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they are a audio player app themselves that use the iPod library.
FLAC player has a built in equalizer. And also plays FLAC. the developer is also a member here If i remember correctly. 
You should try the 4A. The bass jumps quite a bit from the 4Ai to the 4A. Of course thats due to the perfect sealing of the ear canal. For me this was a problem initially cos I prefered less bass.
The stuff below is just my own opinion, YMMV :)   If I had to make a choice I would go with the DT1350. For metal, especially really fast stuff like Dragonforce I find it keeps up with the music well. If you listen to the tremolo at the beginning of Hotel California from The eagle's Hell Freezes Over album, you get the feeling like the notes are cascading nicely, and not tripping over each other.    For me however the biggest + for the 1350 was hearing the Bass guitar...
  Can you tune IEMs that don't have crossovers?
I Have tested both of these very extensively on a few different set ups. You will be disappointed with neither. the differences:   The hd-25 is more sparkly, which CAN border on sibilance if you're sensitive to it. The 1350 is also quite bright though.   The bass extends further on the 1350. Using it with tracks I'd use for DJing, the hd-25 give more thump, but using a sine wave generator, I find that at 20hz the 1350 beats the hd-25.   The Hd-25 are more...
So I'm at the ModDac show in Singapore at the jaben room. things are looking nice here!
Goldring DR50
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