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Yeah, the Femto Time Mode digital filter sounds awesome on the Pulse X Infinity. I don't think I need that kind of sound quality if I'm going to use this out and about in the city/bus/airplane though, hence why I just opted for Wave 64+stand alone DAC+dual DACs+AQ2M DAC chip+IEM upgrade+free WiFi and Bluetooth upgrades. My ears tend to pick up background hiss of many amplifiers, so I got the IEM upgrade for that.
FML...... I took out MJ's Thriller album from the car CD player and replaced it with Off the Wall. I placed the CD in the center console, which has a sliding top. I was going to get Thriller back today to return only to find the CD missing from the console. I think the CD slid underneath the sliding top and went into whatever compartment is beneath the console. : (
I was going to say, that doesn't look like the lǜ I remember.Qing is clear I thought. lol it's 清
Whee, 29.5 minute long HE1000 review video is recorded. I missed 4 phone calls to make it happen (yes you can hear it ring in the video too). XD
Whee, 29.5 minute long HE1000 review video is recorded. I missed 4 phone calls to make it happen. XD
SMH..........Was going to spend some time finishing up the HE1000 sound quality review. Instead, spends hour ripping Michael Jackson albums and playing a few hours of Splatoon.FRIGGIN' MIIVERSE! I was browsing posts in the Wonderful 101 Miiverse page and there was a fking spoiler for Life is Strange. T_TTis okay though, I can listen to this song in high quality all day now.
I've been using W10 Technical Preview for the past few months. I haven't really noticed a major difference in audio quality in Foobar from W8.1.
True, but if you know my previous employment stats, that's already better than 95% of the other positions I've applied to.Yeah I'd avoid installing W10 right away. It'd probably be wise to wait a few weeks to let things settle and get updated. The last Technical Preview I tried still felt a bit unpolished.
W10 is supposed to be the end all operating system since they can add features to the OS via updates. I don't see how that's any different than OS X and their downloadable OS upgrades though.
New Posts  All Forums: