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Phil, when will the on ear wireless be in stock?
They got stock in at CC today, not sure how many though.....
Shinoke I had the same issue with my right ear! I think if you persevere you may find that they soften up and the comfort improves (I am saying this on the basis that your left ear fits so the issue can only be a small one). I also think that your ears can get used to a certain amount and de-sensitise themselves to it slightly. Biologically this may be complete codswallop but psychologically I think there is mileage in it!
I had the ivory wired version from Amazon. Sent them back as I decided I wanted wireless, also I wasn't that keen on the Ivory in the end. I'm waiting on my order for black wireless now with CC, hope they get them soon as they sound great
Just been on custom-cable.co.uk  The headroom2015 code is still working for me.  The wireless version in black are available at £322.99.  Thats £57 discount.  Get em quick!
In a bit of a dilemma here. Just got the over ear wired. Love the quality of the build and the sound but.......it seems I have a big right ear! The left ear fits perfectly in the cup bu the right ear cause a bit of discomfort, it's just a little too small. I'm in the process of trying to "stretch" the inner leather cup to make it fit! I think it might be possible? I'm sensing a bit of improvement. Has anybody else experienced this and tried my fix? I'd hate to send these...
Just so I could be the 5000th post ;-) Not sure why that should matter in my life, I should have bigger things to worry about?
My device idle is sitting at 71% I've disabled everything I can think of too?! Gotta say that this issue is the one thing that I'm not happy with on this device. I need to find the solution.....
Hi, I've been looking at getting a tube amp (possibly LD mkiii) and was wondering what the best way to connect the zx1 might be? Does it go through usb or wm port? Any suggestions for which cable to get? Thanks in advance and apologies if this question as been posed already (did a search and hit 325 posts so gave up!)
Mannp and mccol - when did you order yours? I chased mine today (ordered on 7 march) and was told it was being withheld as I hadn't e-signed the finance form with creation? Of course it does help if creation let me know this (I had zero correspondence from them but they took first payment so I assumed all was dandy). I've now down my bit but I'm worried that they will not have a zx1 to send me now! I am so impatient it's horrible!!
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