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Like many here I aways thought these were excellent sounding phones hampered by poor fit, so they languished in my collection mostly unused. So I started to experiment with ear clip positions and came to the conclusion that swinging them completely out of the way so they make no contact provided most secure fit. It seems that because of they long barrel with the clip attached to the back of barrel providing much leverage plus having two contact points that do not move in...
  Well I finally did it, I cut off those gumby ear arms. Hack saw blade surgery.  Man what a difference!  Now they do not pop loose every time I smile. These are now my favorite out of my entire inventory.  Glorious sounding phones that now stay put. If I ever get a dremel I will smooth them out more, but they are really not bad filed with the leatherman file.
Yeah I only invested in the geek verb fiasco and feel abused by lh labs, I can only imagine what it feels like for those who invested more.
New Kef headphones http://www.whathifi.com/news/kef-launches-m400-ear-and-m100-in-ear-headphones
Fenders don't get in the way
Isn't there a giveaway pending? Or did someone win already?
Yep the vsd's are just a sideshow, but a good one at that. The an16 is the main attraction and well worth the purchase price alone. Received the D2s on first go, will get the plain D2 just to get a an16 back-up to leave in box to break in case of emergency. Will still have to open and play with a differently tuned Vsonic. Great deal!Edit: forgot about last purchase store credit makes it an even better deal!
I'm getting driver flex on the left side of my an16. Is this something to worry about with these bio-cell drivers? Don't really want to mess with return but I want these great sounding phones to last.
There is a tizzy treble spike on the vsd2s that is not found on the an16. Cymbals and tambourines are more natural on the an16 because of this difference.I think the vsd2s is more suitable for electronic/edm because of this. This might account for the increase static/higher noise floor.
Check out the Sporta-Pros, same drivers but cheaper with different headband.
New Posts  All Forums: