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Damn, that looks pretty sexy. Never even heard of the existence of such pens, and I"m somewhat intrigued.
That's a lot of stuff to always carry around. I just have my Swiss army knife.
RIPBut I was talking about the no age statement Nikka's though.
That reminds me. In my dorm in Japan we weren't allowed to drink in the common room, or be in the common room after 9. Yet I've been drinking in that common room until very late at night several times. They don't really care about their own rules.Actually Japanese whisky without age statement can still be very good though. Nikka has some great no age statement whiskies that are on par in both price and value with Scottish single malts in my opinion. It's just the Japanese...
Yeah, whenever my friends go to a club I usually go with them for like 30min and come to the conclusion that I'm bored as hell, and then proceed to ditch my friends and go home.The loudness is alright though, I went to a Melt-Banana concert about two months ago and had tinnitus for a full week (almost worth it; they had an awesome performance). I just find dancing quite boring, unless it's at a concert of a band I really like.
Yeah, it's really close to me. And there is hardly any border control. Only on like the highways is there any border control, and they only stop very suspicious people or people that have been reported by the police of the other country or something like that. You can easily cross the border without even noticing it, especially on foot. Switzerland is not part of the EU, but it's at least part of Schengen so there is no border control any more. You're allowed to bring...
Well the Swiss frank is a bit overvalued right now -- everything here is more expensive than it should be if you convert prices to other currencies. Other whiskies seem to be more expensive than in surrounding countries by like 30-40%, which I suppose is not too crazy. In any case I rarely buy hard liquor in Switzerland, but go to France instead since the border is literally at walking distance from my home.
I've seen the Harmony in a few shops here in Switzerland, cheapest I've seen it for is 139 franks, which is way, way beyond my budget.
I think the most I've ever spent on drinks in one night was when I went to some bar in Asakusa for new year 2014-2015 with B-Dawk, and that was still less than half of that bill.
I rather like Caol Ila 12. I bought it in Luxembourg for less than 30 euros, and I think it's the best value whisky I ever bought.I also agree on the Japanese whiskies. Even in Japan they were more expensive that Scottish whiskies of similar quality, and outside of Japan you really need to get a good deal for it to be worth it. At about 45 euro per bottle, I think Nikka Coffey malt/grain are worth it, as is Taketsuru. But most Suntory whiskies have ridiculous prices in...
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