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TTried the porta-pro setting on this app and was pleasantly surprised, just first impression but rarely do I give such apps a chance so we'll see.
Thanks for your impressions. Which filter are you using on the X1.
400s better balance on head, 500 has more sub-bass
Spotify has it. Sounds amazing. Thanks for the suggestion 😎👍
One of my favorite dvds. The Curtain Falls is epic.
I like it too 👍
1. Empire Ears Zeus-XR ADEL 2. 1964 Audio A18 Tzar 3. Advanced AcousticWerkes W900 4. Unique Melody Maestro V2 5. Spiral Ear 5-Way Ultimate
Red for me, green for you 😎
Big ksc-35/75 fan here. Been listening to them for 30+ years. Here's an oldie but goodie Koss that I enjoyed in the eighties.
Don't mean to hijack thread but since the an16 is mentioned in graph above and the mod has such a profound effect, I feel compelled to comment that these have really been transformed, Christian McBride Trio live at Village Vanguard sounds awesome, these bio-cell drivers are really something else. They are rivaling my kef m200s and finder x1s for head time.
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