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I just sent out PMs to everyone with their partners. Please remember to follow the rules: Ideally the gift should arrive at the recipient's location during the holiday week of December (December 21-January 1), but delays in shipping and whatnot may occur. Please plan accordingly. To accommodate some of the more expensive shipping options (especially if you're shipping internationally), the price range of the gift+shipping costs should be around $10-$40 USD. Please don't...
And that's a wrap for participants. I'll double-check that people have sent me their information and I'll make the list of pairings shortly.
Yes, rocking out to some highly compressed J-rock rocks! I love really forgiving headphones sometimes. XD After owning the album for 4 years, only now do I read the lyrics. The English is pretty hard to understand. lol
No tracking update for me either.
They're not copying, jeeze. You missed the point of the video! : pBut on a serious note, multiple desktops is kind of useless to me so far since you can't move windows from one desktop to another like you can in OS X. They need to learn how to copy better. XXD#dumplingheadforlifeDid someone say Air audio?
Because I just posted it elsewhere. XD Windows 10 has multiple virtual desktops now, the equivalent of Mac OS's Spaces that they've had since at least 2008. Multiple virtual desktops, Spaces, not the same! Windows 8 had a new program called Settings and it uses a gear icon. Mac OS uses a similar icon for their System Preferences and they've had it since at least 2008. Settings ≠ System Preferences
Hints of chiptune there eh? I like it!I like GameChop's music in general, more specifically Dj CUTMAN's work.
One of my friends is rank #2 in the USA....pretty insane. He plays invisible Tetris for fun. T_T
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Graphics: 10/10 (simply amazing for a 3DS game) Music: 9/10 (great selection, but some of them are kind of unfitting) Gameplay: 9/10 (controls with the circlepad are awkward at first, but I've grown to like it more than the GameCube controllers, believe it or not; only bad thing is the menu navigation) Replay Value: 10/10 (online mode, Smash Run, Home-Run Contest, Target Smash, Multi-Man Smash, local multi-player, collectible in-game...
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