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There was snow yesterday and the day before here, an I'm at 35°N.
Well there's two huge electronics-oriented department store near Kyoto station -- about a 20 minute bike ride. But I'm not sure if you can try out mice there. Probably though, since they have >50 (high end) headphones you can try out, so why not mice? It's raining now though, and I'm most certainly not in a hurry.
G402 is a good 100 yen more expensive than the G502 on Japanese amazon, lol.
It wasn't criticism, I am honestly intrigued, since I wasn't even aware it was a thing to use trackballs these days.
Alright then, I'll read some reviews on that mouse. It doesn't seem too bad, and at ¥5000 it's still quite affordable.
Why would you use a trackball when you can just have a normal laser mouse? I really do not see any advantage, but maybe that's my ignorance since I rarely care about mice.
Well I'll probably be ordering from Japanese amazon and the CM Storm Recon is >$100 on there. Perhaps CM is not a big thing in Japan. The G520 is actually acceptable in terms of price I guess. But I think you're not understanding the point of just wanting a simple mouse. I'm not looking in spending a lot of money, I just want a well built mouse that will last a while and is not too unergonomic.Thanks for the suggestion though.
Any advice on a new mouse? My current mouse is slowly dying after 4 years of use. The middle mouse button has a double click issue, and sometimes the mouse does not move on the vertical axis for 10-20s. Something cheap, decent,
'Maybe I should try watching it sometime. Left it off somewhere half way season 2. Right now I started watching Legend of the Galactic hereos, and at my rate that's gonna take a month or two to finish up.I know that second character! Woooh! I can feel my kanji skills reach all the way up to infinity.
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