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If Magneto stands in my room as the conductor for my music (ha, you get that?), can my electrostatic earspeakers be improved in sound quality?
Ah, I basically just covered that in my post above yours.I don't think it's the mids being laid-back per se, but rather a different presentation of the soundstage. I guess laid-back can be used to describe sounds if there's more depth and center imaging in the soundstage though. I've always found the ODAC/O2 to sound rather two-dimensional in presentation (great height and width, but not much depth), whereas the HA-2 is more three-dimensional (good height, width, and...
Mmk, so in terms of features and battery life, the HA-2 is definitely in a whole other league compared to the C5D. Three features that the C5D has that the HA-2 doesn't are 1) the free custom laser etchings, 2) USB Audio Class 1 which does not require drivers to use and might be more compatible with more devices, and 3) user-programmable digital volume potentiometer, although admittedly no one on Head-Fi probably uses this but me, hahaha.In terms of sound, I think both...
I accidentally deleted the recovery disk when wiping my hard drive actually. >.>Good thing Apple has the Internet recovery feature.
I don't like the touch screen...even with Metro UI in 8.1, the interface is so clunky and cumbersome to use for doing anything really useful.Mine works fine when running not even an officially released version of Windows (Windows 10)! : pI've never had any problems with Bootcamp per se. I got adware on W8.1 last time, so that's why I just decided to wipe that partition and install W10 instead.
To be perfectly honest though, do people even know what those numbers mean?Frequency response: 20-20,000 ± 0.1 dB isn't uncommon at all in most DACs/amps, so I wouldn't really worry about thatDNR > 110 dB isn't uncommon at all in most modern DACs/amps, so I wouldn't really worry about that eitherI still don't know what crosstalk means when it's given as a specification, but I'm guessing it's pretty good.IMD is rarely reported. I only know of Schiit Audio and JDS Labs who...
Yes, if you use the Onkyo HF Player HD app from the App Store ( and you purchase the HD Player Pack for $9.99). It doesn't have to be AIFF either, FLAC works just fine for me.
Woah...that looks super trippy, and a game I would totally play. : o Music by electro/house/trance artist bLiNd too!
But I think Super Mario 64 is perfect for rock and electro~
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