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Digizoid I received at the end of July, I've barely used it (less than 5 hours) as I discovered I prefer the sound of my SM3s unaltered. Goes well with my TF10s but I don't use them enough to justify it. It cost me around $130 including shipping to the UK originally. It's in the same condition it came in and comes with all the accessories intact (charging wire, short and long 3.5mm to 3.5mm). The box has gone however.
    Yes, BUT the pain is they will ask to take your whole TF10 back and you WILL be without them for a week or two. BUT in an exemplary case of inefficiency, they don't replace your cable, they send you a whole NEW retail TF10! Which is great if you like new stuff fresh from a box, but it offends me in the waste of it all.   In my case I got very lucky and they sent out the new box WITHOUT making me send the old ones back, so in effect, I had a new spare pair of TF10s,...
This the actual official warranty. Since owned by logitech, their warranty policy of 2 years applies to the TF10s, I know it still states that on the UE website it's 1 year.
I got a band suggestion.... how about Led Zep?
I wouldn't recommend messing with the polarity, its more likely than not to mess with the whole stereo imaging, that the music is actually supposed to have.  A bit like hooking up speakers and getting the red/black mixed up on the L or R channel.
Haha, where can I get a hold of whatever you're taking Anderoan? It would make my working day go a lot quicker!
  Typical reaction of a believer! haha, its all in good fun as your reply was...   But the truth is YES, I do own one, otherwise I would be in no position to make such a statement, even light heartedly!   It worked very well with my TF10, not that great with my SM3s and the lack of volume control just means it hasn't made the cut in my portable setup and is sitting forlornly gathering dust on my desk. Still interested to see V2 though! I still like the product a lot,...
The amount of hyperbole in this thread is getting to astronomical levels, all aboard the FOTM train!
Will existing loyal V1 owners get a discount when purchasing V2? Maybe I am biased as I am firmly in this camp.
I like the colour on those, glad to hear the looser braiding has dampened the microphonics.
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