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No it doesn't. I have had them all on for quite some time now and they remove cleanly. Even if it didn't do so, a dab of Goo Gone will remove anything left behind easily enough with no damage to your X1. 
Yes :)
You need to re upload your pics, they don't show here. And is this just for looks or did you improve the user experience like with folder advance, etc.? 
Yep, great shipping experiences all the time from them both free and paid. One of the better ones 
Hmmmm,yea, H20, your gonna cost me my inheritance dude  I just got the X1, got the C3 on your recommendation and now this one.....but what's a poor guy to do? I GOTTA buy it....I hate to feel left out, lol     Of course, sound is everything, and that puppy looks too good to pass up **sigh** looks like another mac and cheese month 
Yep, this current firmware, whilst definitely improved over the last one, needs some help. Thankfully this is a FiiO, they do care and do tend to update their products  Patience is all we need.
If you want all of them to play in a row, without having to switch to another folder, yes. It will make it a bit harder to find a specific song, though. I like to keep all of my albums in separate folders, makes it easier to find something, but it does force me to have to switch manually to the next album, something I really hope gets fixed in the next firmware update. For playlists, a single folder per will do, with all playlists getting dumped into a single folder for...
Too much work  But it is a good idea. That's what I like about Folder play, it's really much more versatile than many folks think. Getting creative is half the fun  
It made perfect sense, lol. You don't have to use separate folders if you don't want to, but if you want all of your playlists(folders) to play in a row, with no further input from you, make one big folder. The reason for this is that the current firmware doesn't automatically play the next folder. It's a glitch FiiO is hopefully working on. Hope this helps ☺
What I do is simply make the Playlist I want up in a standard folder and add it to the other folders on my X1... I dont use a playlist generator at all. I steer clear of it completely on the X1, zero problems that way. I have over 50 custom playlists(folders) made up on my computer, I use whichever ones I am in the mood for in a given week.
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