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And uploaded.
The actual first place winner is this group:
Originally it was that everyone would receive the upgrade if some 90% of Infinity backers pledged for the $22 AQ2M perk. Of course that would never happen since it wouldn't benefit the contributor themself and there was no guarantee for your money except that it would be donated to a charity if the 90% wasn't reached. At the last minute, they decided that anyone who backed the $22 perk would receive the new DAC, guaranteed. That doesn't mean all Infinity backers get it...
Why does everyone automatically assume the Infinity has the new AQ2M DAC? XD It was a $22 perk on Indiegogo.
Who knows, maybe vanilla ice is pretty tasty after all.But yeah, the Suzy Q scene was just really random and out of the blue. When they transitioned to it from Vanilla Ice, I was just like: "uh......what?"
I have no idea what that video is about, but that dude is a really good dancer!
I still find it amusing that ESS trademarked the name "SABRE SOUND". XD
Dayum. The servers are closed for maintenance again. That was hella fun! I'm definitely going to pre-order that now with my GameStop gift cards seeing that the Xenoblade N3DS probably won't be coming to North America any time in the foreseeable future. I'll upload a video of me playing it on YouTube....although it'll only be around 30 minutes long since my iPhone's internal memory got chewed up when I was waiting for the servers to work 1 hour before I made the video.... :/
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