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 All HD800S cables are silver at the headphone end; a decent number of people (myself included) have also reported getting silver XLR connectors.
 From everything they've said, no, this is not Manhattan.
 This isn't the Manhattan according to Baldr.
 Yup, Google searches clearly show that I know way less about DSP than I thought I did, sorry about that. With that said, I don't entirely expect you to find an answer through Google when Schiit does make a pretty big deal out of how theirs isn't a standard oversampling filter, but best of luck.
 Zero samples would result in a completely wrong waveform. For example. instead of a sine wave, you'd have three 0 samples then a point on the sine, then three more zeroes, etc. This would likely sound quite unpleasant, and certainly not like the original sound. Repeating samples would be closer, but ideally those intermediate samples wouldn't all be the same. Making them all the same would effectively be forcing the DAC to create the (inaccurate) stairstep graphs that...
 Yes, they can be reterminated.
 Well, you are asking in the Zen thread, but yes, they are very good, and sound great out of desktop gear. With how good of a value the normal Zen 2.0 is I personally have a harder time recommending the Black version, but it is definitely an amazing earbud whichever you choose.
 Pretty sure Jason has previously expressed strong (negative) opinions of that sort of device, but I could always be wrong :)
   1.5 to 2 is a 33% increase (difference / initial value) = (0.5 / 1.5) = 0.33 = 33%
 Wyrd probably won't solve driver issues (except in the rare case that the USB port is so bad that it isn't reliably finding the device?) If the older drivers work then I'd recommend just using them (it's what worked for me).
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