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On the top is the main power transformer (~180W) and first filter choke... inside are two more filter chokes, one for each channel, plus another power transformer for housekeeping and the 6SN7 DC heater voltage. With a low-mu triode as the output, it's important to have very low power supply ripple, or you'd hear hum in sensitive headphones. Pete
Sorry, it seems beer has delayed the announcement. Stay tuned 😊
We have selected a winner! We'll announce it this evening at about 6:00 at the beer social at CanJam.
 Simply, because it didn't fit!  I would have preferred the 1/4" jack... There's a lot of stuff crammed into this little package. Pete
Wow, there are a lot of good suggested names here.  It will be a challenge to pick one...   Pete
FWIW... you can also set the LEDs to a mode in which only one LED is lit, instead of all the ones below.  "Dot mode" vs. "Bar mode".   The brightness is also adjustable. These settings are programmed in a setup mode, and are stored in internal flash memory so they remain unless you change them again. Pete
 I'd suggest using a 6528.  The only downside is that they get really hot, and sometimes make some funny mechanical noises.  A 5998 would be an option as well. The IEM position might be attenuated too much for Grados, depending on how loud you listen, or it might be OK. Input impedance is 50k, yes. Pete
 I understand.  It IS expensive.  Hopefully you believe me when I say that the selling price is based on the cost to build - it is really not the same as the Little Dot amp with an enormous profit margin. The unfortunate reality is that you just cannot build something in the US at anywhere near the cost (using locally sourced parts) in China.  Fabricating the metal chassis for this amp costs me almost the same as what the entire Little Dot amp costs you to buy! Chinese...
 No wonder my Spanish-speaking friends always snicker when I tell them about the Teton. I did know that it means "nipple" in French, though.    Oui, oui!
 Well... to date I'm the only one who has listened to it.  And really I'm the wrong guy to ask such questions, being an engineer :) That said, it is very different than the Peak and the Pinnacle.  The Peak and Pinnacle are both pretty neutral amps with low distortion and low output impedance.  The Teton is... neither. In terms of subjective sound, I would say that the Teton sounds more like a single-ended 300B or 2A3 amp than the others.  Depending on the music and...
New Posts  All Forums: