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If they keep their current unfair financial model McLaren will of course be competitive at some point if they really want to. But Honda could for sure be another Toyota. Toyota did put in quite a bit of money though no help from legacy money. Quite impressive what Red Bull and Mercedes has achieved :)
Huntsmen: winters war? 3/10.   What dialect is the Heimsworth going for? 
Strange custom you can´t eat alone. Are they so shy if they can´t get an own table they will go somewhere else and thus the restaurant loose money on not fully occupied tables?  but yeah it´s pretty much like public transport don´t really matter much if anybody sits at your table or close or not. Would be a bit surprising if they start a conversation or something :)
Thanks. I am used to the labels in IL 2 done one dog fight in DCS with the P51 on my 2560x1080 ultrawide and despite trackIR incredibly hard to spot. So can see how it could be next to impossible in VR. I should never venture online I am so rusty I would just get slaughtered and frustrated so hopefully the cheats are working :)
What did you demo? fps experiences where you walk normally but standing still seem to be an issue thus most use teleportation. adrift where you is adrift also causes great issues it seems whereas car games etc ironically don´t cause motion sickness :)
Cool can you still spot enemy airplanes in the distance?
I am so off football it´s crazy. I see 20 days to go and I know two players that play for our team. Zlatan and I think Andreas Isaksson is our goalie or he is retired? I will make an expert judgment and suggest Croatia will win it. Remember where you read it first :D
Evolution goes slow. I guess we had most talent 10000 bc when it was important to throw fast spears against cave bears and sabretoothed tigers or fighting rhinos and mammoths :) But they are more fit today and practise much better the difference would be even greater in the old cars that was more physically demanding. 
But Lewis did get a better start this time but made a bad shift or something. Surprised that such little slipstream could be that efficient. There is no way any race driver forgets the moar power buttons. No way no way no way must hit some button trying to adjust brake bias or whatever or malfunction.   Daddy thing don´t bother me. His daddy has some experience so why not listen to it? Had he not listened he would probably not make this flawless race. Can you become a...
Only chance for pole is if Mercedes totally get lost in their setups. It´s not going to happen they have if not the best at least the next best chassis but still the best engine.   I don´t see how Max win was particularly lucky. Of course he was lucky in getting the seat when Red Bull was competitive and the merc drivers crash themselves out but he was as fast if not faster then Ricciardo in race pace so what he shown in practise was real. And no misstakes while leading...
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