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Yep, white filter for me, just about perfect, might like one bassier as an option, hint, hint.😁
Sometimes I feel I need to compare with my other inventory to scrutinize them more but the X1's fit so well and the sound so beguiling I say "why bother".
Yep, they are awesome, listened to Lunatic Soul's album "Walking on a Flashlight Beam" in it's entirety last night on the x1's and it blew me away!😆
+1. And even though I couldn't afford it, keeping the titanium theme with the cups/gimbals and heat the ti to bring out the color like a motorcycle header pipe would be cool.
Kool!Kool! Just wondering. Sure understand the appetite for new stuff, that's for sure.👍
What's wrong with the X1?
I have been thoroughly enjoying my pair for the last week. Speed, clarity, resolution, space around instruments, excellent fit, it all works for me. My previous favorite were the Kef M200 but the cleaner midbass and more sparkling treble of the X1's has won me over. Great job Echobox!
Done. Thanks Gilly!👍
Yeah I read that earlier in the thread and checked entire package and nothing. Man I sure like their sound.
Received my X1's today and man I am really digging them, fast crisp clean clear and super comfy. Did not find any comply's in the package though, dug everywhere, don't they still come with them?
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