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Those scores tho. http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/overwatch?ref=hp I'd give Overwatch 8/10 myself, which is about where the user ratings fall so far.
I'll be out of the state from June 28-July 6, so I may or may not join the tour depending on what the schedule is like. Username: miceblue City/State: Seattle/WA Link to previous impressions or review: http://www.head-fi.org/users/173192/reviews https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLijKRaXSt5y0M7kfXJ4zcsLDx5PCL7UO6 Gear Vali will be used with: iPhone + JDS Labs C5D/OPPO HA-2/LH Labs Geek Out v2+ for portable combinations LH Labs Geek Pulse X Infinity/Objective DAC +...
I liked all of the support characters during the beta except for Symmetra. XD
Holy moly those stats. [[SPOILER]] 1.37 trillion total damage during the 5-day open beta. : o
What do the GeekBench numbers even mean anyway? The iOS 9.3.2 one scored higher, but it's super obvious that the iOS 7.1.2 phone is way faster across the board for actual real-life performance.
Yup, I concur too. Amber Rubarth's first album sounds great, fidelity-wise*, but I can never get myself to listen to more than 1 track in a sitting, if even. I think people at local meets have listened to that album on my setup more than I have. >.>Some of 2L's music really is awesome!*Although I still can't quite grasp the Binaural+ concept either. Most of the recordings to me sound like: stationary left channel instrument, stationary right channel instrument, stationary...
Holy frick...so that wasn't just me imagining the clipping. I thought I left on a bass boost EQ and my system was clipping, but NOPE it's the song. G fking G Perfume.
Ah I see. The Cayin-HE1000 sounded pretty good to me! I should have tried the HD800S on the Teton. >.>
Basically copy-paste from here:http://www.head-fi.org/t/807476/portland-or-may-7-2016-impressions/15#post_12584530
Oooookay, I finally got some time to sit down and write out my thoughts.First of all, a biiiiig thank you to @zach915m and @grizzlybeast for getting this meet together! This was the first Oregon meet I've been to, and it was a super chillax one.As soon as I walked into the room, there were 4 or 5 boxes of Voodoo doughnuts lined up on tables along the wall. For those who don't know about Voodoo doughnuts, they're a doughnut shop in the Portland area...and they make some...
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