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Site under renovation. :(    
There are no DUNU Tridents in Germany unfortunately. How bout some other recommendation?
    Well I could go with Brainwavz M2, they're a little more expensive than m1's.    
Which ones to get? They cost about the same, but would like to hear an opinion of those who have heard both of these. I'd like to hear a little of bass (if it would be available), since I was never been able to hear the bass on some cheap noname IEMs which u buy at some store somewhere (needed them as a quick solution). Other than that, sound neutrality would be prefered.   I just saw some1 asking the question: best IEMs under 50$, and got an answer "brainwavz...
Does it come with an adaptor or do u have to use batteries (12v)?
    I used up my 2 messages, so im gonna ask u here. Would u be willing to ship these to Germany (Munich)? Where are u located and how much would the shipping + phones cost alltogether?      
 Would you send to Bosnia and Herzegovina (Europe)? What about the time needed for it to arive(Sea mail)?
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