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Ok so i had these Brainwavz m2 IEM for a couple days and now when i listen to music I can hear a light fuzy sound.. :{ is there anyway i can fix this? Oh and do you recommend burning them in? thanks alot guys
im using an ipod video and i orderd some brainwavz m2 please help me out.. is it worth it to buy an amp or not?
are these compatible with apple ipod? and how long did these lasted you? THANKS ALOT!!
How about How about refurbished iems? have you ever purchased from in either condition?
I really want some earbuds but the new price is too high but the used refurbished price is amazinley better.. what do you think?
Are there any products out there for this? it seems like all the good IEMs arn't compatible with the ipod. Any help would be greatly appriciated. And can you recomend Some IEMs for under $100USD I dont care for bass I like to listen to soft music but I also like to listen to rap/hiphop so bass that kicks in when its needed is great. Thanks alot
Someone HELP !
can you guys help me out in my thread?
witch one would you recommend the most out've the 3 and what do you think about the fischer silver bullet?also i see some monster turbine for a good price should i buy those?
Also I'm using for ipod/laptop
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