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 Not as a simple cable adapter, no, you'll trip the amp's protection circuit. Circlotron topology is inherently balanced and cannot be converted to single ended with just a cable.
 Wasn't able to find it before, but took another look. It's this (or similar, not sure if this is the exact model): https://www.amazon.com/Lepy-LP-2024A-Amplifier-Stereo-Supply/dp/B00ULRFQ1A Very inexpensive and cheaply put together, but does work reasonably.
 That means it's the older one. The new ones will disappear from Windows when you turn it off.
 You'll need powered speakers then, the Dayton ones are passive so they need a separate amp. For the price I quite like my B652s, I run them using a cheap amp from Amazon.
 And just as a counterpoint, at least with the HD800S and Bifrost MB I am very happy using the Asgard 2. With the normal HD800 I'd be a little more hesitant, especially if you have a brighter DAC.
 Along with the excellent recommendations above, also check out the Schiit Fulla.
 I had the muting thing happen once or twice when someone else would walk by at work. But that was literally only a time or two in the couple years I had it, so not with any real frequency.
 Sonic Electronix for the HD800S, you'll have to contact them since it's below MAP (the minimum price they can advertise).
 Yggy's gen 3 is the third generation of Schiit's USB implementation, but is a USB 2 connection. Wyrd is a USB 2 device and is device-agnostic, it just reclocks and repeats the data for any USB 2.0 (or 1.1) device. So yes, Wyrd works fine with Yggy.
I'm selling the official Sennheiser CH 800 S balanced cable (silver) that came with my HD800S. Cable is brand new and has never been used, I just took it out of its pouch to take pictures.   Cable and pouch are included; since it came with my HD800S I do not have the retail box. Price includes Paypal and shipping to CONUS.
New Posts  All Forums: