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'sup, guys.Spend all of yesterday playing Star Fox Adventures. I was playing that game as a little kid, but I never got past a point a little over halfway the game back then. It was some kind of mini game that was just ridiculously difficult. Now I got it on third try It was a good game. Level design felt slightly repetitive, and the combat system was just outright boring. But other than that, I really enjoyed playing it.8/10Not that the guy in the gif can talk; he's a...
Get. Out.NOW.
Why doesn't this surprise me? You history nerd, you.
It's excellent.The art style is nice, and the thing is directed and voice acted incredibly well. Animation feels a little slow in terms of frame rate, but that's a given when using different art styles -- unless you have an immensely high budget.Plot is hard to judge at this point, but it seems okay. Characters have a nice depth to them, and the protagonist shows a considerably amount of angst.I like it. Perhaps even more so than Stardust Crusaders. But I know JoJo has...
Why the hell do they talk so incredibly fast in Tatami Galaxy. It's annoying as hell. Can't listen to what they're saying, and I have to read at full speed to keep up with the subs.
I only just found out that it exists.
It's only 5 volumes, so if you say so, I might just check it out.Also I found the anime Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei, seems pretty good. I kinda feel like watching anime with unconventional art styles. This one seems like a pretty good candidate.Plus, it's 'recent'. I usually can't stand animation quality of anything before approximately 2008.
Ping Pong ep 2 was good. Just watching three shows this season so far -- JoJo, Ping Pong, and Mushishi -- but all of them are very good. Ping Pong feels kinda like Aku no Hana but with less teenage angst.
SureI'll check it out.
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