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HD650 is actually a nice headphone for brighter recordings since the mids are laid back. Sounds good with Kalafina at least. HD6XX drop will probably come back again, so there's always that: HD650 for $199, and high resell value.
HD700 is super bright; would not recommend for jazz or female vocals unless you can use like -6 dB EQ at 4-6 kHz. Innerfidelity's measurements have a giant as spike there too.
RozenB be all like
Everyone in this thread needs to make a selfie with their waifu!https://www.moon-audio.com/chord-mojo-mania/chord-mojo-contest.html [[SPOILER]]
Ooooh that song. XDMy friend listens to that all the time. I just made a random guess of DR above. Ya that's pretty loud, Perfume loud.I still think this is one of the coolest ways to put the lyrics up on a video.
I call DR6. : P
Most pop music these days is DR9 at best, DR2 at worst. XDThe DR is calculated based on how loud the music is compared to the peak values, and most music is loudly mastered; hence the relatively low(?) DR. DR14 is about average for classical; classical is very dynamic with lots of quiet spaces in the recording and not a lot of loud parts, so that helps the numbers. Some of my binaural recordings are DR24 because of that same kind of thing.
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