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So does that mean it's okay to post Massdrop links now? I don't see the point of the mods deleting posts that contain such links. project86 is a contributor here on Head-Fi and he's pretty much advertising "Go buy the K7XX on Massdrop!"If that wasn't enoughWell let's try it anyway. I haven't received any PMs regarding warnings not to post Massdrop links before and it's not in the terms of services.Guess it is now
Are you kidding me? No wonder why this week's episode was so out of tune...
Yeah, it was like sitting in the front row of a movie theater, but at least it was large enough for 6-player smash battles.Just like old times in middle and high school, this post-college party was of epic proportions. 8 hours of Smash Bros for Wii U and lots of yelling and "OH OH OOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!s" later, I'm completely exhausted. XDMeh, AKG's game with their K7__ series really sickens me. I've kind of just blocked all things related to them in my head.
It could be. I've been playing 6-player 3v3 and 1v1 matches and I'm encountering similar issues.
Smash Bros for Wii U can use the 3DS as a controller. It feels a little unresponsive though.Overall it feels more floaty like Brawl did though, which is a bit saddening since the 3Ds version feels faster, but it's still tons of fun to play.
Super cereal gaming needs super cereal speakers and projector : > 3DS as a controller is awkward as heck. >.>
lol I'm just dinking around on YouTube through random videos and I found this [[SPOILER]]
I thought this was a joke and was wondering why there were so many dislikes (I thought it was a good musical-like video) Turns out it's actually a thing. Why the hell anyone would use this is beyond me. T_T No really, I seriously thought it was a joke when the "Monopoly guy" said that storing your credit card and debit card information in your phone "is a secure and a wise investment" in that really sarcastic tone.
And I agree with you there. : pI think the Noble 4 would be more in the lines of a UERM kind of sound, but I didn't get the chance to compare them side-by-side to say. Tomscy did a really nice comparison of the 4C and UERM on the front page.I'm looking forward to seeing how the Supra performs if I decide to stay pledged.
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