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Just a note on momentum comfort. The headbands robust construction allows for significant adjustment of clamping pressure. Don't be afraid to experiment. Such adjustment allows for tailoring of sound signature as well, with lower clamp pressure opening soundstage a bit and reducing mid bass a smidge. I have owned mine since November 2012 and had some comfort issues at first but now they are my go-to cans. I recently added the kef m500 to my inventory and was wowed by them...
57.3 lbs 62.7 lbs 64.2 lbs
That's my natural adjustment point and fits there very securely. Your suggestions for the vmoda sound doable.I really like this mod, like wireless with thousands of songs attached, just wish I could find a 2.5 to 3.5mm short cable to convert my kef and sennheisers.
Yea, been looking all over for a 2.5 to 3.5 short cable so I can do the same with my m500 and momentum. They are so deeply recessed that a very narrow 2.5 end is needed. Hard to find.
Here's my set-up, Koss prodj200 with clip. Original clip broke off so glued on this fancy paper clip, works great, would think stock clip would work as well. .
Yeah that was my favorite for years, however a relatively newly discovered gem has surpassed it.It comes from The Scorpions debut album entitled Lonesome Crow and it's the title track.It's the only album that lead guitarist Michael Schenker was a full time member at the age of 15.The song is a 13.5 minutes long epic psychedelic jazz metal piece, and as good as Michael and Klaus are, special mention is given to bassist Lothar Heimberg who just rips it up. So without further...
Anyone had the chance to compare fsp with the kef m500? I have the kefs and find them absolutely extraordinary. I notice that Tylls measurements for the two cans look very close except for some serious channel imbalance for the kefs. Build and comfort are great with the kefs. Might by a good alternative to the fsp for those who like their sound sig but not the build or comfort.
My first headfi purchase
I'm in, thanks for the op!
Hey tdock, thought you might like this portable rig, I do!
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