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So I got official AKG replacement parts for the coarse foam inner ring that goes inside the earpieces as well as the foam/fabric driver insert covers that go underneath the earpads. Spectrum Audio is based in the USA, so shipping wasn't quite as expensive as from AV Shop in Canada. You do have to place a minimum order of $50 though since this is a manufacture drop shipment. Each of the above replacement parts comes as a single unit, so you have to order two of the same...
Fair enough. I haven't touched my extension plug on either of my MacBooks. XDNo problems here, although I use a surge protector. I really should take one of those apart some day and see how things are wired. In the USA, the standard (non-appliance) home voltages are 120 V, but the surge protector says it outputs 125 V. Weird.
Yup, I know that feeling. I kind of like it though. XDAt first I thought it was because of the hard drive spinning, but the Retina MacBooks don't have one.
I had the noise issue with all 3 of my computers (5 USB ports total). LH measured my unit since I sent it back thinking it was defective and it was fine according to their testing standards.I requested if LH could deliver my unit back to me before July 26, and they said they could. I still have yet to receive any word on much for that. :/
This video from the sidebar is better.Now imagine using that in a water balloon fight!
Because I actually have the game on XBox 1 and totally forgot about it. XD
But that's just a skin, not legit carbon fibre. : p
Wow, that is really disappointing. Original headband: Replacement headband: ^ had I known the paint job would be so shoddy, I wouldn't have purchased it : (
Yes, give me your eye. [[SPOILER]]
What are the white sheets? Parmesan cheese flakes?I don't know of any specific articles, but it's common practice to use an A/B box like the Fiio HS2 (or something similar; they're pretty simple to D.I.Y.) that takes multiple inputs and outputs one signal. Then you can play a test tone (say at 1 kHz) and volume-match them by ear, or use a decibel meter if you have one. After that, just play some music from both sources if possible and flip the switch to listen between the...
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