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 Do you have another amp to test the Uberfrost with? Also, does the hum go away if you unplug the RCA outs on the Uberfrost? I suspect you've already tried the latter, but doesn't hurt to check :)
 The 2 versions have pretty similar performance to the originals, the biggest update to both was extra features. Modi 2 got the simple/expert switch to enable 24/192 and Magni 2 got a gain switch.
 Modi 2 Uber is probably the least expensive product for this that I'd recommend, with the disclaimer that I haven't tried any FiiO stuff, so that might also be a way to go. As far as different sound signatures; all of Schiit's DACs measure very very close to neutral. Whether they sound different is up to your own ears (personally I quite like what I've heard of their multibit line), but from a high level overview, they all deliver a very neutral signal that you can then...
  Check the tightness of the screws; I believe I had a similar issue with my original Asgard and it turned out to be one of the screws being a bit loose, so it would pop when it warmed up (I think, it's been a few years at this point...)
 Well yes, but even with that said there's no way to know if what you like or dislike about your EMU (or any other equipment) is due to the chip or any of the surrounding implementation. That's all I was trying to say; it sounds like we agree :)
 Chips used is only a very small part of DAC sound and/or specs. An important part, yes, but in no way the only defining factor.
Been distracted with work, so it took longer than I had hoped to type this up, but here is my review:   http://www.head-fi.org/products/meze-99-classics/reviews/15868   Thanks again for this opportunity, Meze!
 From what I've both read and personally heard I disagree. It's certainly possible for someone to prefer one over the other, but especially for inexpensive solid state gear, I'd be very surprised to hear any significant differences unless something wasn't working correctly.
 No need to leave the Modi and Magni on all the time, it's mainly the multibit DACs where that makes a real difference. Oh, but re-reading what you said, you certainly can leave them on all the time if you want. Personally I'd turn off the Magni when not in use, but it shouldn't cause any problems if left on.
 Correct, adding those 8 zeroes should make no difference at all.
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