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Nice pair of Audeze LCD 2 Fazor. Includes travel case, wood conditioner, stock cable with 1/4 termination. These are in excellent condition. Only reason for sale is.... I have to thin out the heard. Look at my feedback as I take exquisite care of all my gear. Please let me know any questions. I can also include serial number to show they weren't involved in the ugly warehouse theft. Price includes shipping, buyer to pay PayPal fees. I am now shipping worldwide, after...
Hello, I am listing this little powerful amp, as I spend all my listening time plugged into my stationary system. I utilized it with an LoD out of an I 4s device. I also have the LoD, which is gold, cable if interested separately for an additional cost. I loved this amp with my Grado HP's. Only looking for cash at this time, no trades PM me with interest or questions
Fantastic price Glws
Trade for Fostex Th600 with southeast Asian cedar cups?
Very cool
Right??? I just bought a woody th600 too. Awesome price
Those are really nice !!!!!
Jibzilla,  Thank you for the response. I am currently utilizing 6SN7 Bad Boys in my WA6SE, with the highly current buzzed about Brimar.  I have also used the Sophia Princess prior to the Brimar, which I also really like (especially with the K701).   My three primary headphones used are the K701, HD650, and LCD 2.2F.  I guess my concern is... will an upgraded U52, 422, or 596 be worth the price paid.... or to focus that money towards a th900 or upgraded CD player. The more...
Pm ed
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