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Yeah that's why I mentioned a -20 dB roll off of bass or something because the way the posts are worded makes it seem like the Pulse has zero bass response whatsoever. XDAnd yup, I'm sure that the differences are pretty small relatively speaking.I have the LightSpeed 2G demo cable with me right now. So far from my limited listening, I actually don't like it as much as my printer cable + 1G cable, and of course less than the 10G. I should do more listening sessions later...
My X Infinity had that problem regardless of the operating system. I sent it back and the technicians' notes were along the lines of the display board wasn't talking with the main board. I still have the problem of the X Infinity freezing up (as in I need to turn it off/on to get working again) with Audirvana Plus 2.2 though. I should check with my OPPO HA-2 to see whether or not I can replicate that problem, or if it's just the X Infinity.
I hate the tiles. Just the general aesthetics of the OS as a whole seem much more integrated and polished compared to the more sporadically coloured W10. W10 has a lot of grey crap, and then it has random splashes of colour everywhere too. It just looks weird to me. Also, the default Log-in screen and desktop background are ugly as fuk. I've never seen something more ugly before from a modern OS.Seriously...dafuq?I'll go back to my W8.1 background thank you very much.I...
I actually don't remember when they stopped using "Macintosh." I haven't seen that term being used except for the hard drive name, in which I renamed it to "OS X" instead of "Macintosh HD."Huh...I just found out that FileVault is synonymous with an encrypted hard drive (e.g. my hard drive is "Mac OS Extended (Journaled, Encrypted)" format and FileVault is already enabled in my System Preferences).
Greetings from OS X El Capitan. This is just for reference. 36 GB for OS X 10.11 + all software needed + 3.8 GB W10 ISO file + 0.75 GB Dropbox files. Not too shabby! Wonder how much space W10 will take up.
Fuuuuuuuu W8 key doesn't work for W10. I don't want to waste another 6 hours of my life installing W8, downloading and installing 9867452629 updates and 3 restarts for W8.1, installing W10, and downloading and installing another 958573929 updates. Meanwhile on Mac I can download and install 2 things with 1 restart and I'm all up to date with the operating system and security things. Thanks Obama. .....................wut? Apparently these keys work? How is that...
I'm not really getting the whole "missing a lot of bass" thing. You make it seem as if the DAc/amp has a -20 dB roll off at the bass frequencies or something. XD I don't really notice any serious lack of bass compared to anything else I've heard minus the Yggy or warm amps/DACs.
I was going to say, if your amp has a hissing sound with the 300-ohm, fairly insensitive HD800, then the amp is pretty darn flawed. Then I saw humming sound and that makes much more sense.The X Infinity is basically dead silent to my ears, and I'm sensitive to background hiss.
Actually since i reinstalled W8/8.1 on my Mac at 3AM, I still find it to feel more polished overall than W10. W10 Tech Preview always felt lacking in aesthetics over 8 and I'm surprised that got carried into the release candidates.
Meh. Gonna install El Capitan since Yosemite is no longer available in the Mac App store. Hopefully its installation process is superior to that of upgrading Windows 8 to 10 via Boot Camp 5 (which is retarded because you need to install 8, then upgrade to 8.1, then upgrade to 10). I have 2 W10 ISO files and neither work in Boot Camp 5, so I'll just upgrade OS X to get Boot Camp 6 and install W10 from there. Does anyone know if a W8 product key works for W10? I don't see...
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