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Must be platinum-infused glue, no?
Colorware special edition.
Well I'm definitely subscribing to this thread. The price point will probably be unobtanium for me, but it's still quite interesting given the legacy of the Orpheus. Those tubes look like Voss glass water bottles.
Random question out of the blue, what is the Philips TDA1541A DAC chip exactly? Its schematic kind of looks like a R-2R, but not really since it uses capacitors on its output stage. http://www.dutchaudioclassics.nl/philips-tda1541.asp There's a loooooot of information to digest in that article so I'm not 100% certain about what kind of technology it uses. I ask because I have a Sony CDP-950 that I inherited from a friend and I only just recently brought it out to listen...
Just brought out the Sony CDP-950 CD player I inherited from Lugia. Popped in A Flock of Seagulls CD. http://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/sony/cdp-950.shtml Freaking, old-skool TDA1541 DAC chip. @mechgamer123 You should try this out with the STAX some day. : o
Whaaaaat? http://splatoon.nintendo.com/news/article/?id=36&eid=email_889494048_890097253_3512bb0d I say Autobots will win but I like the Decepticons more since they usually have more creative designs.
$199 for Pulse because I got the Pulse/Geek Out combo package for $398 ($199 for Pulse, $199 for Geek Out). $88 for passive component upgrade because they had the promo price before they hit the $1 million mark (after the $1 M mark, it was $99). Actually the "i" in Xfi means internal amp upgrade. Yes, everyone got the passive component upgrade from the $1 M stretch goal.
$199 USD - Pulse $88 - Passive component upgrade $119 - Femto clock upgrade $140 - X upgrade $129 - Naked resistors $168 - THD upgrade $22 - AQ2M upgrade $865 for me $299 - LPS $130 - LPS4 upgrade $429 for me $1294 grand total for X Infinity + LPS4 (though if you just need the LPS it would have been $1164) I wonder how the $800 Audio-gd R-2R DAC19 compares to the X Infinity. There are a few people in the area who have one but setting up a meeting time, place to...
Best magic trick ever. Skill level: Asian
I vote B because I freaking hate side mouths.
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