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Yep, definitely good stuff, best of the entire kef headphone line.
1) 121,393 2) 138,975 3) 148,836
Yeah, I'm one of them too, and these Sony buds are as old as my subscription and still my favorite, V- shaped rockers with great bass.Monk+ are great for extracting detail at low listening levels when situational awareness is important.
I have big lug holes and need extra large tips to get a good seal. These tips came with some scosche phones which are very large but too loose for the X1 sound tube. So I took the core out of the comply's that came with my old tf10s and slid them on and the extra large tips fit perfect. The lengthier sound tube along with the warmer sound of the Sansa clip+ Vs the iPod touch make a perfect partner with the X1.
They along with my v150s have Indonesia stamped on them where the new v150s are made in China which could add some variation.
I have tech brochure dated 2004 with 2012 update.
I have mx400s, which I believe are mx500 without the volume slide. I find the e828 bassier and more fun vshape sound, the mx400 more mid centric. The e828 are also very efficient and play louder than just about any other earbud.
Do the e888 have biocell drivers? I'm sure my e828 do not match them in quality but they certainly do not lack in the bass department.
II cannot stand driver flex and am happy to say my x1 has not exibited even a hint of flex, even with suction cup seal,no hole in housing but I believe there is some venting where cable meets housing.
The dynamics these things possess are off the charts!😄
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