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Ah, true true. Your post just made it seem like it only applied to females.
Hm, Korra Book 4 Episode 4 was just okay. It seemed more like a filler episode for the most part.Does this not apply for male students too or something? XD
: ( The power just went out for ~20 seconds here due to a crazy windstorm. Scary...
What? That can't be right. All the internetz say otherwise. People in Japan must be doing it wrong or something.
For shipping outside of CONUS, I'll pay for half the shipping costs.
Maybe I just have a small mouth.
So if your nigiri has green onions placed on top of it, are you still supposed to eat it upside-down? Sounds like a recipe for disaster.Also, what if the sushi place puts a lot of rice in the nigiri and you feel like you're gagging if you put the whole thing in your mouth? For the safety of my life, I'd rather eat nigiri in 2 bites than to choke to death on it.Specifically the squid ones. That stuff is really chewy and putting the whole thing in my mouth would give me no...
Wait what? This is news to me. have my doubts that they started shipping out units today.
The chances of winning at this point are less than 1% for me. Oh well, why not?
Not that I know of. I tend to procrastinate, which apparently is one of the traits of ADD, but should happen to everyone.That one is really great!
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