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This is a test. Sent from my iPhone 4S with SwiftKey because I need to display my epeen.
I dunno, I just grabbed whatever stats were listed on the wiki page. XD doesn't need speed since it will just annihilate your party with hyper beam or fissure. : pBesides, it has supah defense stats.
It could be. XDType: Dark/DragonAbility: Thick Skin (resistance to fire, ice, lightning, poison, fairy, earth, flying, water, and OHKO moves)Level: 37HP: 240Attack: 45Special Attack: 5Defense: 128Special Defense: 97Speed 67Attacks: Hyper beam, fire blast, fissure, toxic
Nobuo Uematsu didn't make the soundtrack for the FF XIV A Realm Reborn, but the composer, Soken, did a fine job for Ultima Weapon's theme.
The last two songs almost made me cry. So good....Forgotten Children sounds like it could be a Touhou song.
Did someone post this here before? I seem to have bookmarked it in January this year. Good song, interesting music video. The plague doctor approves.
Just pre-ordered some smash broth. Hopefully it tastes super. It must have some high-quality truffle oil in it or something since it's one of the most expensive broths I've bought. [[SPOILER]] That was a dayum good episode. Australia seems pretty legit. Time to look for grad schools there.
Lawl Ran into a fellow Head-Fier at a shopping mall looking try the iPhone 6 too. We're K 701 buddies! XD
Seems to be coming along all right so far. VRMS headphone out seems unusual for a touted desktop amplifier design. The JDS Labs C5 can output more power than that with ~4.9 VRMS max output.
Updates for the Geek Pulse:Measurements: [[SPOILER]] ^ read: sensitive headphone and earphone friendly! (not like the Geek Out); 3 VRMS output seems really low for a desktop amplifier though (562.5 mW output at 16 Ω) [[SPOILER]] Extra quote regarding the DAC performanceQuote about the harmonic distortion ratios*Pulse f/i = Geek Pulse with femto clock and internal amp upgrade
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