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Apologize for reviving a dead thread.   I haven't read this thread in awhile but decided to come back to it cause Facebook Memories brought up a picture about these cans.    It reminded me of the time when I was into audio and the times where I spent a lot of all these gadgets and gizmos. The AH-D1100 made me fall in love with music, no doubt. Just an update. The first pair I purchased, the can broke off from the headband at the hinge area. I went around looking for...
Oh wow.. I didn't know this thread is still alive XD
Waw! So many replies to this thread! haha.. What I can say that, at first, I thought that this headphones was a little too bassy.. But it has burnt-in and it's rather well with the Vocals.. 
i would definitely want to try this...
Compared to the Beyerdynamics', i would say that this is much more comfortable. The Beyer's are kinda heavy with thick Earpads. So it was kinda uncomfortable for me. The Pads on the beyer's are also not as "soft" as compared to the 1100's. The headband on the 1100's feels almost non existent. Most of the time, you won't notice it.
Denon AH-D1100, Bass is good, Soundstage is good. Half the price you are asking for 
  Hello guys! I just got my Denon AH-D1100 from Jaben and I am going to be doing a very short and noobish review as it is my first XD. Apologies in advance if i get the terms wrong  ;D   Contents:    Nothing Fancy.. Just the Box, Headphone, Carrying Pouch, and Extension Cable.   The Headphone fits just nice if folded flat.      Extension Cable are basic gold plated 3.5mm Male/Female Jacks.     The pads are made of Leather. Very...
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