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I just hope newcomers like me can see this thread and make their move ;)
I don't think I understand what you mean to say but worry not, I'm not saying the m50 aren't a good value, just that I don't have enough money for them, especially since I buy retail.
I'm more or less referring to everything that was said about the xb-500 around here, bass quality and it's sound in general in this case. Me explaining what I like about them would just make me repeat what was said about them so many times on the forums. :P   The point I'm trying to make is that researching a headphone and moving on from lesser quality headphones is a move everyone who's the least bit interested in headphones should make.
Hello, I've been reading this forum for a good while now, created my account 1-2 months ago and I've learned a bunch of stuff on a bunch of headphones and equipment during my short stay.   1 year ago I made an uneducated decision, didn't research anything and ended up buying the Skullcandy Lowriders on a whim.   Before getting the lowriders I used to buy cheap earbuds because my mentality was "cheaper is better because it's all the same anyway"   Around...
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