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I wouldn't say I have that same experience...I feel like I am always turning these players up and up and up! They both sound good through either pair of WESTONE's. Neither the iPhone or the iPod Classic seems like it demands more or less volume.
I am glad you asked this, too!!! I am a WESTONE W4 and WESTONE UM3X user. I have all my music encoded in Apple Lossless from compact discs, played through an iPhone 5s and/or 7th gen iPod Classic. The AK240 has me all worked up, and I am thinking that may be what I wanna purchase soon. Anyone with opinions would be appreciated. Hoping this may be the next upgrade step I wanna take (hopefully for along time, if I am spending $2,499!?!?!?)
I have had many great customer service experiences with Westone, and from my experiences, the W-series are a "sealed" component, thereby they are not able to repair the earpiece, whereas I found they will just offer you a replacement pair of headphones for a price.
I am not really sure what to do with that cable issue, but I too, use my Westone 4's all the time while working out and riding bicycles, exposing them to a lot of sweat, and have had some sounds issues with them over time. Always had great customer service experience from Westone, so I would recommend sending your 4R's back for service. The only thing you have to lose is being without your 'phones for a week or two (my back-up pair, a great investment, is a pair of Westone...
I have ALWAYS espoused the virtues of Westone's customer service! Just always be sure to register your pair, and then there are never any surprises! Their turnaround time is usually very good, and as said before, you can get a friendly, live person on the phone!
Luckily, I have had no cable issues. The great thing is in about ten years of ownership of WESTONE products, I have always enjoyed exceptional customer service from them, both in-and-out of warranty!
The UM3X is totally great, as is par for WESTONE. Great products, currently jamming the W4, with the UM3X as my back-up pair. I have said this many times before, after a while, you just LIVE with Westone, whichever pair you may be using. I started with UM2, advanced to UM3X and W4 after that. Couldn't imagine listening to my tunes any other way.
I am loving my W4's that I have had for about two years now. They are so good, I can almost take them for granted, but I never will. They are so easy to just LIVE with. No drama, no second thoughts, just pure listening enjoyment. Have never regretted this purchase, ever. I listen to all kinds of music, and to me, the W4 work well with all of them.
I have had nothing but great dealings with WESTONE and Earphone Solutions regarding warranty work and repairs. One of the reasons I love their "phones so much... Just a great company and great products.
Well, my tune has changed! Upon receiving my W4 back from Westone (replaced under warranty, only two months old), I can honestly say the W4 are really great earphones, if a slightly more "mature" sound than the UM3X. I think I may have purchased a somewhat defective pair of W4. That first pair did not sound right from the time I got them. If you refer back to my original post, you will see that I have owned Westone UM2, W3, now the W4, and also the UM3X. Each pair, upon...
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