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I am currently in the process of obtaining a pair of the HE-6 phones. I got the amp Thursday via FEDEX. A Ray Samuels Dark Star. For now I have LCD-2's and T1's.
I'm back to road shopping, meaning I move around a bit. Tubes are not the best traveling companion. Way to delicate. So I found a new home for the Woo WA-22 and tubes (which I thoroughly enjoyed using, primarily with a set of balanced T1's). The new owner has told me he is very happy with his purchase.   And today I ordered a Ray Samuels Dark Star. I get it just as soon as it goes thru the standard 100 hour burn in. I will drive it with the same Ayon CD-1 I used with the...
I just recently sold all my tubes and the balanced tube amp. Going balanced solid state. Been looking at the violectric v181, but the new one is very interesting. Hope there are more details soon. And by soon I don't mean the end of the year. I want to purchase something by mid June, and I already have a few others I am looking over.
I am. Someone is interested in the amp but not the whole tube collection. So as soon as we work out what he does want I will know what I have to sell.
A very nice headphone amp that has been stored in my home for the last 3 years. I simply no longer use it. Had it at work when I worked in an office. Used an Ayon CD-1 as input and drove my T1's very nicely indeed. The CD-1 and T1's are not part of this sale.   Included are 40 NOS or extremely low use power, drive and rectifier tubes. See list. Tubes that are included with the WA22. Sylvania   7236     (4) Tung-Sol   7236     (2) Tung-Sol   5998     (2) RCA       ...
      I have had nothing but good experiences using E-bay and Paypal for tube buying. And I get them from Turkey, Spain, England, Hong Kong,  etc. Not a single issue.The tubes have always been exactly as advertised and shipped quickly. Customs can be a PITA, but thats not the sellers fault. In the last 24 hours Ive purchased 3 pair. Two pair already have tracking numbers. You need to know what you want, so when you see it available you can grab it as quick as possible.
Had a very good morning. Made some coffee, sat down to drink it and wake up and there was an NOS pair of matched Tung-sol 7236 power tubes on E-bay. Couldnt Paypal those quick enough. My WA22 will like those. Its gonna be a good day.   I looked at the ECC32 drivers. Decided they were way to much $$$. Ended up going with an STC 6SN7GT NOS pair. Still waiting for those. The guy has 2 pair left.
Counterfeiting is a legitimate concern. Its a huge problem in China, though I am not personally familiar with any such proven activity regarding vaccum tubes. But the truth is, anything is possible, and just because I havent heard of it does not mean its not occuring at some level. Risk is part of this deal, and I have been completely open about that aspect. Thus my personal $1000 limit (I did originally refer to this as a virtual trip to vegas). Meaning the possibility...
I have a laser heat gun. So maybe Ill take a reading with the current cheapie rectifier prior to plugging in the GZ37 and we can see if there is any difference. And exactly what that difference is.
  It is easily the most detailed and accurate CD player Ive ever listened to. Its hooked to the WA22 with a pair of Acoustic Zen silver reference II XLR interconnects.   I had this WA22 built with 2 balanced input pairs. For $90, Woo will delete the RCA's and install a second pair of XLR inputs. Im shopping for a balanced DAC to hook up to the second pair. A good starting point looks like the Wyred 4 sound DAC-2, but Im still looking.    Currently using Tung-sol 5998...
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