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 Sorry, I didn't test that. I'd like to keep the magic smoke in my headphones :) Although, I did try a goofy test back when I did my original Magni/Modi vs Bifrost/Asgard comparison. I set Windows to 5% volume and maxed out the Magni's volume. Sounded fine with LCD-2s, kinda quiet but otherwise pretty much the same.
 There is at least one review of a pre-production Yggy out there on the internet (I'll PM you the link, as we can't link to it here) that basically says it's extremely neutral and resolving.
 He's just asking if Modi sounds or works better with files upsampled vs played at their original rate. In an ideal world (and an ideal DAC) it should sound exactly the same, but real-world and actual implementation can make all the difference. In my experience with the Modi I haven't noticed any differences for sample rate, but I have when going from 16 to 24 bit mode with the Modi. In 16-bit mode I can hear the noise floor if I crank my amp, but in 24-bit mode I can turn...
 No worries, I definitely understand. With the way Head-Fi tends to go, if something is even kind of good it always seems to end up with a massive hype thread which definitely makes it hard to get any feel for how good something is without hearing it yourself. Unfortunately, regardless of how good the HE1000 is I really doubt I'll ever get one unless all the price speculation turns out to be wrong.
 Yggy is supposedly on track for a Q1 release, so it could be another couple months before its release.
 There's actually been one negative thing said: While it is apparently not harsh or etched, it might be too detailed for some people. Which, admittedly, doesn't sound like a negative at all to me :)
 Well yes, and to be clear I think even entry-level Schiit is quite good. However, I was trying to be more polite about it as again, while I disagree, it's perfectly fine if someone else doesn't think something like the Asgard 2 sounds that good. I was more just trying to make the point that, at least for most brands, you can't really generalize about their entire lineup just based off of your experience with one or two of their amps (or cans for that matter).
 Which amps though? Yeah, Asgard 2 is relatively entry level, but Mjolnir's pretty nice and from early reports people seem to think Ragnarok is one of the best current SS amps available. Personally, if I had a $1500+ set of cans the Ragnarok would be right at the top of my list of amps to try (along with the Taurus and a few others). There's nothing wrong with having different opinions on specific amps, but it seems a little misguided to label an entire brand as having...
 Correct. Apparently people would open them all up at the dealer to find the "best" one, so you now have to email Audeze and they'll email it to you.
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