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That video is awesome.But what does Germany think? Are you afraid of foreigners?
Hmmm, I know a couple stores around Kyoto that sell cheap used hentai. And I'm pretty sure it's even easier to get by in Osaka.
Hype, hype. I'm in. I can ship anywhere. I'll probably ship from Japan, since an international parcel under 2kg is only 1080 yen to ship. Probably @kalbee would be interested. I think a while back he mentioned he'd love to participate again this year.
Hopefully the Yen will drop even more in value so that I can get stuff here for cheaper. It's actually steeply falling now for that matter.
It was fun last year, so I'll happily participate again. Though I'm probably a bit too busy to organize it myself.Now that I'm in Japan I can send everyone all the weeaboo stuff they like!
Well actually I was planning to buy a bottle of that soon anyway. Wouldn't mind getting two and shipping the other one if the other person pays for shipping costs.The Yamazaki without age statements is already really, really good. So I can't wait to try out one with age statement. I will definitely go to the Yamazaki distillery sometime soon and taste some there.
Looks good!I might also want to get a bottle of red ink for correcting stuff. I think the Momiji looks pretty good.
Also I really like these Japanese erasable pens. They are simply very useful, especially since I personally dislike pencils of any kind. I would like to get a more fancy looking one sometime, plus a packet of refills. Don't know where to find it though.
I'm currently using some Pilot Ama-Iro (the entire iroshizuku line is three times cheaper here in Japan than in Europe). But the ink is too light. Have to get something darker. Maybe some pilot ajisai, but I'd prefer something with a little more shading. Maybe I'll just have to buy another bottle of Pelikan Edelstein Topaz, since that works quite well for me.
Really happy with the pen I bought the other day. It's a Pilot Custom 742, and it's definitely an upgrade from my previous pen.
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