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 What's your source? Are you using a DAC, straight out of your computer, your phone, something else?
I wish I had a K1000. Sadly, by the time I got into the hobby they had already entered into the "used and high-priced" category. Still one of my favorite cans that I've heard at meets though.
Just to mention, the Magni 2 Uber has preamp outs if you want an easy way to hook up powered speakers. Still won't match the rest of your stuff, but at $150 it sounds like that would still be in your budget.
 With both it and the original Magni as well, and it sounded surprisingly reasonable (with the usual disclaimer that my listening level may very well be half of what yours is, and it was at a meet, etc.) 
 Heh, indeed it is.
 I only needed/wanted one closed can and decided to keep my Shures instead. I was actually planning on keeping the DT 150, but when I listened to both side-by-side I personally preferred the Shure's treble over the DT 150's bass.
 I used it with my Asgard 2 when I had the DT 150, the pairing seemed good to me.
 From my experience, yes, even through the original Magni the LCD-2s sounded quite good to me.
 I wonder how long it'll last this time.
Well, thanks to Head-Fi most likely, the DA-10 is now sold out.
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