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Yup, I can make it to this meet. I'll bring my usual STAX/Geek Pulse X Infinity and balanced K701 rig, as well as the HA-2/PM-3 portable rig.
I've never heard of Habit Browser. XDMaybe it was Haiby or Tracy?Welp, I just ordered the OnePlus 3 with the bamboo case (I don't think I'll need much protection for it and it comes with a screen protector pre-installed). I can't wait to finally use Android! : D
Ah, there we go:The Greek one is pretty intense at 2:18. XDDarn...that's actually a pretty useful trick in iOS, especially for super long-scrolling websites. : (Happy Birthday! : D
Yo Android users. Is there a way to scroll up to the top of a scrollable page like in iOS when you tap the clock? I might have to get a new phone sooner than I anticipated since school starts in about 4 weeks. The Oneplus 3 is looking pretty doable for me. As long as I don't need to touch the top of the screen.
Isn't the actual dialogue "it's over 8000"? I remember hearing the Spanish version and it was "ocho mil." In the actual English version, I think he says nonchelantly "it's over 8000....urgh" *crushes scouter eyepiece thing*
And I want a rabbit for a pet. :3
Phew, does anyone have any suggestions for albums/artists similar to Ola Gjeilo? I just got this album from 2L and I love it!
Hm....SACD: it's Sony.
Just to give people a heads-up on where the touring unit is, I just dropped it off at the post office and it'll head to raybone0566 next. I'll write up some impressions shortly.
Er, the touring Vali is on a separate tour list from the Cayin stack, and I just dropped it off at the post office for the next participant of that tour. >.>I just handed Barra the Cayin stack today, and their iDAC-6 is pretty nice in my opinion.As for the meet itself, I'll have to see if it interferes with the work schedule. My schedule has been pretty tight as of late.
New Posts  All Forums: