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A few people, myself included, agree that the LH Labs Pulse X Infinity sounds nice with the HE1000....but availability of that is up in the air unless you buy one secondhand.
Can anyone explain why the GO V2 (USB-powered) measures better than the GO V2+ (battery powered)?
Fixed that for you. XD
The fortune cookie knows all! They played the Clannad ED, Gackt's Mizerable (rarely plays), and GARNiDELiA's ambiguous. Great playlist today!
It could be both, but the mastering process would make far more of a difference than any ADC/DAC technology would unless it was severely flawed from the start.Apple's Mastered for iTunes tools are actually pretty good in today's era. They let the mastering engineers keep the music at a high sound quality and iTunes distributes those masters as high bitrate AAC files.Daft Punk's RAM album for example sounds nearly as good as the master from HD Tracks at a fraction of the...
I experience the background hiss with any in-ears I've tried, even when there's music playing and I'm using the public transit system. My ears are just really sensitive to it I guess.
^ Yup, it's totally the DACs that make recordings sound bad. It's for sure not the Loudness War at all, no way Jose. That would be silly.
Holy schiit........that is some deep stuff! Dayum. That's really impressive. [[SPOILER]]
0 dB means the signal is bit-perfect, there is no digital attenuation to the signal.The DAC used is a multi-bit Delta-Sigma modulator, so yes, a 1-bit DSD signal is converted to a multi-bit DS-signal. I don't think it does single-bit DS modulation. On second thought, I have no idea if 0 dB means it doesn't go though the multi-bit DS modulator.
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