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I kid you not: I just logged onto head-fi.org today for one speciific reason, to trumpet the singular greatness of my SE846. Pricey, yes, but I have said it before: one of the best audio investments I have made OF ALL TIME. Quality, durability and SOUND FOR DAYS.
I have to admit, I have been following these new offerings from JH Audio here on head-fi. I previously owned a pair of Roxanne Universals and found the fit to be rather fussy (not that it was about looks, but basically a coupla Frankenstein bolts sticking outta my ears), it was plagued by a coupla QC issues, and the sound never wowed me, strangely and sadly. I bailed on them with the help of eBay and bought a pair of Shure SE846. I did notice the new Universal models do...
Man, this is a sad day for you, I can hear it in your post! Ever since buying my SE846, I have raved, both publicaly and privately, how amazing these 'phones are. Having owned many different high-end portable products, these are the best of the best. One of the few items that actually, while pricey, feel worth the cost.
No kidding...I had a pair of Universal-fit Roxanne's that I could never get to fit right, tried and tried with fit and then wrestled with several quality-control issues with them and eventually sold them and never looked back.
I appreciate you checking in, Paul. Your presence on this forum is one of the reasons I jumped on the DX80! Yes, I did give it a charge, once for a the better part of an afternoon via USB, then overnight through a wall charge. Both times, the unit remained dark.
I ALSO got a defective unit from B&H! Thing was basically DOA, was very excited to get this, and this definitely took some sheen offa it. I am gonna return it, get a refund, and wait for some of my passions, both positive AND negative, to sort out!
so frustrating. Thing is just dark. Dead.
No kidding! I think I may have just taken delivery of a brick! Total bummer.
usb port first, and now wall charger, and nothing!
just received mine and for the life of me, can't get it to power on!
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