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lol does she eat burgers half naked on your car also :)
Amazing how viral marketing work. Have some semi naked chicks and some guy on the internet will do the marketing for you :p
I cut the pizza in slices but I don´t eat it with fork and knives. As for hamburger depend. But I think they generally taste better when I use fork and knife. Don´t ask me why may just coincide with McDonalds crappy hamburgers they don´t even have fork and knifes so I associate eating without with the taste of cheap macdonald burgers.
Non-stop   Another Liam Neeson kick ass movie. Quite good though the whodunnit resolution was as non believable as you would expect but don´t hurt the movie much.   7/10. 
As for Grosjean he has always been fast but his judgement has been lacking. But he gotten a LOT better. Look at how well he did after Kimi left and he got designated number 1 driver. He has always had good support at Lotus but they don´t quite have the funds to keep two cars going.   He was never as bad as Maldonado anyway. Now Grosjean don´t have the Lotus to impress with he got earlier which may make it look like he is a worse driver all of a sudden. Same probably...
How could you possible put Maldonado ahead of Chilton and Ericsson. Particularly Ericsson and Kobayashi sit in the worst car in the field. It has no downforce and it over and understeer at the same time  but they still crash less then Maldonado who has several years in F1 showing just about nothing.
 Fair enough but Lewis does it 10x more. I can be more annoyed with Nico playing the political game. When Lewis shunts him off the road he never complaints and express how he really feel about it. And he don´t complain much open. Remember when he was forced to keep behind Lewis last year. Imagine the chatter on the radio if Lewis would have to stick behind Nico. It would be 10x worse going by Monaco lol.
They are on equal footing why would Mercedes give Lewis favors? Lewis is asking just as much what to do as Nico. Remember Monaco just for one.   Kicking tires only wreckers that have no clue do. But anyway it´s seldom a coincidence that two drivers having an equal car and one get more mechanical failures. He do that because he push harder then his material can tolerate. So it´s not just "bad luck"   Now some teams can´t really support two cars and Ferrari is known for...
Well if one driver better understands the car and can keep it going it´s part of being a good race driver too :).   Mercedes have the resources to keep two cars going so I don´t think it´s a Ferrari case where they always sacrifice and dedicated one as second driver.
Seriously if they want to improve the show they should add sprinklers like on golf courses so they can get wet conditions in every single race. Just make the races so much more strategic and hard to follow. To avoid conspiracy theories (impossible I know) let a computer decide the weather based on some clever calculations.    To make it even more public friendly let the viewers vote about rain. Then we will see drivers work even more to put up a good show just like the...
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