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 I briefly heard an original Lyr years ago, but nothing useful on any of their current range. I'd probably go with the Vali 2 if you want a relatively inexpensive way to try out tubes.
 Since it's an older comparison it was the original Magni and Asgard, but no, you've got it right, they sounded basically the same to me. I'd mainly pick Asgard 2 for:1. Nicer volume control.2. Stacks better with the Bifrost.
 Valhalla may be even better, but Asgard 2 sounds excellent to me. And not trying to disagree, as it's always possible that if I got to hear the Valhalla 2 side by side with my Asgard 2 that I'd prefer it as well, but I can at least say that it does play very well with HD600 and 800S. Maybe you need to like clean/SS type sound, or maybe there's a further level that I haven't heard yet (certainly possible), but solid state and Sennheiser do go together pretty well.
 For sound quality I find both amps to sound very similar. Asgard 2 has a better volume pot, and stacks better with the Bifrost; if either of those are a concern/consideration then I'd go with the Asgard 2. Personally, I love both the HD600 and HD800S with my Bifrost MB / Asgard 2 combo, but when I tried out the M/M stack (not with the HD800S though) I had a very hard time telling them apart. I feel (without having tested, since I no longer have my Modi) that I would have...
 Does the Mani not work for your setup?
 Pretty sure Wild Lee has said he wouldn't do that (at least not at a discounted price), but I could be entirely wrong 
 Mine (#3299) was mixed, had a black 1/4" and silver balanced cable. From what others have said most come with both black cables though.
 Not as a simple cable adapter, no, you'll trip the amp's protection circuit. Circlotron topology is inherently balanced and cannot be converted to single ended with just a cable.
 Wasn't able to find it before, but took another look. It's this (or similar, not sure if this is the exact model): https://www.amazon.com/Lepy-LP-2024A-Amplifier-Stereo-Supply/dp/B00ULRFQ1A Very inexpensive and cheaply put together, but does work reasonably.
 That means it's the older one. The new ones will disappear from Windows when you turn it off.
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