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Wow, I remember when that video only had ~250k view.
I don't really know what I'm doing here, so this is just for practice since I have no prior experience to building a custom PC. What would I possibly do with a machine like this? o.0
Huh, interesting. That sounds like the kind of UI I like! : DI'm sure the seconds thing can just be changed in a firmware update if they get enough complaints about it. XDHow is the sound of the F886? I heard it's kind of meh overall. I was in one of the threads for it and unsubscribed when people said it only sounds OK. I don't know how it stacks up to the iPhone or Clip Zip though.People made such a big deal about the AK players' UIs. And then you see the sonic...
Erm, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the conclusions of the break-in tests were not decisive. If I recall correctly, any changes were less than 1 dB apart, which is trivial.
Ah, that's some good news then. Although I found the DX90's firmware to be better than what I remember with the DX50, it was still clunky as heck to navigate around. It's good to hear that the Plenue 1 at least has a pretty decent UI. A good UI is something I value in a portable media player since it allows me to actually use the thing. XDI was actually eying the F886 before the Geek Wave was made. It looks pretty sleek! I'd honestly get the Miku-blue/green one though;...
So I take it Cowon finally delivered a nice DAP after the J3?Mind if you do a 24/96 vs DSD64 battery life test? I'm curious to know how native playback of DSD affects the battery life versus PCM. I can provide a few test tracks if you don't have any.Why 24/96?For stereo DSD64 (44100 * 64 sample rate):2 channels * 44100 Hz * 64 times greater sampling rate than CD * 1 bit = 5,644,800 bits/secFor stereo 24/96:2 channels * 96000 Hz * 24 bit = 4,608,000 bits/secGiven they're...
Don't expect the Source to be available into probably late 2015 going by how Light Harmonic is 3 months behind schedule for the Pulse and their parts dealers are running out of parts/discontinuing stuff, etc. It's probably going to be one of the better servers out there, but you'll have to be really patient and wait for it to come out.Yeah I mostly use my laptops as my main sources; iPod 5G, iPhone 4S, or Clip Zip for my portable ones.
Well Apple has their whole industrial engineering team behind them with a vertical market and they've been advertising smaller things for quite some time now; space has to be really efficient. Other motherboard manufacturers probably have a horizontal market model and they just try to appeal to the masses.
Yeah iono. Like I said, I don't have much experience with music servers since I don't plan to use one any time soon and the only other person who I know has one uses a Mac Mini server.
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