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Very cool
Right??? I just bought a woody th600 too. Awesome price
Those are really nice !!!!!
Jibzilla,  Thank you for the response. I am currently utilizing 6SN7 Bad Boys in my WA6SE, with the highly current buzzed about Brimar.  I have also used the Sophia Princess prior to the Brimar, which I also really like (especially with the K701).   My three primary headphones used are the K701, HD650, and LCD 2.2F.  I guess my concern is... will an upgraded U52, 422, or 596 be worth the price paid.... or to focus that money towards a th900 or upgraded CD player. The more...
Pm ed
I see many U52's on Eslay... What are the best brand names to hunt?
Nice price Glws
Ken, nice amp!!! I got some 6SN7 triple hole bad boys with some Glenn adapters for my WA6SE. I also just ordered a Brimar Rectifier to put the Sophia process to bed. Would love to hear the Glenn amp
I got my Brimar 5Z4GY today also. Time for the princess to go set in her box. Wow!!! Incredible upgrade from the Sophia. I can't imagine what a U52 or 422a can do paired with my 6sn7 triple hole Bad Boys. Anyone else enjoy upgraded power cables in there woo 6. I THINK I noticed a huge difference in silent background once installed
I am using a PS Audio Nuwave with my 6SE and it is damn good. I have an LCD 2Fazor and I still share 50% of my head time with the 650. I love the combo. Can find the Nuwave for around 500 used
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