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I know this is something most people don't think is a big deal, but it bugs the hell out of me, any word on driver flex on the pm 4. Or, possibly more pertinent, is there anything about the pm 4's  that might prevent driver flex? About to buy a pair ue 900s (quad-BA) almost solely to avoid the driver flex from dynamic drivers. Something I've gotten from almost all of my medium to deeply inserted iems (they are all dynamic). I'm sure this is more a fault of my ear canal...
any word on efficiency on pm6 and its "general" sound signature if you can pinpoint one? 
Hey @Bobtrinity, will the pm4 be at canjam for people to listen to, cause I'm really banking on those impressions to help me choose between pm4 and pm6 and any goals or expectations as far as comparative efficiency for the two?
Oh yeh, the design looks amazing, but if he does have small ears and it fits him that's a relief for me. The design is just making harder for me to choose between pm4 and pm6 haha
anyone else worried these will not fit in their ears comfortably? 
are you worried at all about the mids being recessed? I HIGHLY doubt they will be recessed based on their past iems, but that's something I assume they can't do much to tune. Yeh I'll be happy if I can tune to my preference, but if it comes standard with a good sound signature for me, that'll just top it all off perfectly. 
I'm hoping canjam in London will be well-documented, still torn on the whole pm4 vs pm6note to anyone that's going: we would love some good initial impressions and be forever grateful!
I think he's right to quote you because you were passing your opinion as a fact, on the other hand he simply said he really likes his vsd3s's, nonetheless I do hope whichever Trinity Audio IEM I buy will outperform the vsd3s by a large margin, that is the hope... 
Like i can understand that in regards to the sound signature, but I think in terms of technical performance I think its hard to say the vsd3s isn't good... Based on clarity, detail retrieval, imaging, timbre in the treble, detailed bass, and then some I think they outclass other iems in the same price range, but that's my opinion, and that isn't considering the sound signature, just its technical ability. Not saying I agree with what you're saying about the tuning, but I...
I can see that, I was definitely worried that the sabre would be too harsh for my taste, but then again the fatiguing vsd3s have already drilled a big hole in my ear drums. Do you know if the pm6 is supposed to be brighter? Still torn about which to get, considering getting the 4 and then seeing how the 6 is and possibly selling the 4 for the 6. Tbh also like the pm6's design more, but the smaller housing of the pm4 is appealing. 
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