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Yes they do. I tried one once, and it was quite good. When I once went to a Japanese whisky tasting they let us compare a no age statement nikka to a 16yo or so nikka by the same distillery. Both were blends, but the one without age statement was significantly better.
I don't like peaty whisky actually. I tried 2 Islay whiskys and I thought they were horrible. But I imagine it's very much an acquired taste.And thanks for the advice, I'll probably do that. I could also ask the shop owner.'ano, ii nihon no uisukii ga yon sen en kurai de arimasu ka'. Probably ridden with grammar mistakes, but it would get the message across
Very possible, but why would they use kanji for veggies and meat? Like 野菜 and 肉? I get that the kanji for carbohydrates is too long though.That maybe because you need to be registered at amazon and have your birthday set so that you're 20+. (I actually had to reduce my birthday by one day to see it, lol).
Hmm, anyone know this? I looked on my receipt for my lunch (which was really cheap by the way, the uni's cafeteria is great), and it said that my meal contained 0.2 units red, 0.1 unit green, and 6.4 unit yellow. For one meal an adult male is advised to eat 2 red, one green and 7 yellow. But what the hell does this mean? It only says that one unit equates to 80 kcal, but that doesn't explain what red, green and yellow means.
Hmm, thanks for the tip. I don't have much experience, but I like them strong and fragrant. I think those super smooth sweet ones lack character.
Hmm, this is actually right around my price range. it might actually be around that price in a liquor store too.
Seems a bit above budget.
Reminds me I need to buy a bottle of whisky soon. I'll turn drinking age tomorrow, so if I have time I could hit the liqour store tomorrow.
So... Crickets are a thing in this country.
Leaving in 30 minutes. I'll arrive around 11:00 at my room in Kyoto on Tuesday. Darned long journey. I've already changed my location in my profile accordingly. Strangely enough I don't feel particularly excited. It feels like just another day in my life.
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