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Self-recorded binaural rain. Soothes the soul after a hectic Halloween day.
Care to listen to some rain recorded with my binaural microphones?
I was going to send an e-mail to In2uit asking about that hybrid technology actually. Having an electrostatic diaphragm without the need of a special electrostatic amplifier to provide the proper voltage bias doesn't sound right to me based on my knowledge of e-stats. It sounds to me like it's more of an electret diaphragm, which is like an e-stat, but with a permanent charge on it to avoid needing the special amplifier.
I really enjoyed that video. It's not every day that a PCB designer explains what goes on in the actual DAC/amp. This is also one of the reasons why I chose to back the Geek products: they're extremely transparent when it comes to their design choices, at least in comparison to pretty much any other manufacturer I've come across.
That's a TakeT BPP Portable SupertweeterRegarding the technology, super-tweeters offer an interesting take on audio.I remember reading through this paper before when reading things about HD audio sampling rates (> 44.1 kHz) and ultra-sonic content: or not you can detect these ultrasonic frequencies with headphones through your ear (as opposed to the skin or eyes as the above paper suggests) is a different...
Ah, yup you're right. I didn't see that earlier.
They're missing a pink headphone colour!Wait a sec...Where did you even get these images from? o.0
So who wants to learn more about DACs?
Maybe to go against the grain, I'd get a blue PM-3. I do wish the colours were more like an electric-counterpart rather than the current dull ones. Of course these are all just renderings and the actual product will look much different in-person.
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