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I'm selling my 3-channel active ground Beta 22 headphones amplifier. This is a high-end build with top-notch components. Also, it has the backplane board (Epsilon 22) which reduces wiring to a minimum and results in less noise. I believe this backplane isn't available anymore, so this has become a rare board.   This amp was built by Ying from YBM Audio who did a superb job with careful attention to every detail. The amp has a Goldpoint stereo stepped attenuator, and the...
Yes - it's still available.
These are Fostex TH-900 headphones.   http://www.fostexinternational.com/docs/products/TH-900.shtml   These headphone are in perfect like-new condition. I bought them new, and used them for only about 3 hours. I listen to headphones very rarely these days - too busy with other things, unfortunately.   I will include the original box, packaging materials, and everything that came with the headphones.   The price includes shipping in the continental US and PayPal fees.
2nd price reduction
2nd price reduction
 Yes - that worked fine for me with the SRM-323S.
 Interesting... Vocals sound closer, more intimate, and more detailed to me on my SR-009 and W3000ANV than my TH-900. It's not a subtle difference - it's immediately noticeable.
 The recessed mids of the TH-900 make them sound less detailed and like something is missing. The somewhat distant vocals are also a significant disadvantage. I don't think you can call them reference with these issues. I would consider the SR-009 to be reference. The W3000ANV aren't reference either, but they have a sweet magical quality to their sound which is very engaging. I just wish I could install the TH-900 pads on the W3000ANV!
 Yes, you need a transformer. The Churi is good, but you can get less expensive ones, like from PowerBright. By the way, the SR-507 are very bright in general, and particularly with the SRM-323S. I had this setup, and wouldn't recommend it unless you love bright sound. Also, the SR-507 are somewhat uncomfortable.
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