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Yellow hue is pretty cool, actually, of you really think about it.
Been some time since I last was on that list.makes me remember the golden days two years ago. Ah the nostalgia.They'll avoid the Ukrainian airspace, so I really don't have much to worry about.Now what is in fact worrisome is the financial situation of Malaysia Airlines. If they go bankrupt I probably won't get the money for my ticket back, and in addition I'll have to buy a new (more expensive) ticket. All in all it would cost me about 1400-2000 euros if that were to...
Nah, an entry level stax is about 500.
Nah, that's just me wanting to hit 10k.It's too late to do anything. Gonna sleep now.Good night.
Lol, don't even have a freaking guitar yet.
Maybe if I like playing acoustic. I'll just start with that and see if I get anywhere.
The nice thing about an amp is that you can use headphones though. The fact that others can't hear ya makes it even more easy to mess around I recon.
It's cheap though. No need for an amplifier.
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