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In other news I finished reading a couple manga. Sanctuary: 9/10 Very good manga about yakuza and Japanese politics. Written with a very realistic style in both art and plot, and it's the story of two charismatic men trying to change the whole of Japan. If you haven't yet, this is one for @bowei006 to read. Ping pong: 8/10 Very cool art and amusing story. Though liked the anime better, the anime has the awesome music and huge level of tension. Ending in both cases...
Back in the good old below-sea-level-country of the Netherlands. Gotta go to school again on Monday, in fact gotta prepare lots of stuff for TA work tomorrow already. Well at least I have three monitors, decent speakers and a mechanical keyboard again. And not to mention: cheeeeeeeeeeese.
"I type soo fast that I make many mistakes!" - PandaGood job!
Why again the freaking capitalization usage!? In the word 'it' only the first letter should be capitalized. I always wonder how you can so consistently do this, it's been bugging me for years.Also I guess I still want to learn a 'real' language as well. Might take the class on imperative programming (C# is studied) and one on functional programming (Haskell!) next semester if I have time (which I probably won't but w/e)Yes! That manga is genius.
Finally found the 8th volume! Now I got one series complete. Still need two volumes of Hikaru no Go.
There's cables. I dont' have my amp and dac on the desk, but rather next to it instead.
I really loved the Pilot Metropolitan mechanical pencil and fountain pen, they also have a ball pen. Should be good. May be a bit below your budget, but these things are excellent value. Probably better than most things around 30-40$ at least.
Stop making me hungry!All I have is a two eggs, otherwise my fridge is empty.
Why wait for an entire hour? I would leave definitely withing half an hour.
I should have seen this video before attempting to build the Beta22 amp a couple years ago. Building amps like a pro.
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