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That's the way AKG rolls, apparently. The Q is also endorsed by Quincy Jones, so some marketing can go into that particular line.AKG has made:K 701K 702Q 701K 702 Anniversary EditionK 712K 612K 812I guess it's not much different from the K240 line.K 240 SextettK 240 Diffuse FieldK 240 MonitorK 240 StudioK 240 MK II'd say that's some pretty concrete evidence from the Audio Engineering Society.'d say that...
In essence yes. claim the Qs have more bass impact, but the measurements say otherwise. From the looks of it, the treble might be a bit smoother with the Qs.
Here's the third sentence of the article:That's why people are so against the Pono movement.Here's our own Currawong's comment from the comments section:
Ah, good to hear you're enjoying them! And yup, putting them in really takes some practice getting. I like the SE215 for portable use, but I do agree that the K701 is a better headphone for other kinds of music.Oh you know how to use Github? Do you mind helping me upload my JDS Labs C5D code? I'm having a hard time using the GUI because it says I need JDS Labs' login credentials to upload my code.I'm subscribed to Github on Youtube...but their videos are pretty lame.
This is part of the reason why I don't use Facebook these daysI feel that if I post something, only the anime people here will bother to read it. lolNothing wrong with that, but there's not much reason to post in that case. Of the 300 friends in my list, only the Head-Fi 15, or whatever, care.
This is why.
Maybe not. >.> least they'll have challenges (event matches?)
Ah mmk. Thanks! I just realised how crappy of a photo that was.The iPhone sucks balls when taking photos in low-light conditions...
Huh. I just found this. What ancient anime is this that I haven't seen yet? XD
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