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Zlatan the Great out for good? That knee action looked nasty. I hope we won´t see him at MLS after a year 36 years old but money may talk. 
But when he steps out of the car Mclaren honda will find form and take the WC :D
I remember the games much more. I can´t remember the plot of a single resident evil movie. But may see that one.   Undisputed 4 8/10 nothing wrong with this one. Back to square one for Undisputed: Reboot :D
there is light
Is there some us broadcast that streams all races live and is available outside the US? Skysports is driving me even more nuts with their bias then Viasat we have over here and my german is to bad.   Fun race anyway this season is  shaping up much better then the last. 
Red bulls use of loopholes was corrected so they want the red car to get similar treatment yes. But look at the cars now the parts is so flexible they T-wings and what not fall off :p
Don´t have any insights in F1 but RedBull seems to have documented it somehow :)
The Great Wall 6/10   Okay but a bit to much Hollywood and some strange cuts in some of the fighting scenes and logic escaped a bit to much on some occasions. g. And I am not anal about that things in action movies. But mainly it just felt like a Hollywood movie I would hope for a more original flavour. Why do Matt Damon has to come over and star in these movies? I guess he brings in the cash but still. His compadron is from Game of Thrones I believe?
Red Bull accuse Ferrari of cheating. Found a way to have the floor lowering itself after some distance. It´s okay where they measure it that is how they got around the regulation it seems.
They have released the movie everybody been looking for. Undisputed 4. IMDB likes it but I guess only fans find these movies :D
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