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Fwiw I have been a very happy owner of the WA7 / WA7tp since it's release; I always plug phones in before powering up. I always check the volume as well.
Hi everyone, just want to say I'm still enjoying the Hytrons in my WA7TP (much thanks to JebListens for urging me to try 'em). The SQ with these tubes is jaw-dropping at times with all my favorite headphones(TH900, T1 & Grados). One of these days I'll roll the Mullards back in but these are my top choice with the WA7!!!
I also got the velour pads from massdrop, received mine over a week ago. It's amazing how much they improve the M50 in terms of sound and comfort. Definitely worth having imo.
By now I have tried the Hytrons with the following: Grado RS1i + PS500, T1 and the Fostex TH900. Everyone of my favorite cans have benefited greatly with these tubes - the TH 900's most of all. Until now I was thinking they were better with solid state amps. I am happy to say that is no longer true!
My opinion exactly.
Hi Jeb - I found a beautiful pair of the Hytrons (mid 1950's w/elongated bent getters natch) and installed them in the WA7 immediately. Talk about lightning in a bottle, they are indeed superb - my new favorites! I can't believe how much they improve the T1 in soundstage and isolation of instruments. I prefer them over the Mullards, and I do love my Mullards! The CBS - Hytrons also burn with a glow like no other 12au7, gorgeous tubes.
Thanks for those, Whirlwind. That 2010 jam is epic!
I am currently enjoying a pair of RCA 5814a blackplates, 3 mica 1950's vintage. I only have 12 hours on these, but they are definitely going to stay in my rotation. My favorite to date is a beautiful pair of Mullard ECC82 (Blackburn 1964 date codes). I am also fond of the RCA cleartops, but I keep going back to the Mullards. I have not heard those Siemens silver plates yet but hope to eventually. By the way, I have a pair of Reflektor 6C45 that are cryo-treated. To my ears...
Just finished reading your tube rolling guide for the WA7, and I have to tell you this may be the best one I have ever come across based on my experiences with many of the tubes you reviewed. Should be required reading for WA7 owners! Thanks for the great review.
Thanks, I'll try it.
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