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Received my WA7tp on 7/8 (ordered 5/23) and after only a few hours of listening I can say it was worth the wait! I am using Grado PS500, RS1 and Beyer T1. First up was the PS500 and the improvement was immediately evident. So far I am pleasantly surprised at the difference with this power supply, will be back with further impressions after some more burning in (using stock tubes for now but I have others). Nice job Woo Audio!
Me too, nice score on the RS1, nice to have the box!
Love me some Mark Knopfler...
Hi everyone, finally pulled the trigger on the T1 - could not resist at the current $699 price (buydig). I am a big fan of the Grado RS1i and PS500 , my main headphones. I have been using Woo WA7 mostly ,since 5/13 (will have new tube power supply in a week or so). Also have the OTL Bellari ha-540 with several choice 12ax7 nos tubes to roll in. I have been interested in the T1 for some time now, it is one of the few non-Grado phones I have really wanted to check out. My...
I do appreciate Woo's QC, but I can't wait for my WA7tp to get here.
I find the WA7 to be excellent with the built-in dac, as good as or superior to many popular on head-fi. You are going to have to spend about $500 or more to get something better. I am listening to hi-rez files, mostly 24/192 flac or alac and the sound quality is amazing imho. I have other amps and dacs but the WA7 is the bomb! My setup: iMac/Pure Music/WA7/Grado RS1 or PS500. Btw the synergy with PS500 is incredible!
I have 100+ hours on the EH and have been using the cryo's from tubeman for a couple of months. I really like the cryo's - deeper bass and a bit smoother than EH. That said, the EH is a bit more detailed and also a great choice. Both of these beat the stock Sovtek imho.
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The cryo Reflektors just keep getting better. I've got about 10 hours on them and what I notice is extended and tighter bass and deeper soundstage. I seem to be listening at lower volume on some tracks with no loss in sq. They are slightly less transparent than the EH, mostly on the high end. These tubes are a very nice change of pace - and I agree they are less fatiguing!
FWIW, my WA7 is working just fine on my iMac with 10.9.1 installed. Shows as "speaker" in audio midi setup same as before.
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