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Does any one have a link to or pdf of the Taboo MK II SE84TS+ / 2009 to 2012 manual they'd be willing to email to me?    Thanks!   Ravyn
for $850 free shipping and I eat PayPayPal fees.    
I'm the original owner.   It has a headphone jack.  Well burnt in.  Tubes included:  Stock 5U4G, Stock, output tubes, for input I'll include a Genelex GL ATU7, a pair of Phillips 12Ax7 1959, and a 1960 Mullard 12AT7.    CONUS only, shipping via UPA Ground, in great shape, shipped in original box.  $850 OBO.
I have a pair of HD800 I haven't listened to in months.   I'll be honest they were my go to headphones and have chips, the stock cable has exposed wire at on end and needs repair or replacement.  However I have a pair of working cable I got from eBay that are decent, however they're only 5' long and require a 1/8 - 1/4 adapter.    Asking price is $700 OBO. Price includes shipping via UPS Ground and Pay Pal fees.   Complete with box, manual, both sets of  cables, a seen...
tink97 also is jumping on the toriii IV band wagon.   Mine will finally arrive on Monday.   Next time I think I'll go for 2 day shipping.   Was so hoping for Friday, but shipped and picked up were a day apart.  :(  
Ah, well, didn't ship by Friday, though it moved to shipping department on Tuesday.  It's possible the tornados that devastated the area around them and left them w/o phone or internet for a couple days is the cause of the delay.  If it should ship Monday I'll be able to get it by Friday I think.  If not the following week.  I think waiting for it to ship, is perhaps the most difficult part of the wait.  I also just realized my order fell into the free Pelican case group,...
 They are, but it would have to ship and be picked up by UPS by Friday of this week to make it.   However, fingers crossed, but at this point it's still gonna be sooner than I had originally expected.  
My Torii MKIV has gone from parts pulled to testing in 3 days. 1 day on the bench.  I'd love for it to arrive before Thanksgiving, but ain't holdin' my breath.  
 My listening space is so small I couldn't justify it.  That and then I'd make me feel like I needed new speakers.  I had to draw the line somewhere.   ;)   
And mine is on order, probably December delivery would be my guess.   My wallet is no longer speaking to me.  
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