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I already define transparent as just listening to music, not the gear. I have yet to hear a rig that sounds like that outside of the e-stats though (for headphones; I dunno about speakers yet). Not even an HE1000 on a R-2R DAC+Ragnarok can do it for me.If neutral means not coloured, then why do people say "X sounds neutral BUT blah blah blah explanation of how it's not neutral"? I've read too many times where people say X amp is neutral. Then people often say other amps...
Current, voltage, and watts are all related. Bakoon amps have a high-current mode since some headphones, like low sensitivity, low impedance headphones require more current than voltage (of which is usually the result of increasing gain). The HE1000 would be one of those, but any decently-built amplifier should output ample current.
i dunno, I don't keep up with iOS 8 stuff. I figured if there's 8.4 then 8.3 must have been a thing. .x updates are pretty common in iOS anyway too; I'm running 7.1.2. XD
Woah dayum. That's a nice OP both visually and in terms of music. Reminds me a bit of she's music, or at least the beginning did. Can't wait to watch it!
Placeeeebo! : p's never remembered the digital filter mode. The volume settings are still remembered on the other hand, so if you use 0 dB master volume in OS X and switch to Windows, it will still be 0 dB.I can usually tell which digital filter I'm listening to, even when I...
My dad's 4S seems slow as heck with iOS 8.3.x.
Does iOS 8.4 at least fix the track scrubbing in the Music app? It's absolute garbage in iOS 7, having like a ~300 ms delay time. Audio scrubbing in the Onkyo HF Player is basically instantaneous in comparison. I use SSB Settings with Jailbreak tweaks to hide the default Music app since I find it to be so bad.
It does not remember your filter settings and it does default to TCM mode every time you plug it in. I prefer FRM mode myself (concave button).
Does anyone know how iOS 8.4 works on the iPhone 4S? The last time I heard about iOS 8 on it, it was killing the battery and it was slow. When I tried the beta of 8.0, it was pretty slow. iTunes' logo got yet another remake. XD
This +1Tidal = lossless 16/44.1 streamingWhat's being heard is likely a different master, which makes far more of a difference than even headphones sometimes. Any decent headphone should be able to pick up differences in masters.
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