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 That's only for USB though, which he isn't going to be using with Bifrost.
 From what I can tell the M10 is a powered speaker system, so my recommendations are going to be assuming that that is the case. A pre-amp is a separate component between the source (DAC, computer, iPod, etc.) and your main amplifier (in this case, the one built into the speakers). This is useful when your amp doesn't have a volume control of its own (or it isn't easy to reach or something), but as far as I'm aware that's the main point. So, if you got the M&M and the M10...
I haven't done many reviews here, but I'd be interested in reviewing these if you're still accepting entries.
 From what I've heard they no longer put the graph in the box, but if you email them they'll email it to you.
 I know the PM-1 is more sensitive than most other planars, but I'd still go for Lyr or Asgard over the Valhalla for any planars including the PM-1.
 Glad I could help! It wasn't a perfect test, but it made it pretty clear to me that there weren't huge differences at least :) From what I've heard secondhand, you're probably more likely to benefit from a DAC upgrade than an amp, as people really seem to like the Vali (I haven't heard one yet, but it'll probably be my next purchase).
 Honestly, easiest thing is to just try it with the various outputs (if there are multiple) and see which one you like best. Just be careful to turn the Asgard all the way down before you start any music playing! Even if it's not a line level output, it still may sound very good; and if it turns out you want a better/different DAC later you've already got a good amp to go with it. People make a big deal about double-amping; but it isn't necessarily something you're going...
 Do you have the Modi set to 16 bit or 24 bit mode? I found that I could hear a slight bit of noise when it was set to 16 bit, but that dropped away dramatically when set to 24 bit (couldn't hear any noise even with purposefully stupid digital attenuation levels).
 It'll pull full power the whole time as others have mentioned, but yes, it is okay to leave it on. If you plan on putting it somewhere where the back's hard to reach, you may want to plug it into a power strip or similar with a switch so you can turn it off that way.
 Alternately, if you want something relatively cheap with more power than the Vali, the Magni has enough power for most orthos.
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