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Same here, 1" apart and no noise of any kind.
No, has to be a 12au7 type!
+1. The Mullards are purring nicely in my wa7tp also. This is the best tube for the T1 imo, hands down! I love the cleartops for my Grado RS1i, but they sing with the mullards also.
A brief update on the Mullard Ecc82's I'm running in my WA7tp: with several hours listening today I'm at 20 hours on them and they are indeed improving with break-in! This is for me THE choice for the T1, they have never sounded this good with any tubes I've used-not even close! Incredible layering and spaciousness, enhanced bass that seems to go deeper but it is well-defined. Highs are not harsh at all but not rolled off either, while vocals and mids are gorgeous as usual...
The cleartops labeled for organ companies are the same tube as the RCA-labeled ones. They are the best value if you don't care about the logo. You can get a matched pair from Brent at for about $40 (very reputable dealer in my experience).
 A smoother top end but not rolled-off. Mids and bass have a warmer feel and vocals are outstanding. These Mullards (1964 vintage) are probably going to be my choice for the T1 - obviously improving with break in while the clear tops were great for my Grados right away.
I'm running a pair of Mullard ECC82 and really starting to like what I'm hearing with my T1's! Only 8 hours on the tubes so far.
Thanks for your impressions of the tubes! What you are describing is very similar to what I'm hearing with the RCA cleartops, particularly with Grado RS1i. They really sing with this setup!
+1 Would be very interested in your impressions.
As much as I love the tube psu, I have to agree the std power supply is high quality also! It's just that the tube one gives me more versatility - I think of the 12au7 as my "eq tubes".
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