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Yeah, I got that "I'm hearing things I never heard before" feeling at first then I realized that I was hearing things that should never be there in the first place.Not good. Looking for a silver lining the largest tips are too small for me to use with other phones. The only good thing out of the deal is the box they came in is carrying my most used tips. The verbs are simply unlistenable. Can't believe lh labs folks are still sticking to their guns that these are good.
However these turn out, they have to be better deal than a geek verb for $39 lol. Probably receive them quicker too. Too bad I spent my allowance on the verbs.
When you put pencil and paper to it, it gets more interesting. Back in February when Gavin announced that the verbs were shipping he mentioned they received 4,061 units. Take the $39 perk price subtracted by the $25 selling price the Xumas at B&H (assuming they are the same) multiplied be number of units, you get $56,224. Assuming B&H is making some money on them that's a pretty good chunk of change for a side project with low overhead (oem). . Of course use the SRP of...
1) Koss2) Koss KSC35/75 Portapro/Sportapro : have owned various iterations of this classic headphone family over almost three decades, even before headphones were cool, and despite having higher dollar offerings I am still amazed at the enjoyment I get from these cans, just amazing!3) don't go a day without having an eargasm several times per.
Especially when they are likely selling the exact same things at B&H for $25.
Agree 100%.And if the Xuma and Verb end up to be the same, because of the extreme differences in advertised specs, one of them could be guilty of fraud.
Yeah I knew that, I was just pointing out how easy and advantageous it would be for lh labs to ablige, but feel their seeming lack of interest is telling. The only response has been parroting the apparent differences in specs as advertised, not very convincing.
I'm thinking it would be in lh labs best interest to dispel this myth, purchase the Xuma for $25, open them up and prove to us that they are different. I'm betting they can't.
I have recently become disabled and can no longer support my head-fi habit. I have many cans but never tried a portable amp with them.
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