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Given the super pixelated picture, I'd think so.
Yeah, that's why I keep my knives sharp. Just not ridiculously sharp all the time.I hate it when I'm cooking together at a friends house and they have blunt knives. Even something like cutting an onion or a tomato takes significant effort, and feels more dangerous.
So exciting. Still sad I missed the 10k pages.
Can't even remember the last time I used a razor.
I keep my knives sharp with some sharpening tool from Ikea. Works much better than one would expect. Why would you need your knives to be ridiculously sharp anyway?
I'm glad you did.
Bothered me too.
Escobar and magical girls?
>tfw instead of going to a 24-hours McDonald's, you get some kebab. Chilli chicken so cheap though, 1 euro per burger
Hmmm, those good old times when goofing around doing nothing all evening was the way to go. Now I'm sitting here at 11pm still studying, spent my free time cooking and playing a bit of guitar real quick. The life of a grad student is truly marvelous.
New Posts  All Forums: