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Ya I just bought a e7+e9 can't wait for it to show up.
The difference is in the exponential growth of binary numbers and in the fact that 16-bit is near perfect while 8-bit is not. 16-bit allows a very large dynamic range with a step size so small that we can't hear it. 8-bit is so much smaller (remember its 2^8 times smaller, not half as small) that to get a reasonable dynamic range you probably need to use a much bigger step-size which sounds worse. Going up to 24-bit doesn't really matter because 16 is already good enough,...
^^ Does that mean you record with far more bits than you could possibly need and then normalize down to make it fit in whatever bit-depth you need? I wish I enough time to take some DSP classes (I'm a Computer Engineering student right now) but I really don't have enough time. This stuff is really cool though.
Think about it this way, you have numbers between 0 and 65536 and you assign a volume to each one and for simplicity they have to be evenly spaced. We could say that for every step up the volume increases by a big ammount (say the equivalent of fingers snapping) and then we would be able to record very loud noises and very quiet noises (think about how loud 65536 times a finger snap would be) OR we could instead say that one step is corresponds to a small amount (lets...
    I was curious about this. There seems to be a consensus that the e7 is a bit warm. I have a700's which tend to be a bit warm on their own, and I was worried about some bad synergy there. This didn't seem to bother the op though. I was thinking the E9 would solve that problem, any other thoughts about this? Do you think the warmness is mostly from the DAC or the amp in the E7? I'm afraid of spending the extra for the combo from Micca's if all the E9 does is make it...
haha, yea i'm looking at DACs and amps. Can't get that ibasso out of my head. Still debating if I need a portable amp or not, or if I should just get a uDAC or something and just deal with the crappy Ipod sound.
Too bad about spacewolf. The big revelation for me was listening to other DAC/AMP combo's. I obviously need to invest in a decent dac/amp before getting any new headphones. My current setup certainly doesn't do my a700's justice. I knew a good source was important, but I really didn't expect just how much of a difference the d4 and c-2.1 made. My favorite hp's were definitely the d2000's I love the bass impact, but the mids are definitely recessed, I guess thats the price...
Computer Engineering at UCSC but I'm from SLO and visiting my family anyway.
I'll actually be in town so I can swing by.
^ looks like an interesting study on neurology. I just read about a study using subcranial implants to get a mouse to move and click by thinking about phenomes. Pretty cool, not too long before direct interfaces and headphones become obsolete *hides in flame proof bunker*. Oh, and I cast my vote for more pics of friends/family/selves wearing headphones. Some of you are amazing photographers.
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