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Comply tips T500-large have just become a total game-changer for me and my Roxanne Universals. As I have stated, I was loving and loving my new RoxUni/UniRox. The only thing is they seemed like an at-home listening experience IEM. I just felt I wasn't getting the best seal and isolation and not really getting the most out of this amazing 'phone. Something just told me I should try the Large Comply foam tips included with the package. BOOM...totally changed the sound and...
Those things are pretty bad-ass.
I have to admit, and I have mentioned this before, my enjoyment of these Roxanne Uni's has unfolded in a rather natural and organic way. After ordering these but before I received the 'phones, I had heard enough less-than-glowing assessments and criticisms (be it customer service, sound, size, quality control) to make me think this may have been one of my biggest blunders in my years of IEM listening, but I forged on. When I got them, they were big, and bulky, and didn't...
So sorry to hear about that! As a new Roxanne owner as well, it pains me to think you're having quality control issues with an IEM that I had heard some less than glowing comments about, but have been very happy with so far. Hopefully things will work out and you can get those things back in your ears and head.
I felt the same way, when I got them, but as the fit stabilized and I familiarized myself with insertion, that harshness went away.
Congrats on the purchase! Give them some time, they are really like no other. Don't know your personal opinion on burn-in, but I feel my Roxanne Uni's greatly benefitted from several hours of just rolling through my iTunes while plugged in the headphone jack on my MacBook.
I am glad you can appreciate my take on the Roxanne Uni's. For some reason, my expectations were tempered, even though I had just dropped (my personal record for) the most cash ever on IEM's. Like I said, I have greatly enjoyed them already, even though they are a little high-maintenence! Kinda reminds me of some of my favorite recordings by certain artists: instead of being immediately blown away, the enjoyment unfolds slowly, but surely.
Respectfully, I feel that I have only come to enjoy the Roxanne Universal's more after a little time with them AND some burn-in. I didn't know what to expect from my $$$, but I didn't really expect instant gratification. I must admit, I feared being underwhelmed by these, and like I said, I have really enjoyed them so far.
I totally agree!!! I know the "burn-in" of IEM's is subjective and source of deliberation, but I am definitely enjoying these more every hour, every day.
Really had a chance to sit down and enjoy my Roxanne Universals. Just a great, great IEM. The fit takes a little getting used to, these things are huge, and do protrude, unlike some IEM's that nearly disappear into your ears. The sound really is amazing, and though the tariff for entry is not for everyone, if you can afford it and feel your listening enjoyment is worth it, you will enjoy them!
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