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Bah.....I just realised that the Light Speed cable uses a USB Standard B connection. The ODAC only uses a mini-USB Standard A connection. >.>
Woah, this album is actually pretty good!
Those are pretty gross...
Now that's some weird wording. XD
That pretty much sums up my thoughts and experiences with regards to HD audio and that correlates exactly with what has been studied.And likewise for vinyl. Vinyl may sound good, but higher harmonic distortion introduced from imperfections of the vinyl's grooves are far from high-fidelity, unlike that of digital audio. Perhaps this is what Pono does to get "vinyl-like" sound quality.
$1 for 7 chiptune albums if anyone is interested:
Yes? You can't say the normal "****" around here, so we use Schiit instead.
I have no idea what's going on in this video, but the music is pretty epic. XD
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