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Don't mean to hijack thread but since the an16 is mentioned in graph above and the mod has such a profound effect, I feel compelled to comment that these have really been transformed, Christian McBride Trio live at Village Vanguard sounds awesome, these bio-cell drivers are really something else. They are rivaling my kef m200s and finder x1s for head time.
Listening to UFO's Flying with these right now, amazing! šŸŽ§šŸŽ¼šŸŽø
Well I did it, used small drill bit and slowly peeled out soft plastic at dimple site, be careful cable threads through there, but man glad I did, really warmed up and opened soundstage, less compressed/ more dynamic. I like šŸ‘ This was to the an16.
For surround sound demo, Hate Song on Arriving Somewhere is tops. If that doesn't get you whirling nothing will.
Yellow Hedgegrow Dreamscape and Tinto Brass are my PT favorites.
Supply and demand, 10 years ago you could get them for 10 bucks and thrift store finds are still out there. And I still wonder if Philippines vs China production has sonic impact.
I'm not surprised that you hold the 808s in high regard and wonder if the 828 is even better.
I don't trade on aliexpress. Is there a stateside source?
Yeah that's the one I meant and as you said easy to reverse, but my big concern is damage to driver as housing is much smaller than the gr07, would like more info on clearance if available.By the way I'm listening to Soft Machine on the vsd2s that came with the an16 and it sounds excellent, under appreciated gem.
Does anyone know how the Sony e808+ compares to the e828. I found my 828 at thrift store for a quarter and they are the best buds in my inventory but nos prices are high, wonder how the 808 compares as the housing looks similar. Really impressed at the 828s extension at both ends without midrange suck- out, it's excellent soundstage and back wave resonance control as well as high sensitivity, man they can get loud, unlike the monks and monk + whose housings create a tube...
New Posts  All Forums: