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Awww yeaah. Orphan Black season 3 is back on. Love Two Fingers/Amon Tobin's intro theme.
According to their shipping updates, all of the Geek LPS units from the first batch are shipped and the second batch is about 45% completed.
Wow.....Project M never ceases to amaze me. I still have PM 3.1 installed. XD @mechgamer123 It is JoJo! Heard that today at a local Daiso store.
That kind of really defeats the purpose of having line out outputs in the first place, no?
Hoooooooooly sheeeeeeeeeeet! Jojo was so good! Get hyped for Dio!
I'm going to guess no between the SR-207 and SR-307 but I haven't listened to the 307 before.From Innerfidelity's measurements of the SR-207 vs SR-507, I'd say the differences are pretty small. Actually I'd venture to say the measurements look better on the 207.
Tyll just reviewed the new Momentum headphone. I overlaid the target curves on top of the best case scenario for it: wired and no noise cancellation Here's the PM-3 again Based on the 300 Hz square wave response for the PM-3, I do find the PM-3 to sound sharp/edgey around the upper-midrange area. I'm used to this kind of sound based on my...
Woooow. How the heck was this NOT uploaded before? I've had it on my hard drive for the last 3 don't mind if it's really bad. This was a blast from the past. Apparently I did 3 takes of this review video, hahaha. Also, because I'm going through my old Head-Fi folders on my hard drive, I found these while making an avatar for the "Show me ZO avatar" contest way back whenever that was.
Wut.....2K must be making bank.'s like Mario Kart but in real life!
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