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 I imagine they looked over the gear of those randomly selected before they emailed them; they may have even rejected a number of them due to their equipment. Just because the selection was random doesn't mean they didn't use the provided information, it just means it wasn't the first method used to narrow down applicants.
Sure, the amp might be great, but:   1) You can only use it with the Mo-Fi 2) I've already got an amp 3) It's adding to the weight and price   None of these are me saying it isn't a good amp, or a good product overall; but it's why I'd prefer one without the amp.
Not knocking it, I just already have an amp, so if I could get an ampless version I'd be more interested since I wouldn't use it on the go anyways.
In the hopes that someone from Blue might read this, add another +1 from me for an ampless version. If they could do that for, say, $100 less, it'd put these pretty high on my interest list.
 Mjolnir can only be used with fully balanced headphones; an adapter will trip the protection circuit and won't work.
 Assuming nothing dramatic happens during the beta period, it sounds like it should be available for normal orders in a few weeks.
 Can you run the NADs balanced? That would be my main concern. At least with my setup the HP50s sounded pretty great; couldn't say if they'd scale up further with the M&G though.
 They're a functional part of the circuit; I'm sure Jason could answer definitively, but I think they're for biasing the output or something (I'm not an EE, and it's been a while since I saw the answer, so I'm likely wrong on their specific function).
 Yes, Mjolnir will accept single-ended inputs.
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