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  You are going to spend that kind of money for GAMING!? Oh man, if I may, get a life!
  I always have been under the impression (by following your posts) that you had the BHSE already... But you are right, one for each ear will probably be much better.   PS. You will confuse me totally if you ever get another pair of 009 though!
This looks very nice, refined, sober, with the name on the back! How many of them are you planning to build again?
I already posted the link in the BHSE and the Stax threads, but you are right.
  Then I am looking forward for it to open up again! Thanks.
Oh my God! I just received my 009 today. They are fantastic, even with the Stax 323II! -- Is there a break-in period with headphones!? I have the vague impression that after a few days, probably more few weeks, at some point, my 007 just opened up. Am I just crazy? Thanks.
Since they have been some discussion (I am the culprit!) in this thread about the KGSSHV, that lots of people interested in the BHSE are also interested in the KGSSHV, and because that I personally came very close to order that amp form this person, I thought this should be well spread and posted here:
I cannot agree more with the fact that he had, to say the lease, a “questionable attitude,” which prevented me from moving ahead and order the amp from him.   PS. And you know very well that I would be the first to wait in line if Justin ever decides to build that amp! But I'll spare you and leave it there.   I came very close to order a KGSSHV from this person. It goes without saying that I am glad I didn't. Too bad that I few people did. Just thought that this should be well known. 
  It sounds great indeed. Please keep us posted, whatever happens! Thanks.    PS. You can post something in this thread as well if you get any good news:
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