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Thats good to hear. My ES7s I would say are average ear pad comfortable wise ( both softness and quality of the pleather) whereas the Bose ones I tried Id say are superb on both.
Hello guys, I am looking to buy a new pair of over the ear headphones to listen to my lovely metal music at work. I was torn between the Bose AE2 (mostly due to HOW DAMN comfortable they are, especially the cushions) and the ATH-M50x Whites. I have read that the M50x come with different ear pads than the M50 but how good are they? Are they as soft and plush as the Bose ones? Alternatively I was trying to find some replacement pads I could get that might mirror the Bose...
And that's exactly why they should have the drivers ready.. I am an MSDN subscriber, and it has been RTM a month now.. And they have had Windows 8 for many more months to develop drivers for.
  Meh.. They need to do something about this >.< but reading the threads, I don't think ASUS will..   And I was such a fan of ASUS..
I've got the DGX but they don't autoswitch..
Hey guys, been trying to get this working for the past 4 hours and got nowhere. I have two issues   1) Control Panel (either Asus one or CPanel) do not start after reboot. I've tried both official and unified drivers to no avail. The control panel just DOESNT want to start after installation reboot. It runs fine when you just installed, but after a reboot, good luck getting it to run.   2) Front Panel auto switching. WTF? Is it for real that the Asus Xonar cannot...
Thanks for that, dang. Puts it out of my price range then ;/   Am currently looking at the others suggested, and see if I can (finally) decide what to go for.. Am leaning towards the DT990 250Ohm, although having 'alot' of bass might not be as good for competitive gaming. On the other hand, the AD700 has 'too little' bass, and is quite expensive in Europe, which puts it in the price range of 'better' cans.
Thanks for the replies guys.. If you are aware, how are the DT880 and DT990 for competitive gaming? I am aware that the less bass the better, but then this hampers all other uses of the cans.. On the other side, I don't want cans that have full blown bass that will drown the rest of the sounds..   P.S The DT880 for some reason is much more expensive than the DT990s and DT770s.. +80/90 dollars  
Hey guys need your help with this. I just bought a new soundcard to satisfy my gaming urges and give me a better edge in competitive (RPG/RTS) gaming while not limiting my ability to listen to my heavy metal (which won't be done often from the cans) or playing other games casually.   More or less, all the aforementioned cost the same in the UK, around the ~120GBP/150EURO/190USD range (even importing from USA after tax, etc makes the AD700 cost as much).   My...
Any other suggestions for a sound card in the 'cheap' price-range? Apparently the Xonar DG is really good for music, but the Xi-Fi chips (Creative Titanium for example) are better for gaming?  
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