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  Well, we like the same types of music, so thats a thing, and I do realize that many on here are preferring the Jive's sig to these...but they aren't the same IEM's, not at all. I like them both for different reasons. I like the Jive for it's well done all around goodness, it just works so well with many different types of music. These aren't as focused, IMO, they like more guitar driven music, like Rock and Metal, this sound the best to me on than S3's, better than on...
Yep, Razzer stated this will be the last in the series, and IMHO, it's the best. YMMV, of course 
You simply have to base what you're reading here on what the folks on here are into listening to, I like Rock and Opera for instance, so a good soundstage and good instrument separation are paramount to me, hence my take on this. Everyone is going to be different, judge on what you like to hear.
...and that's YOUR experience. I'm using these more than 150 hours now, the tips make a pretty profound difference to my ears, and also many others on here. The sound can go from thinner to beefier, up to the bore size and type of tips you're using. Lot's of IEM's also do this. Some are more affected than others. I find the S3's one of the more affected ones. That's what I hear. 
Haha, good one These are obviously very tip dependant, with the right set, you get either a very bassy sig or a more neutral-ish one, and that's with the included tips. Good for folks who like to roll their own sound. Still liking the stock tips that were installed out of the box myself, to each his/her own.
Well said, dweaver, I hope some folks on here read this...though I doubt it will matter to most sadly. Still, good shot at explaining how to do this.
Couldn't agree more. I never said any of this didn't belong on this thread, just keep it out of the reviews unless stating, CLEARLY, that you used other tips, or used other means other than what was included in the box, to come to your conclusion. 
Well said. That was my point, actually. But unfortunately, that will NOT happen on so many reviews on these, they will simply say what tips they liked, like big bore for instance, not say that they don't come in the package, and folks will but this thinking it will, and BLAME BRAINWAVZ for not having the tips the reviewer liked so's getting out of hand on the reviews on here. How can you expect Brainwavz to include every single tip you folks are talking about on...
Seriously doubt it  As for tips, I like tip rolling with tips I have lying around, but my review will not in any way include said results because how can I, or any consumer, expect to have the tips you found to work so perfectly? The included ones are all that matter in a review, period. You want to talk about it on this thread, go for it(no one can stop you anyway....), but do not expect a buyer of these to have what you have, it's not fair to the seller or the buyer. Not...
....sigh....As expected, you completely missed the entire point of that post....and I'm not going to waste my time trying to explain it to you. If you don't get it just reading it, you never will. You got FIT outta that...seriously??
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