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Nice price! Glws
So how did this meet highlight? Hope all had a great time. Any good pics
Very very nice look HP. Would love to hear these!! Very artfully done. GLWS
Darkvoice 336SE OTL amp with nice tubes including a 5692 RCA red base and many others. I love this amp, just upgraded, don't need to sell but it should be enjoyed by someone. Also comes with the Herbies Audio Lab tube dampener. Note: the weights on the back of the amp are NOT included. I have original box and literature for amp. I do not have boxes for tubes. Will ship well packed. Pay pal fees and Shipping charges will be additional cost to buyer. PM me with questions or...
Wow!!! Nice price!!!
Sucks I missed this. That's three in a row. I really wanted some impressions and options on my nuwave. Hope everyone had a great time. I really wanted to BS tubes with Ken. Post more pics! Did anyone end up coming down from Canton area? What was the main attraction at this meet?
I have a mint pair of Denon D2000. I am only selling to fund upgrade. The price is SOLD !!!! shipped and paypal fees included. The HP's will ship in the original box. If you want to see specific pics pm me. Note: I work hard for my money and know the value of having nice things. You will not be disappointed with condition of these. Will add photos later
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