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So...I guess I'm going to grad school?
Aww sweet. I'm probably going to build my AX panel/event schedule today. There's so many to go through though. XDI got a Sony DAV-HDX589W receiver from Goodwill for a mere $2.it plays SACDs!I took the cover off to see if I can find what kind of DAC chip it's using for the DSD audio....I have no idea what these two chips do. @deadlylover, @akiroz, or @Joe Bloggs can you see what IC parts would decode the DSD signals? I think it's the giant SONY IC...
I can't. This MacBook Pro has the GeForce 650M. : (
Too good.
Actually you bring up a good benchmark with that program. I wanted an external drive that's fast enough to record gameplay footage. I use FRAPs for video recording, which is raw and uses a schiit tonne of hard drive space and my current external USB 3.0 hard drive is a bit on the slow side for that I think. I'll need to do some objective tests on it, but since it's writing to a FAT32 partition that might be limiting it (my 3 TB hard drive is 1 TB HFS+, 2 TB FAT32 for...
If I'm shopping for an external USB 3.0 hard drive, what are some average CrystalDiskMark numbers I should be looking at? I have a PNY Turbo USB 3.0 thumb drive and I've been kind of using that as a reference.
Death 13, is that you?
: oYoooooooooooo we should hang out on Saturday night! : DMy friends are gonna go get wasted, so they entrusted me with the rental car that night. I'll probably cosplay as Mayuri again. Just got some new eyeliner and it passed the field test today without smudging.
You don't have to, but it might make the adhesive stay on better.
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