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I recently received these new 3 weeks ago after sending in my previous pair for an RMA due to a rather significant defect (rusting and the plastic.. hinge? popping off. The hinge issue was there since I originally ordered it though and didn't see a need to RMA till the rust issue). So basically they're like new since they've been sitting on my stand ever since I re-received them (end of July). Never used them again basically since I prefer the HD650s.   The original ones...
 I actually never saw that thread. Thanks! Looks like I'll open up the speakers soon to see if the caps actually have gone. Owned them for about three years so they're out of warranty anyways and have been for quite awhile.
 Not to be demeaning, but I've tried that. Countless times. They all talk about it being something in my chain. It isn't. I'm talking about doing electrical work on the amp itself to fix it if it is indeed fixable e.g. replacing a capacitor or something.
Has anyone had this before / does anyone know how to fix it? My speakers are the Swan M200 mkii's and it had static probably 10 months after buying it. I sent it in but they couldn't find what was wrong with it so I just lived with it since it wasn't too significant (though I wasted $40 for shipping). I did check my power and everything and it does not seem to be dirty power. I do have them running through a power conditioner though rather than the wall outlet now though....
 Not only that, but I believe the price at which they sold to dealers also increased. A few months ago I was offered to snag an HD650 at dealer pricing for $350 + shipping/tax (~$390) (i.e. the person wouldn't be making a profit from selling to me since he was a coworker*), but at the time, I didn't have money.
 In the case of the HD650s though, they remained stagnant at $500 for like a year or two when before then they were below even $350.. I don't think that applies so much here. Just Sennheiser being Sennheiser.
Man already got the 650s for $400 almost a month ago. It seems like after I buy something, the prices begin to drop again.   Edit: Wow I may actually be able to return these. My drivers are mismatched enough that even though I have more hearing damage in my right ear than my left ear, the left driver is noticeably louder regardless, even when swapping sides. Playing in mono too.
 Love em. Had em for like 3 years now. Looking to get a sub though since I do miss the lowest frequencies. I use them much more than my headphones actually since I generally don't like the feeling of something on my head.
  Bad pic but eh
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