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The placement of some of those buttons is simply retarded.
It's a graph without labeled axes.GET OUT. NOW.
I always forgets that exists. I hate having to scroll down for several minutes in order to read the most recent posts there, so I never bother.
In my view TYG stopped existing the moment he changed his avatar. Now there is a new kid in town that just happens to have the same name and personality as TYG.
Just because I don't like change, doesn't mean I can't adapt to it.
Definitely A.Though I advise against changing your profile pic at all.
I bought a bottle of Ardberg 10 today. No regrets.
I agree. IPA's (either kind) don't even taste that good.
Or Lum's candy. It's from this franchise.
At my parents home. The only thing I can do here is browse the net, watch tv shows and play the guitar. Can't play games (or at least not the game I want to play) on this crappy laptop.
New Posts  All Forums: