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Mmk I'll forward the message to your Secret Santa.
Senpai noticed me! :$
Yes, you would have to lower the volume on the Geek Out in this case since the max volume outputs too much voltage for the E90 amp to handle. You can still get them to work together, but unfortunately, that means you won't be getting a bit-perfect signal and you would be attenuating the music both digitally and analogally (new word? hahaha).And yeah I have no doubt that the Pono sounds nice, but having zero information about what it can do doesn't help. e.g. if it only...
Here's my two cents. I think DSD material sounds good, but the format itself doesn't matter as long as the recording and mastering (if any) are all done in DSD. The big flame war is on the playback format itself and I don't think the playback format itself manifests any benefits. What I HAVE found is that native DSD material often sounds better to me exactly because working with DSD is so limited. With native DSD recordings, you get a very raw, unedited kind of sound and...
Welcome to the world of e-stat headphones. Don't mind the e-stat crinkling "fart" when you put the headphones on your head/move them on your head. lol here that the E90 amp only has an input level of 1 VRMS, which is well below what the Geek Out outputs at maximum volume (assuming the GO SE is 450 mW like the GO 450, it outputs about 2.68 VRMS). You're probably hearing clipping.Interesting...
Does it include a free pass for wincest too on that special day?
I'll wait until Christmas to open it. :3
I have received a gift in the mail! It says it's from Kyoto. Therefore, it must be of the highest quality because anything anime-related from Japan is the best anime-related thing. That's some super-duper, neat-looking handwriting!
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