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 Mine does, but it's at a low volume; it's the muting relay turning on/off, and should be completely harmless.
 Just to be clear, the data always goes to the burrito filter. Depending on the quality of the stream it gets reclocked one of two ways, but after it's reclocked then it always goes to the filter.
 Schiit does a bunch of power filtering, as StanD mentioned above. It's possible, if you have a very noisy source, that you might get some noise. If that turns out to be the case, you should be able to fix it by plugging it into a powered hub or different USB port in most cases. I suspect most people have no problem with USB (I know I don't), but there will always be a few that do. Easiest thing to do is just try it out, there's a good chance it will be just fine.
 Yes, that is correct.
 Haven't tried the Gustard, but I've owned both the K7xx and the HD600 (not 650, but should be similar) and they both work quite well with the Asgard 2.
 It's probably Pivot Point...guess we'll have to wait and see though.
 I had LCD-2s for over a year with the original Asgard and, when I got to compare it to the Lyr, actually preferred the Asgard. I didn't find either amp lacking in power.
 Jot SE is probably better than MJ2 SE (since MJ2 SE requires summing because circlotron). I haven't heard both side by side to verify, though. As for balanced, I'd say MJ2 if you want tubes, Jot otherwise.
 As he said in the first post, because he can't sell outside of the US. While it is a very generous and appreciated thing Todd does, it is also a business decision, since hopefully those who try the Elear and like them will buy them from him. Definitely looking forward to comparing these to the HD600 and HD800S!
 Modi MB, and you can use balanced or SE output regardless of what input you're using. Whether you'll hear a difference, though? Dunno
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