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Interesting. Thanks for the responses.
How is putting a piece of tape over that knob going to change anything?
Would somebody be kind enough to explain this Tape Mod to me?
Fever Ray - When I Grow Up I just can't get enough! The song is strange and beautiful and insanely addictive!
Nickel Creek - Out of the Woods
Just a few photos for my contribution! Love this stuff! As always, click for full image...        
Looking good!
  "Farm Dog" - Click for full img.
That test gave me a headache.
Yea, they were the stock foam tips. But you have a good point. The opening is smaller than the other tips. I've just switched em, and I swear it sounds even better now. Good call!   I liked how the foam ones fit though. They felt more snug. But I'm pretty sure they congest the soundstage.....
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