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Okay, that's a pretty slick design, I must say.
Technically that might not be the case actually.
Sorry, I don't eat people.
Hooooooooooly sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!! Jojo was super intense today. : o [[SPOILER]]
Oh gawd, hahaha.
Meh, Steam has succumbed to the depths of catering to the otaku. I probably won't buy much stuff from there any more. I got Life Is Strange but I've been too lazy to boot into Windows. XD
It seems like LH's products sound good, when they work. I'm quite worried about how many bugs the Wave will have. Pulse seems to be having issues; LPS seems to be having quite a bit of issues too; Geek Out had its issues.
I tried a friend's Corsair K90 and I hated the combination of MX Reds and membrane keys. I wouldn't pay $90 for one of those.... This on the other hand, I absolutely love! 75% keyboard size, KBTalking Race II model, MX Brown switches, white keycaps/keyboard, and green LED backlighting Maximum brightness Minimum brightness I'll probably add some O-rings to the keys to dampen the sound on top of the already relatively quiet MX Browns.
It's $16 more than the standard black keyboard and I've already outlined before why I chose white over black for more than just styling points.
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