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Do someone have the Logo for that star on purple shell ?      
Is there still places in Europe where i can buy Cowon J3?
I Was going to upgrade from S9 to J3 as i found no other Players so perfect as J3 but now J3 being discontinued i dont know what to do Most Cowon players is a trade off where each have a little pieze of the big cowon puzzle, i think only J3 was mostly complete. One of the reason for picking J3 was i could use many of the S9 themes on J3   My use is quite simple i enjoy dont have it too complicated just click play and enjoy good sound (reason why i havent play...
I need a headphone stand for Sennheiser HD598 and Denon D5000 the ones at Lowes look good, anywhere i can get them in Europe?   Else i might look into Woo audio double headphone stand the black one is neat   Or i could go for the Glass stand from Audio technica, but is Denon D5000 too heavy for the AT glass stand?   If anyone make headphone stands i am alos intressed but keep in mind i looking for something...
Well Atleast i am not going to buy a Zoppa headphone stand I called their number they said they didnt understand and just hang up on me 2 time and their website is down
I Am planning to get a Headphone stand Either audio technica Glastand (will Denon D5000 be too heavy for them?)  or something else maybe from Zoppapro For now my only solution is this  (as i dont want to harm my Alienware screen by hanging them on it)   The ideal solution would be a round swing stand that could take 3 headphones but need somewhere to buy one  
Well maybe i'm looking for some Bass headphones i don't know , just want some that sound similar to Denon D5000 somehow similiar, cheaper and more flexible for outdoor use
Which is best the New Mad dog+leather dog pads + comfort strap or the old one? Considered i listen to lot of bass music
Okey So Denon headphones for outdoor use is not realy worth considering? That Mad dog Look very good , driver is made by Fostex right so sound a bit like Denon? Is there any store selling theese in Europe ?    What is the difference between the Modded Maddog vs the original Fostex  T50RP Will i still be happy if i pick the original Fostex instead?
I have used many headphones brands over the years for Street use quality mostly Koss,Sennheiser and Sony   Currently I use Sennheiser PX100 II which is great for Pop and some Bassy Dance music, and yea i'm a basshead.   Recentnly i got Denon D5000 (jena cabled with furutech conector)  Sound was So mindblowing i now also consider to go Denon for Street headphones.   Thing is I don't want it too heavy or too big for daily use   Been looking what Denon...
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