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 Honestly, easiest thing is to just try it with the various outputs (if there are multiple) and see which one you like best. Just be careful to turn the Asgard all the way down before you start any music playing! Even if it's not a line level output, it still may sound very good; and if it turns out you want a better/different DAC later you've already got a good amp to go with it. People make a big deal about double-amping; but it isn't necessarily something you're going...
 Do you have the Modi set to 16 bit or 24 bit mode? I found that I could hear a slight bit of noise when it was set to 16 bit, but that dropped away dramatically when set to 24 bit (couldn't hear any noise even with purposefully stupid digital attenuation levels).
 It'll pull full power the whole time as others have mentioned, but yes, it is okay to leave it on. If you plan on putting it somewhere where the back's hard to reach, you may want to plug it into a power strip or similar with a switch so you can turn it off that way.
 Alternately, if you want something relatively cheap with more power than the Vali, the Magni has enough power for most orthos.
Haha, well, sorry about your wallet in advance then
 Having heard an original "dark" LCD-2, the rev2 (new driver, pre-fazor), Mad Dogs and HD600, to my ears the Mad Dogs were very noticeably darker than any of the others. Actually, first listen to the original LCD-2s, my first thought was to wonder why people consider them dark. They really just sounded like a very balanced HD600 with much deeper bass to me, and the rev2 is just a little further extended in the treble (compared to the original). If you get the chance, I...
 It's definitely a good place to start. The only problem is that it usually leads to more, and more expensive purchases later 
 You're still under warranty; contact Schiit. They'll take care of you.
 Of course, then the question is whether it's worth it, since that's more work and a new USB board design to save what, $30 off the price of the Wyrd (complete guess, don't take my money amount seriously). I think their current strategy makes more sense, have it as a separate box so you can add it to any DAC (including non-Schiit ones) at a fixed price.
 Clean solid state sound; meaning that the amp does a good job of just amplifying the music and does not have much character of its own. Kind of the opposite of a tubey sounding amp. An ideal amp (to me) would be one that exactly amplifies the signal its given, with no other sound changes at all. I wouldn't necessarily say the Magni is my ideal, but for $99 it gets pretty close.
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