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I am definitely not a serious player whatsoever. I've been looking up threads on all these headphones, and I can't decide, because this will be my first serious pair. I don't really have a solid idea of what I might like in terms of bass, soundstage, highs, etc. I'll be primarily using them for a variety of music: electronic, alternative, jazz, classical, pop...   I'm thinking the best bet is something balanced and neutral, yeah? Most well-rounded? Then again, I...
My order of priorities: detail, soundstage, accurate reproduction, and bass. They will be for home use, no plans to use them on the go.    The 555 are really, really comfortable. Classical music sounds kinda flat to me on them, like there is some depth or richness missing. Does expansive mean it sounds like the music is happening all around you, or is that a narrow soundstage? 
Hi all,    Super new to the world of headphones and looking to buy my first awesome pair. My boyfriend introduced me to his Sennheiser HD 555, and they wowed me. I have been looking at headphones for less than $150, and I'm all, "Which ones? The choices!" I would like to be able to wear them for a long period of time, and it's important that they look really nice (or else the other creatives will laugh at me). I've been looking at the top over-ear headphones list...
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