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I ordered one also - could not resist at that price!
Thanks for the review! I've been enjoying the WA7 since it's release and added the awesome WA7tp when it became available. I don't feel any need to upgrade this amp and am continually amazed at it's versatility with my T1's, Grado's and AKG's. It excels with everything (and NOS Mullard's in the power supply make it even better). I feel the WA7 is the best investment I have made in audio equipment! 
I wonder why there seems to be no love for Pure Music here. I started with Bitperfect and tried the PM free trial about 3 years ago, loved it for it's SQ and ability to download and play flac files on my iMac. It has been trouble free on my Mac and worked just fine with several dacs (currently Woo WA7). It uses itunes library which is another plus for accessing your music. I would recommend it for mac.
The RS1i does indeed pair well with WA7, but you should also include the PS500. Amazing synergy imo!
Just curious here, have you tried the Pure Music player for mac? It has the features you mention. I use it with an external dac and amp , plays flac (and everything else hi-rez or not) and uses itunes library. Switches bit rates and file types seamlessly. It was recently updated with new features too.
Headphones: Beyer T1, Grado RS1i, Grado PS500 Amps: Woo WA7 w/tube ps + Mullard 12au7's, Bellari HA540 w/Mazda 3-mica 12ax7, Ibasso D6 w/topkit
Very similar experience here with the Mullards. I know it sounds cliche, but hearing new things in familiar tracks also. My T1 sounds better than ever with this setup!
This is encouraging news! 12ax7 and 12au7 coming soon - hats off to these guys, epa stay away!
Same here, 1" apart and no noise of any kind.
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