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 So envious of you, you have no idea.  Looks awesome!
I'm currently using a Kanger ProTank II with a Vision Spinner that I got from Bubba's a few weeks ago. I'll post a picture up later. I'm going to be upgrading to the Russian 91% Top soon and a Dingo battery.
Well, I think I may have found the end-game amplifier for both my LCD-2 and the HE-500 in the Fosgate Signature. It's the defenition of perfection, and it's going to be hard writing a review without sounding heavily biased.   Even against amplifiers like the Cavalli Audio Liquid Glass and other end-game amplifiers I've heard with the HE-500, it has the most seductive midrange ever, and it does bass like no other.    With the bass switch turned on, it reminds me of a...
 The best bass I've heard on the HE-500 and the LCD-2 and the bass boost switch is extremely well implemented.
Unless my amp is wired weird, the Fosgate had a crap ton of power for both of my orthos. I'm not even halfway on the dial (around 11-12 o'clock) and it's very, very loud.
I think I may have the absolute best amplifier I've heard to date with the HE-500's, and that's the Fosgate Signature Tube Headphone Amplifier.
Yulong said in an email that the A28 replaces the A18 and they will stop producing A18's soon.
 Yes, different flavors, same classification.
  MHDT Labs is a company that has been on the audio scene for quite a few number of years. One of their very first products, the Havana (and now the Balanced Havana, which has been heavily requested) was an absolutely gorgeous looking DAC that had fabulous audio fidelity, very good specifications, and was priced at just a tick under $1000. While it didn’t gain as much popularity as it should have in the audio community, MHDT has come a long way and have since released...
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