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Buddy if you figure something out let me know, in terms of asking sennheiser's help. I am in the same situation, bought em second hand, worked for a few months, then lowered volume, and now I'm pretty sure they got damaged (both ears). 
liked and shared does the share have to be to public or can it be to just friends?
Got a WS55 in top notch condition, great headphone. Will consider trade, and am willing to add money to compensate for a better headphone.
This may be an odd question, but are they low profile when worn? Also, do you have any relative comparison for the isolation? aaandd one more question :P are they efficient?
I would say either not functional or somehow the settings reacted exactly the same to the outside noise... but no I have never experienced something quite like that, maybe similar.  
Honestly, they would fit similar genres, but approach them completely differently. If you prefer less fatiguing sound that leaks a lot then the M50 will probably be better. The Pro700MKII will be a lot more forward in every way, honestly for an introduction to the audiophile world I think the M50 with the detachable cable would be best. The Pro700MKII performs very well on a technical level, but I wouldn't consider it an enjoyable all arounder, especially as your...
haha nice I'll try the amp out too, and what are you graduating in ? If you don't mind me asking. (I'm probably gonna have the same money issue in college :P)
Thanks a bunch! I always liked the MH1C, but the fit was awful. Yeah, I also think the highs are a touch laidback.... but coming from the cks77 and the hd25 I'm in the mood for something warmer :P  Also, I know the EPH-100 has really nice, clear, and smooth highs along with strong bass and pretty forward mids. (essentially a lot like the MH1C, but with a touch more emphasis)
if you ever find a good replacement tip, could you let me know? My pair only came with the medium sized tips, which don't provide a secure enough fit in my ears (which are pretty small). I tried some trifilanges, but they got stuck in my ear once.... and my only solution was to put some wax on the IEM's nozzle to make it thicker, but wax and tape are unsafe and temporary solutions. I would appreciate an update on possible tips :D
M50 doesn't have enough bass... it has a good amount of impact, but the vents prevent the drivers from delivering a full blow so that it won't muddy up the rest of the spectrum... plus sound quality isn't preference, but how good something sounds is
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