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May be we will made same new cups for grado. The Gs1000 cup was my favourite but now i am in love with the Gh1 clone. Them are lighter and smaller.      I was surprised cos the midrange is more present tan mi Gs1000 clone. It may be for the size of the cup or the diferent driver. This fit a sr325 driver an d the clon magnums. I use jumbo by confort, prefer the sound with bowls with much music but ergonomics is a terrible failure.       Gh1 clone with jumbo...
Sold. Thanks
New cups based in Gs1000 model for Grado and Magnums. Will Ship To: Anywhere   I have a model of mahogamy full body based on Gs1000, with the same size.
Them are appropiated for all the models.
ONLY THE CUPS. I have a new model of mahogamy full body based on Gs1000, with the same size but a bit shorter, them was designed for looks good with Jumbo pads and Bowls.         Greetings from Cádiz.
Hello, nobody have convert the magnum driver in a Gs1000 clone?...   The bass are deeper, more defined treble and sound, have one of the greatest scenes I've ever enjoy. You only need a heavy wood cup and jumbo pads, you can get this from China, then costs around 20€. Them need open four holes in the drivers like in the original Gs1000, order to obtain the sound.     Greetings from Chiclana´s summer. Francisco Cabillas.
I have a gorgeus pair of mahogami cup based in Grado Gs1000i.
I have many pm´s, but them are reserved. May be i will have another in a mounth.   Thanks to all.   Greetings from Spain. Francisco Cabillas Martínez.    
The big Cabillas´wood cup, you can get Gs1000 sound or better.           Great music moments.
Thanks a lot. I understand, but i´m not interesting in more bass than Rs1, really love it sound, i think i´m going to look for it weith and lengh with a different finish.     "imagine all the people enjoing music" Francisco Cabillas.
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