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Thanks, and keep 'Em coming!
Does anyone have any experience with Grado headphones, un-amped, through the PONO? I have been a long-time IEM user, but was looking toward getting a full-sized headphone that is easily driven, un-amped.
I have a 128GB card installed along with the 64GB on board the player, and I have music stored on both cards. Since I am on an Apple MacBook, I expected more problems than I have had. Originally, the library scan was taking really long. I actually went to the settings, and changed the "Time Out/Screen Lock" to 5 seconds. I noticed that if still scanning after screen time-out, the second you unlock the player again, everything is available.
That's what I figured!
Not really sound-related, but my album art is looking pretty rough on that PONO screen. Any thoughts/tips/recommendations on resolution(s) for good looking album art on the PONO? Most of my stuff is 600x600 and looks quite good on my other devices.
Currently having great deal of trouble updating PONO player and PONO Music World on my MacBook. Kinda frustrating me.
Thanks, y'all! Did take a little adjusting to the brightness and everything is going good!
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to bring a little more legibility/clarity to the screen? Mine seems especially hard to view at less-than-optimal angles and it seems very washed out. I know it's not the greatest screen, but I am having trouble viewing it.
I have done my best to tune out Neil Young related to anything to do with the hi-Rez revolution and anything to do with his PONO. Pretty sure Neil could care less about my indifference, though. I feel like what you get out of the PONO will entirely depend on what YOU want/get out of it. For me, a major shortcoming in the whole PONO experience is I get the feeling there is little effort going into the end consumer feeling maybe they are getting their $399 out of their...
Is there a new model of this forthcoming? I see a Calyx M being touted on the Moon-Audio website for $1,099, and $100 increase from the price I always thought this was.
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