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Wait, since when is there a GTA V? I only know about IV.Also, who cares about going outside? I just go outside once a day lately to get some groceries.
So many great games. Such a messed up sleeping schedule.
Also start of Touhou block now on SGDQ http://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick
In my case it says I still need to wait for a notification before I can install it. Could it come out a little later in Europe vs Murica?
Why is cycling around an achievement?Uhm, no? Boltzmann constant always has a subscript capital B. That voice actually sounds quite good.
Well the Belgian Ardennes were also pretty tough. We ended up walking up most of the steeper hills, which gave us an overall average speed of about 10km/h20kmh^-1 = 20 kilometers per Planck constant.It's not really hard at all. Everyone can do it, especially if you cycle smaller distances daily.
On flat terrain it's no big deal at all. I do 50km distances like twice per month or so. With all the luggage we had it would be like 6 hours of cycling. Which is actually much less tiring than 6 hours of walking, since cycling puts much less stress on your joints.
Well sure. I mean my mouse pad is a whole lot better than those cheap plastic ones, and most definitely it's better compared to just using my mouse on my table top. However, I don't really see the point in upgrading at all. I don't see how the difference between two decent mousepads can be significant.
does the pad really matter that much? I've been using the same thing for like 4-5 years now, and I don't really see any reason to buy anything new.
Just came back from a biking trip through Belgium the other days. Biking through the Ardennes with its relatively steep hills is not recommended on a crappy bike with like 15kg of luggage. We planned to do 100km a day, but it became more like 60km per two days -_- Also, Boris got drunk!?
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