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Dayum. [[SPOILER]]
Amazing. It took 5 months to get this straightened out. I wonder if these people work one day a month or something. It shouldn't take that long FFS.
Okay, I finally got some time to write here. A big thank you to BIG POPPA for getting this meet up and running as smoothly as it did. Also, thank you for getting the MOTs all settled in. Thank you to barra for bringing the Zana Deux to represent Eddie Current, and the PMx2 to represent Audio Zenith. Thank you to bimmer100 for representing Norne Audio. This was a darn pretty awesome meet overall. There was way too much gear, and too little time. That's usually the...
Sub-bass? I don't think the cello by itself often reaches sub-bass levels. The Yo-Yo Ma albums I have only have fundamental frequencies above 70 Hz like so:http://www.independentrecording.net/irn/resources/freqchart/main_display.htmI think the warmth of the HE1000 brings those notes to sound nice and full yeah. I can use the +2 dB bass EQ to get a similar feeling with the SR-207 as I do with the HE1000.I just did a quick overlay of the HE1000 over the SR-207's frequency...
Yeah I don't care for DotA either. That being said, I wonder if I'm going to see any famous DotA players this year since I work in the area where some of the hotels are. Witty comment of the day. There's an insider joke amongst my coworkers that some of us are married to each other. Today my "wife" was done with work and counted her till. I said "was your till count perfect, because I think you're perfect." Yeah, I'm tired. I have no idea why I typed that up.
The International 5 is going on tomorrow. Holy sheet, the prize pool is $17.975 million.
Thank you for the kind words! That means a lot to me and I appreciate the comments.Yeah I wasn't quite sure whether to put that near the beginning or near the end of the review. I was hoping the HE1000 would be a less coloured headphone as it is, but I don't mind the effect for listening to music in general.As for the 4070, no I haven't heard it before (or seen one in-person). I just took a quick look at eBay for one and holy moly they're around $3500. It looks like it's...
Yeah I should play it. Whenever I boot into Windows though, it's only briefly. XDI fell asleep during the last boss battle cuz it was so freaking long. lolI woke up during the last few minutes of it.I dunno how that random number generator exploit works, but it did wonders against boss fights.
Wow, that Chrono Trigger speed run was amazing to see! Dang.
I've written my formal impressions of the HE1000 here. http://www.head-fi.org/t/767883/official-hifiman-he1000-impressions-thread/1245#post_11805144
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