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But seriously, what's the point of the blue ribbon? Are they trying to floss their underboobs?
If you're going to report the time in military format, why do you need the AM? lol
No it ain't. Flat people don't get to fit in with today's hottest fashion trends.[img][/img]
I don't know why people like the flat design......stupid iOS iSheep crowd. : (
What compensation curve are they using for those measurements? The bottom ones look similar to that of Innerfidelity.
K 701 passes this really high-quality bass test.
I was just about to ask: dj-Joe?Yup....his music has like 3 dynamic range and a huge amount of treble; not a fan of his remixes. >.>
Why do her hands bend at a 10˚ angle? o.0I thought she had stubs....
You're not allowed to post your personal reference links here by the way. XD
rofl WTF
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