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 Asgard and Valhalla were originally released in 2010, so about 4 years for the update. Lyr was also a few years. Modi and Magni were quicker (1.5 or 2 years I think), but even on that cycle Fulla likely won't be updated until at least 2016.
According to Jason, yes, that's actually pretty accurate. Apparently they measure a bunch of the amp or DAC, then take the worst number measured, double the reported error/distortion/whatever, and use that as what they put on their site. So even the worst of the batch should be a little bit better than their reported specs.There are other sites out there that have posted measurements, but we aren't allowed to link them from here. Google is your friend.
If you just need USB, sure, Schiit Fulla is what I'd recommend. I'm sure others will have other recommendations as well.
Pretty sure Rev 1 and early Rev 2 look the same, I believe they switched the driver material before the rest of the changes (headband, angled metal connectors).
Sure, but at what price range? Personally I thought they sounded quite good out of my Modi/Asgard 2 setup.
Ask the seller for the serial number, you can then email Audeze and they'll tell you what revision they are.
I'm interested as well.   Since I do most of my listening at work, I'd be able to listen quite a bit during the week.
Clear, clean and neutral. It'll basically sound like the headphones, but won't give you any extra coloration if you find either to be to harsh or bright.I personally think it sounds very good with the hd600 (and the beyers as well, but I've only heard those a couple times), but I do prefer a clean solid-state sound.
 Personally, AKG K7XX and possibly HD600, as the MA900 starts bothering me if I try and listen to them for longer periods of time. While there's almost no clamp or weight, it's in just the right/wrong place for me.
 What's your source? Are you using a DAC, straight out of your computer, your phone, something else?
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