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whats your recomended setings for rockbox on the sansa clip zip with the DT1350?
So for upgrade i need to buy only the E7k or i need anything else? Regards, Uri
Is the e7k better then the e7? What the differet between them? E11 is not better? I neet to buy anything else with the e7/e7k in order do enjoy much powerfull music? Regards, Uri
What is the best dac/amp for 100$+-?
i have the DT1350 that till now i use with the iphone 4 but now that i moved to the note II the SQ is much less and the power is is much less. is there a way to improve it? Regards, Uri
i just replace my iphone 4 with the note II the note is feel with less power for me,,, what amp will bust my note II? i want to pay 100$+- regards, Uri
i want more power,,,,the bass is just fine but they r not loud enough 4 me. will the ZO will give more power or just bass?
need help,,,, just got the 1350,,,love them but,,,, i want/need more power :( will the fiio E11 will give me more power? is there another portable amp  for 100$+-?
  how is this in SQ?
no spotify or MOG for israel right now :( any other good options?
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