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The editor's note has been in the same spot in the article since since my earlier drafts. This was from the text file I sent Stephen last year:But yes, I do agree that it should have a more explicit author citation.
I don't find the SR-207, 407, 202, nor 404 LE analytical and I pretty much listen to everything too. A slight +3 dB bass EQ can do the trick for electronic music. A stock or modded HD800 sounds less pleasant to me. Only after doing some substantial EQ-ing does it sound listenable to me, or just get a stock 800S.
Ah okay, that definitely helps. Thanks!Also nice photos; they certainly look very pretty in the metal enclosures. The plastic auto-modules I've seen and heard didn't look quite as nice.
Good luck trying to get a K1000 to sound even at listenable volume levels from an iPhone. : p
Is there a chart/summary of what the different modules do? I was pretty curious to see what each one did when 1964 Ears announced their prototype handy protective case that can house different modules.
Yup, it looks like 64 Audio and Asius Technologies had some issues regarding supply and demand, which is unfortunate to hear about.http://www.64audio.com/blog/2016/08/03/regarding-the-end-of-64-audios-partnership-with-adel/Who knows, maybe Apex is actually better than ADEL! For 64 Audio at least, and for the people who order their products, Apex seems to be the better option.
That is correct. The article's main purpose was just to point out some things that didn't necessarily add up in the end. One does not simply just create a truly scientific "counter" to a study, but an in-depth critique with some skepticism can offer some insight to a given study or technology and perhaps with enough interest, create a follow-up report. I just pointed out, with what limited available resources I had, some points in the study that weren't totally explained...
I eventually got it to work...by opening a FLAC file from the Files app itself. I still think Foobar's interface is way better, and prettier. Dunno why it decided to scan my whole phone for all media files.
Welp I bought Neutron player....and the interface is far worse than Foobar in my experience. I have a folder for music (all FLACs) and Neutron can't even detect it. I've been waiting on my airplane delay for 20 minutes and it has detected nothing after supposedly 'scanning' my device for files. Foobar sees all my files in an instant since it has super convenient folder file browsing like a Rockbox device. Neutron: Foobar browing by folder structure: Sorted by Album...
Fuuuuuuuuuu JDS Labs makes a USB C to miniUSB OTG cable.... https://www.jdslabs.com/products/164/usb-cable-type-c-to-mini-b-otg/ Works with their DACs, doesn't work with other portables since most use microUSB. >.>
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