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Ah, well I don't exactly listen to mainstream music so... XDWow, I just finished watching the story of the Legacy of Kain series. Holy cow that is a story done right. The fall of a protagonist is always a welcome sight since stories are often predictable otherwise. This whole time I was thinking something else would happen; keep in mind it's called The Legacy of Kain though. The voice actors in this series are so epic too.
What in the... Is JRiver Media Center free for OS X now? I just downloaded JRMC19 and it works for me. Previously I couldn't use it since my free trial period was expired... If anyone is interested in a special upgrade price for JRMC 20? The interface is just as clunky as I remember and it feels like a legacy piece of software or something emulated through Wine.
Interesting. I might like the K10 more then, but I'll have to see for myself. What kind of tips were you using with these CIEMs? The foam ones, I've heard, increase the bass presence.Eh??
I just watched a story playthrough of that and Soul Reaver 2. Mang, I need to watch the next one because the story in SR2 is a cliffhanger! :/
Has anyone here played the Legacy of Kain series of video games? I've been watching playthroughs of it and the story is really interesting. I don't think I'd enjoy it other than that though since the gameplay is pretty repetitive with backtracking.
I received this from a help ticket today:So we'll see how the two units compare. When I get them, I'll go ahead and scan and post them here.
I look forward to hearing it. A friend of mine said he likes the Kaiser 10 more than the Ultimate Ears Reference Monitor, so I'm intrigued. : )
I posted that a few days ago. XDGreat album though!
Thanks! I'll probably get the opportunity to hear the Noble Audio lineup as soon as they give us the thumbs up. To you, how did the K8 and K10 compare to the UERM? I've only really seen news about the K10 since there's always a 5-star review for it somewhere.Also, why is myspace in that list? I thought Myspace was dead years ago. lolAh, no wonder there's so much buzz. Sharknado 2 is airing for the first time on the Syfy channel. XDIt is better than the first movie so far.
Whee, meet impressions: I'm watching Sharknado right now since it's airing on TV. This movie is so bad it's funny. That blonde chick is the epitome of the stereotypical "dumb blond."
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