandbagging in practise and optimize for race because they are unthreatened in qualification but sandbagging in race only in term of not doing anything extra then take the checkered flag first on safest engine mode and minimal wear on the car and driver. I wonder if he even had trouble keeping heat in the tires due to red bulls non competiveness :)
It was quite clear. If you can create a gap of 4 seconds that easy surely you are sandbagging the rest of the race. Hamilton and Nico have both done it in the past. Hamilton probably didn´t feel confident doing the entire race in safe mode starting last so his pace was probably more honest.   Ferrari will go all in so will be interesting. Maybe why they suffer here they are already setting the car up for Monza. However I am still sure Kimi had it not been for the max,...
Yeah I did jump those old VR headsets though I was close to getting some VGA headsets. The real game support never really seem to come and I didn´t really have the funds anyway back then.   I just did my first online race. GT 3 Spa in Assetto Corsa with 21 well prepared racers so real it´s insane. For sure 2D painting racing can´t really compare. The day the endurance sims support VR is the last day I will support a sim that don´t have VR support.    Also that you can...
Williams can only go for speed. Their car is made for low downforce. Monza is not heavy at tires either but we will see. Can always rain.
Monza should suit williams though so it will be tough.   But Force India is surely the most impressive team considering the resources available. However Hulken can´t block faster cars well here. As for HAAS to bad they couldn´t follow up their flying start but that was a bit much to be expected. 
They could run the qualifying in safe mode as well when he don´t have to care about their team mates :)
Referees overall seem to have changed policies to let just about everything slide.    Entertaining race but the start ruined it. Race incident but had Max just accepted his poor start and Vettel not being so frustrated with being number 2 driver it would have worked out better.   Since everything went reasonably well it´s actually nice to see that F1 cars can still crash in eau rouge.    Alonso was helped a lot by the restart. Fuel economy not getting as big of a...
Max pushing Kimi off the track again. New Maldonado...
Mega cut on Verstappen in the start what a surprise :D.
I don´t think Lewis can hurt anyone with his bad starts in last place though :)   Anyway I don´t think it matters if they get a bad start. They will just use their engine power to get ahead before T2 anyway. Red Bull will be killer in Sector 2 but it´s hard to overtake there.
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