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I will need to make it a point to listen to the Mojo this time around. I didn't get a chance to listen to it last time, but I might want to look into portable DACs more since I will be switching back to a mobile lifestyle.
Virtual waifu confirmed.
Right...I just read "iPhone 4s as of September 2013" from Wikipedia and said it was 2013. That just makes it all the more impressive! : DXDHow many people actually understood what he was writing.
Yeaaaah well there's not much I can do about the brightness of the phone....unless there's a way to hack the phone to safely use a different display. XDI only use auto brightness if I'm actively going to be outside. Otherwise I use manual settings to try and save some battery life.
Maybe. That argument becomes moot when you see the S7 getting really decent battery life reports and that's driving a quad-HD panel AND can get brighter with the same size battery, same CPU, and same GPU.@1:58Can't wait for more RAM though compared to the 4S. iOS 9 makes the 4S incredibly slow....and multitasking is worse in iOS 9 than it was in iOS 7. It makes me want to chuck this phone through a brick wall.
Dafuq?? OnePlus 3's screen only gets to four hundred some nits in brightness? Even the 4S gets to 550+ and that's a phone from 2013.... Whoever thought a display that low in brightness and a PenTile design was a good idea? :/ Oh well....it's not like I use my 4S past 50% brightness anyway for 99% of my daily usage.
Yup, I can make it to this meet. I'll bring my usual STAX/Geek Pulse X Infinity and balanced K701 rig, as well as the HA-2/PM-3 portable rig.
I've never heard of Habit Browser. XDMaybe it was Haiby or Tracy?Welp, I just ordered the OnePlus 3 with the bamboo case (I don't think I'll need much protection for it and it comes with a screen protector pre-installed). I can't wait to finally use Android! : D
Ah, there we go:The Greek one is pretty intense at 2:18. XDDarn...that's actually a pretty useful trick in iOS, especially for super long-scrolling websites. : (Happy Birthday! : D
Yo Android users. Is there a way to scroll up to the top of a scrollable page like in iOS when you tap the clock? I might have to get a new phone sooner than I anticipated since school starts in about 4 weeks. The Oneplus 3 is looking pretty doable for me. As long as I don't need to touch the top of the screen.
New Posts  All Forums: