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Just a heads up for potential 307 and 407 buyers. I placed an order with PriceJapan for a 307 back in early Feb., and now they've sent me this: Se there may be supply problems in Japan for these models.
Interesting, that's one of the problems of the Momentums. Very wide soundstage, but absolutely zero depth. Angling the drivers adds a bit of depth, seems this trick works on the HE-500 as well, as jerg found.
The subwoofer probably sounds better and with less bass 
The 70x have a quite annoying peak around 2 KHz. Does this not bother you? It makes male vocals sound somewhat disjointed. It also makes the midrange sound unnatural. This works well on female vocals, however, and it seems a lot of people like it. I don't, and I don't understand why they are recommended for classical, chamber music and mixing, they just sound wrong. Some audio engineers complain that they can't mix with them, and I agree because you have to take into...
I need something to replace the K340s I grew up with, and I don't know whether I should make a pit stop at the HD600s or just jump straight to these.   Could you tell me what do you think are the flaws of the HE-500? All I see is praise, but I'm more interested in potential issues.   What's scaring me is how GoldenEars' measures them somewhat similar to the Momentums (!!), which I have and am not very pleased with. The dip at 4-5KHz leads to a quite notorious...
The 70x impedance is flat up to 1kHz, so that part of the spectrum should not be affected by amp impedance. It then gradually rises, which would mean the treble will increase with higher amp impedances, but not that much since the 'phones impedance only rises by 2/3. In this aspect the 70x is quite different from most dynamics, which have a driver resonance peak at around 100 Hz (hence having more bass with higher amp impedance) -- for example, the HD598 has "nominal"...
How can you possibly say such a thing, what are you comparing them too? The XB700 are obviously not bass light, as the measurements confirm (and so do my ears). However, they do not have a midbass hump, so they can indeed feel bass light compared to others that have that hump, for music that does not make use of the sub-bass.   However, the minute you step into a song with sub-bass, you get blasted with it. Not bass light by any stretch of the imagination.
Are you saying you want the rest of the world (namely US, Canada, Europe and Japan) to have the same lack of worker and environmental protection?   As for this topic, I can get the HD800 for 850€ in Europe, excluding taxes. I don't think it's overpriced at all. It's more expensive in the US, and by that you can say it's overpriced, but that's to be expected. Shure stuff is also more expensive over here ;) Also, Sennheiser seems to be forcing retailers to stick to the MSRP...
Not a headphone, just use equalizer. The only headphones with better bass than HE500 are Audezes, and they don't go for $700. If you want more (rather than better) just use equalizer, seriously. Or just give up on hi-fi headphones, the point of high fidelity is having the right amount of bass, not emphasized bass.
I see no reason why open back headphones would be more vulnerable to atmospheric conditions than closed backs. They all have to endure humidity anyway, from our perspiration.
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