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I'm re-uploading the first post but with proper formatting so that people can actually read it. XD@bowei006Feel free to quote this post and copy-paste everything after the rule/line break below.@kalbee, @jgray91, @28980, @Manveru, @EveTan, @graphidz, @mechgamer123, @deadlylover, @b1o2r3i4s5Now you can bookmark this thread for future reference since it's actually readable now. lolHello everyone, I have come to share info on a recently completed DIY project. We decided to...
Yeah I dunno if that'll work. : piOS 8 feels a bit slower than iOS 7, but the battery life on iOS 8 makes up for it from my experience.It's too bad the 4S contains the A5 processor. Mostly all of the iDevices before it without that processor could downgrade to lower iOSes if you saved the SHSH blobs (the iPod Touch 2G MC is one of the exceptions).For the fun of it, if anyone wants to do ABX tests (compare A with B and AA with BB)....
So, I downgraded to iOS 7.1.2 on my 4S while Apple is still signing it and I'll probably do a battery life test with it to see which one I like more after using iOS 8 for the past week. Should be interesting.
No I haven't used Chrome on iOS before. I downgraded to iOS 7.1.2 just now since Apple is still signing it (I want to do a battery life test).^ Looks like the photo uploader works just fine in iOS 7.1.2.
I'll probably bring him back when I can get a cool screenshot of him from Smash Bros Wii U. My current avatar is Handa from Barack Obama's administration.I see what you did there. : pI wonder how the conclusion will go too. [[SPOILER]]
Ah okay then. Don't overdo yourself now. AP credits for the UW don't really apply for per-requisite engineering courses with the exception of English and chemistry, so that's good that you get them over with from the get-go. At least in engineering courses you'll learn and apply concepts that are more practical than the pre-req courses.And yup, Barack Obama is probably one of the few 9/10 rated anime shows on my MAL list. Unique art style, quirky characters, funny...
22 credits? Are you trying to kill yourself or something? >.>Not much on my end of things. Mainly just reading science papers and websites while trying to look for graduate schools to apply to...You should watch Barakamon though. That show is really good!
Wow, Barakamon didn't even have the opening song today [[SPOILER]]
Ah good point. XDAs for your questions:1) Yes because Japan's households operate at 110 V whereas in the USA it's 120-130 V. I use a Kashimura TI-101 step-down tansformer.2) I bought my system from eBay, but I didn't have to pay for any import fees or tarrifs.3) Yes, but it will be STAX Japan's warranty and not STAX USA.4) I'd say yes. Carrying around the step-down transformer is a bit of an inconvenience, but saving $200 is a nice chunk of money for that.
But you can buy the same thing on Amazon Germany, no? It's 606,00 Euros or $778 USD.örer-schwarz-Treiberverstärker-SRM-252S/dp/B0043HPD0INice nice. I've been playing as Mega Man mostly. His Uair attack is fun to play around with. XD
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