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Thanks mang! Green Hornet? Jay Chou. XDThanks. That was an epic post. ^_^Thank you! Thank! I have no idea what Funibori is though. XDWell today I broke a nail and I got to work on 2 group projects. lol
I couldn't really tell when he was playing the drums and what was the background music. XDThe high-hats were obvious though.
Thanks pandaman! Bane is the bane of proper coffee.
Now that's a good mocha. I believe they actually melt chocolate to put in the drink rather than use chocolate-flavoured syrup. :3
Which automatically means "Google this." XD
Nah. I'm bringing someone else from the UW. XDHe came to last year's Bottlehead meet and had a lot of fun.
Can't you just make a custom surface mount pad on the topmost PCB layer?:/ sorry to hear the news.Best of luck for finding a new place.
I would like a table please. My friend will likely go around the tables and listen to peoples' gear.
This is what I used.
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