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Found a few.^ quite fashionable miss being hugged by someone... :/ is actually pretty impressiveBowei should take note hereSooo cuuuuteee!! :3 (^3^)
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@Music Alchemist Your future mansion Yup, that was in my bookmarks too. XD
Oooooooooooh Gooooooooooood!!
Indeed, I didn't know about the 2.0 manual as well. Thanks for posting that bixby! Maybe I can squeeze a few things out of the 2.0 demo since I don't completely like the way it handles the library and playback.As for the iZotope settings, they mainly adjust digital filtering properties I...
Here's some food for thought. While you dance your troubles away
Obviously it's a smart charging technology, which Apple devices are known to have. When it detects that the microwave has more wattage, it slows the charging time to prevent it from charging too fast and blowing up.
I don't browse very many websites outside of Head-Fi, YouTube, music, news sources about China, and science-related places. XDHere, have a snapshot of my bookmarks:
I dunno what 9GAG is. I didn't find out what imgur was until like 2 months ago. >.>
You guys might like this website. watching multiple YouTube videos and not understanding it, I finally know how the Korean writing system works! Bloody brilliant! This is way easier than Chinese even though Korea used to use a writing system involving such characters. [[SPOILER]]
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