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I'll find the link for you, brb....OMG I'm an idiot,lol. I've been thinking all along that this is my X1!! Man, I'm on too many threads on here! Please disregard all I've posted here, this teaches me a good lesson, don't come on here after I work a 13 hour shift at work, lol. Sorry again. My bad all the way.
SN: 60030077080102, and my current firmware is a custom version of 1.4., and yes I'm 8GB. You might want to try and update your firmware before doing anything else. simply download it and add it to an sd card and restart your C3. That might be your problem.
That really could be the problem. I've got a few different 128GB cards, one Sandisk, two Samsung, and so far they are all working. I also formatted it in the C3(it's the recommended way). Mine is a later one for sure as it had the updated firmware when I got it in. Wish I could help here 
Number one, try reloading the card, or trying a different format, that's usually the cause of most problems.  All I have are flac files, btw. 
I have this exact card in mine, with the latest firmware update, no underrun here. Works just fine. And yes, that's a fake one. Be careful where you buy memory cards, and if it seems too good to be true, it is 
Just a heads up here, these are available on Amazon USA, with Prime shipping, for $39.50, here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YDVY34Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&keywords=bluetooth+earphones
Upon second thought (and a bit of poking from Audrey,lol) I decided to post my full review here:  http://www.head-fi.org/products/brainwavz-blu-100-bluetooth-iems/reviews/13135
Yep, all this talk about battery isn't meant to belittle the entire design of the BLU-100's, it's a great IEM all told. I love it's EQ-able sound signature for sure. But I also like the sound of the other, cheaper still re-brands I've been using, and they thought of battery life just enough to make them usable for a good period of time. It starts at the beginning, and with wireless, the battery, like it or not, is the beginning. All else should be built around that, and it...
Couldn't agree more...but this design should have been made with a bigger battery in mind to begin with, and that's my point. I wish they would have thought of that beforehand and designed accordingly. There's no point in going the middle ground if it's going to hurt the reason for making the product in the first place(in this case, wireless, which needs at least decent battery life to be of any use first and foremost), and Brainwavz isn't usually the sort of company to do...
One last point to be made by me on the BLU-100's regarding battery life from what I'm starting to see in the initial reviews:   Folks will tend to try to look on the bright side of a product they are reviewing to try and place it somewhere where it might be of most use, despite it not being made for said segment, like in this case gym/workout use. I'm guilty of it myself. But is that really doing the product being reviewed justice? Is it telling the company it needs...
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