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As everyone probably already knows (from my various replies in my other classified posts), I'm getting rid of the vast majority of my audio gear. I am moving out of the house, and don't have all the funds in place for the new apartment. Additionally, I work a full time job and attend college, and I have no time to enjoy the wonders of audio anymore, unfortunately. Anyway, everything that I am selling is as follows...   HiFiMAN HE-500 - Pristine Condition - $479 Yulong...
 Yep, price dropped to $469, that'll be the final one for awhile.
Clearing out all of my audio gear, and that includes all of my high-end audio cables from Forza Audio Works. Pictured here is the Noir, the flagship, which currently retails for $280, but I'd be willing to let it go for $149, not including shipping fees and other fees via PayPal. Pristine condition, no visible wear or tear that I can see.
If you're still considering the A28, let me know. My unit is brand new (just used to burn in and see if it was for me), and it's by far the lowest price you'll find on the forum.
If anyone in here is interested, I'm (very woefully) selling my HE-500's due to my moving into an apartment independently from my parents, and I need the funds for the new apartment furniture, appliances, etc. $499 for just the headphones or $600 with the Codia Headphone Stand and Claire Hybrid cable by Forza Audio Works.
I have a very lightly used Double Helix Cables Complement 2 for the HiFiMAN series of planar magnetic headphones. Been using this cable with the HE-500's for the last couple of months and it's an absolute force to be reckoned with. It has a $499 sale price, but I'll let it go for $219, basically brand new, no scuffs or scratches.
 Oh! Not the case at all! I love the thing to death, it's been my main setup with the HE-500 for the last three months, and using it with a fully balanced setup really makes it shine. It's well worth the money, I'm just moving out and I have to get rid of all my gear. Need the funds. 
Selling a pair of slightly used HiFiMAN HE-500's. I've used them for about six to eight months, but they're still in pristine condition. No smudges, dents, dings, or scratches anywhere on the headphone, and the leather on the headband is only slightly worn. Additionally, I'll be throwing in the Forza Audio Works Claire Hybrid Cable ($213 value) and the Codia wood headphone stand ($99 value) for a bit extra. Asking $459 for EVERYTHING.
Minty fresh Toxic Cables Black Widow. Have only had it for a couple months, and only used twice. Zero cosmetic damage or blemishes whatsoever. Asking $129. 6 foot, 22AWG.
I'm moving out in a couple of months and since I know longer have the time or the place to listen to high-end audio equipment, I unfortunately have to sell off the majority of my audio gear. Anyway, I have a very lightly used Thor cable made by Effect Audio. I'll past the info from Effect Audio's website here. "The Thor silver cable is designed and built exclusively by Effect Audio. It is made up of cryo treated, pure UPOCC silver. Like other silver cables, the Thor...
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