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I have been thoroughly enjoying my pair for the last week. Speed, clarity, resolution, space around instruments, excellent fit, it all works for me. My previous favorite were the Kef M200 but the cleaner midbass and more sparkling treble of the X1's has won me over. Great job Echobox!
Done. Thanks Gilly!👍
Yeah I read that earlier in the thread and checked entire package and nothing. Man I sure like their sound.
Received my X1's today and man I am really digging them, fast crisp clean clear and super comfy. Did not find any comply's in the package though, dug everywhere, don't they still come with them?
Yep, I have a pair of v1, made me rediscover my bud stash, didn't realize I had so many, like my Sony mdr-e828 the best.
It's tough stuff so be prepared for a workout, spring steel inside I think.
I had and sold the 500s. They were euphoric at first but I found the upper mids too hard and fatiguing and the fit too loose and like the 200s better. I notice the 200s removed from the kef site back in December.
Yep. Here's a copy of my post in the m200/500 thread nearly a year ago describing the process,Like many here I aways thought these were excellent sounding phones hampered by poor fit, so they languished in my collection mostly unused. So I started to experiment with ear clip positions and came to the conclusion that swinging them completely out of the way so they make no contact provided most secure fit. It seems that because of they long barrel with the clip attached to...
Doing this to my M200s greatly improved the fit for me, they are my favorite iems.
again I have to agree with toom,I own many higher priced phones that get less use than the pods and I don't feel I am missing much,and I absolutely abhor iTunes platform.lI got duped into a fake pair once and avoided them but found originals like new at thrift store and was pleasantly surprised.
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