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As cool as that sounds, I can't help but wonder how that would work. Is it device powered? What about the voltage swings? And if it somehow incorporates its own battery then what about weight?There's also the question of how it sources its audio as well (er...bluetooth? Standard 3.5mm?)I've awlays been fascinated by electrostatic technologies, unobtainable as they are for me. I'm looking forward to your updates.
Quote:   Ugh, I was literally just on the phone trying to schedule an appointment with an ENT doctor 5 minutes ago, and was told that I can't see one until I get a referral from my GP explaining that I have an issue. Of course, being as awkward as I am, my "reason" was that I wanted to schedule for a yearly checkup because I suspected there was deeper buildup that I couldn't remove with debrox. I should have just told them that I'm an aspiring wanna-be-musician getting...
Quote:   I really wanna give you thumbs, but it's probably best if somethings stay off the front page...
Quote:   It kinda irks me that these custom builders don't offer a cheaper CPU. The desktop i5-3570 should really be more than enough...The i7-3820 seems kinda like overkill.   Still, even with a 2.2 inch tall case, I wonder how well you can design a laptop to withstand desktop cpu tolerances.
It looks like Clevo is at it again... http://www.xoticpc.com/sager-np9570-clevo-p570wm-p-3595.html  
Quote: Thanks for the post, I really love this kind of stuff. I've heard a lot of wonderful jazz interpretations of anime songs before, and Ghibli works tend to get a lot of them. Here's another nice piece, from Ghibli Jazz 2
Quote:   If it makes you feel better, I'm forever a moe kohai desu...
You might already know this Muppetface, but Boris will be stopping in Austin during they're FLOOD & Classics tour http://theobelisk.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=81852
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