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That title makes me cringe so hard.
I find it odd that I only found out yesterday that the German unity day coincides with my birthday.
Happened like a week ago as well. You were probably fast asleep then.
You make it sound as if I'm never here. I read every post here you know. -_-
That one is so old, but I guess in light of resent developments it's worth my ever so slight amusement.
I used to do that until I was 12 I think. Felt too old to do that then, but now I wouldn't mind it anymore.
Never traveled such a medium distance. Either 8.Duh, that's why they call it the Ford Eclipse.
Nothing is wrong with you. You're becoming like me -- a workaholic.
Here it's really crappy as well. I have really low standards, but at least I still have standards and stay away from the place.You're watching one of the best shows I have ever watched.
Wow, congratulations!Also try me, I do think I beliefe how reliefed you are. 'cos weebs.
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