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When I passed by to say hello yesterday, I only saw the 10 being demoed, so I'm not sure if the 20 will be there too. I'm guessing they will be at RMAF though, so there's always the chance to hear them next week. : p
I might give the 10 (CIPHER cable) another listen at the AES conference tomorrow. They have a different ear hook than last time, being larger-looking clear hooks instead, and it'll be a chance to test out noise isolation.
Oooh nice. I'll be attending the AES conference in Los Angeles and they'll be having a panel called "Recording & Production: RP5 - Mastering for Vinyl." Maybe I'll learn a thing or two about the mastering process! ...except it's at the same time as the "Listening Tests—Understanding the Basic Concept" pane. : (
Well in comparison I'm used to the bass on the STAX SRS-2170 and many people have the vibe that STAX don't have bass. The iSINE 10 I heard had less in quantity than that, and the SR-207 seems to have pretty "neutral" bass from the Innerfidelity measurements of my 207. Quality-wise though, it was definitely up there, and I really liked the bass it did have; I've never heard a bass as clean-sounding from an in-ear before. Typically I find in-ears to have a somewhat slow bass...
The 10s I heard were quite efficient. I was using 1-3 volume clicks (out of 20) from the USB Audio Pro Player with the DragonFly Black DAC, and 20-40 volume level on the QP1R, low gain.
Hm, perhaps the two units at the two shows were slightly different? At least from looking at MuZo2's photos, their 10 appears to have a coarse black foam-like material under the outside of the shell, whereas the one that I demoed had an obvious silver mesh material.The same coarse black foam-like material is seen here too.
Yeah the 10 and 20 come with both the Lightning cable and 3.5 mm cable, and the 2-pin connector is used on the earpieces.
I went to the Source AV event in Los Angeles yesterday. Also, it could be a matter of taste. A lack of bass for me might be normal for you. : p But as I said, I wasn't the only one who thought the 10 was a bit bass shy.
They actually weren't as bad as I thought they would be. They're sibilant, but that's probably the only real bad thing about them. They have nice extension on both ends and a pretty dang spacious sound for an in-ear (albeit an open-back in ear...).
Actually there are phase alignment guides within the tube on where you install the eartips. I didn't look down the barrel there, but Mark said it's not just a hollow tube. At first I thought it was just the 30 mm diaphragm's sound being funneled into the tube and thus into your ears, but it looks like they've engineered the design to be more than that.The i3 will have similar technology as the LCD-4 (I think the double Fluxor magnet arrays).
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