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That's what makes them even more amazing, that such small moving mass in a non-airtight system can have such taut visceral bass, especially with earbud foams on.
Do you listen to them without a cover? I find using a foam earbud cover helps dampen upper mids/lower treble that may smooth out complex passages for you. I have been pleasantly surprised by the pods finding a like new pair at the thrift store. Naked they were loose and bright, but with foams they popped right into focus and sound and fit great.
Here's the link:http://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R2ZA2YB32D1ZZA/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_viewpnt?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B00ZJZDPBM#R2ZA2YB32D1ZZA
With regard to the Puro, there are many clones that look exactly like them named Bohm, Diskin, and even Pioneer among others, and one reviewer posted a picture of one of those clones with a snapped headband. Not to say the Puro is not robust but I am curious about all these clones that seem to use the same stock photos as the Puros. Note too that prices differ quite a bit.
I see you mention in passing the Puro 5200 Bluetooth but I can't find more impression on them. There seems to be many clones as well. Can you comment more on them?
Like to compare with my pk3.
I was just about to pull the trigger on the E06. I am interested in comparisons between the 06 and A1.
Here's my modest contribution to the budget earbud community. The Philips Shs3200. They came with a pretty poor MP3 player called the Dot but I was pleasantly surprised with the buds. They are ear clip style with a functional flared bass port. Put your finger on the port and bass disappears. The port contributes to an airy wide soundstage. They compete with my pk3's and monks with a warmer tilt than both of them. You have to supply your own foams and that is how I wear...
Yeah I especially like the new colors Kef added to their line. I just sold my m500's today because of loose fit, hopefully you're right and the m400's are more balanced fit wise. Soundstage on the m200 is a lot wider than the m500, good to hear that the m100 performs there as well.
Wayne, do this to your m200's and you will not need to trade.Honestly, they are my favorites out of my entire inventory now that I modded them.
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