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Heya Skipped 600 posts for obvious reasons. Anything happen since Thursday? I went to a convention. Even though the people I hang around with normally couldn't show up, I still had great fun. Did a lot of catching up with people I haven't seen in a while, which is always good. I also played mahjong and shogi. I've played one or two games of shogi before, but that was always against much stronger opponents. Now I played two or three games against an absolute beginner...
Why didn't they just spend the profits of one of those DAP's to hire a cheap web designer and give them a website that at least looks half decent?Yeah me too. Someday, I guess.
Reminds me of that stupid crazy expensive DAP that could only play WAV files. Can't remember the name.
Sounds a bit extreme.
I would say his name means Knight. 1=i, 9 = g, 7 = t.
Only six? That's not much, is it.Let's see,Germany, France, England, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, United States, Canada, Luxembourg. I've been to 16 foreign countries it seems. And soon Japan and Malaysia as well.
Yeah, I know. But I didn't have any. So I'll just have to do with this, which is perfectly fine. It only looks ugly, you don't feel any of the repairs when wearing the headphone.I should sharpen my knives :/Edit: Just did. Not very experienced with the whole sharpening process, so I bet they could be a bit sharper, but at least they're not exactly dull anymore. Reminds me when I recently helped a friend cook. One of his knives was so dull, I had a very hard time cutting...
So, a part of the headband of my SR-202's broke the other day. Tried to fix it with glue, but the shearing forces on this part are too great for the glue to hold. So I decided to tape a metal pin to it to keep it in place. Added some cable ties to it for good measure. It may look atrocious, but I really couldn't think of a better way. And buying a replacement part is just way too expensive.
I tried Dark Souls.But I didn't even get past the tutorial. I stopped playing that soon because I hated the controls, and I could really quickly see that it really is not my kinda game.
23rd try? Wow.I usually give up with that kinda stuff after 2-3 tries. Don't really like super hard stuff when it comes to gaming. Nice and easy casual gaming is what I do.
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