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I may get there a bit early, after a prior engagement in the same area. Would this be an issue? (most probably around 11:30 to 11:45). I'll be bringing only the Buffalo 2 DAC, laptop, Beta 22 and the He-6. Sorry, the beta 24 is close to being finished but not in time for tomorrow. I'll try to bring a bit of everything (in terms of music). Till tomorrow.
I'll most likely (90%) be there. I can bring my HE-6 with the balanced Beta 22 I made. I can also bring my buffalo 2 dac and laptop. I just wonder if there'll be enough space for it all. I am also making the beta 24 at the moment. If that is done, I may be able to bring that in lieu of the beta 22.  Thanks for organizing the meet FallenAngel. Another thanks to BMWWW for the idea. 
Thanks qusp for the correction. My first post and my first edit . I would have to agree with qusp, proper grounding is critical. I ran into some issues in the begining, but got them sorted out after careful consideration of the setup instructions.
This is my first post here on head-fi. I finished building a 3-channel b-22 just about a month ago and have to say that I am more than satisfied with the sound quality. I guess that there are many variables to take into account when building the b-22. As other members have already mentioned, I found that a proper DC offset (as close to 0mv as possible) and quiescent current (160ma) to be crucial in the setup of the amp. The proper cooling of components esp. the mosfets...
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