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i'm sorry, but which locking ring??
i just quoted this from another thread.. basically another user tried using momentum's cable n it doesnt work.. :(
i see.. thanks a lot.. i thought i'll be able to use the momentum's cable to replace my 598 long and bulky cable.. oh well...
from where can i order the momentum cable?? i can't find it in sennheiser website..  
if anyone has both the hd598 and the momentum, could u test if momentum's cable can be used for hd598, and vice versa?? thanks a lot..
purrin..do you have the csd graph of he-400?? i think i read you said in other threads that they were decent.. but i couldnt find any graphs in this thread.. i'd like to know if the peak around 1k, according to tyll's graph at least http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/HiFiMANHE400.pdf, is offensive or not..
    1.yes 2.yes 3. ~2% 4.no 5.i dont think i will upgrade at all, since my sacd collection is really small
black.. i'm not aware if there is a white version, btw...
to purrin / anax / those who has got their S7.. how would you compare it to a dynalo (in my case a GLite) or a CK2iii?? any of you guys has heard both or all of them??
I am selling my panasonice HJE-900 IEM, which I bought from a head-fier on August 2011.. There is no box included, only the IEM, leather pouch, and two pair of default tips.. These IEM sound superb for the money, with clear treble and impactful bass, and are still in great condition (picture will be uploaded upon request/interest)..   I am selling these because I mostly use my headphone nowadays and I think it's better if someone could enjoy these IEM.. The price NOW...
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