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Psh, traditional 3D printing is just 2D printing over and over again in multiple layers. Now this is real 3D printing. : D
Texts sent through SMS also probably don't get stored on a server like other messaging apps and probably won't get leaked through the Internet and probably don't have to agree to some extra Terms of Agreement in which the fine print might say that the messaging service had the right to store your personal information in which you willingly gloss over and just say "I agree." : p
Oh really? Now that's interesting! : D
No touch screen? That's interesting. I'm all hands down *pun intended* for a smaller screen size then (although feedback here at this point in time probably is moot). There's no point to a larger screen if 1) it's not a touch screen, 2) affects the battery life, 3) increases noise Speaking of the UI, I forgot to ask AxelCloris to ask about any possible chance to have user-switchable themes similar to the popular FiiO X5, X3, and X1. I kind of doubt it though considering...
You misspelled "Schiit Audio." ; )
Probably like a sleeve.
They should have the Wave in a clear resin.That would be totally wicked!
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought those amps, AKA Geek Keep, were using a Class AB amp design, not Class A. Class AB shouldn't have the heating issues that a Class A does since its topology by nature is more efficient, so I don't quite understand what you're saying here.Oh ok. Class A/AB. Disregard my comment then.
Whatever happened to this then?I figured heat would be a problem since day 1 of the Wave reboot campaign and that they would have addressed that issue really early in the design process, not a few months away from the anticipated shipping dates....
Was that just a stray dog, or was it someone else's? O.oAh lemons....
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