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Hi all, I've just managed to lose one my Cosmic Ears reshelled UE900s and now I suppose the natural thing to do is jump to flagship CIEMs!     If no one feels like selling, I'll be going for a pair of CE6Bs so that's the sort of money I'd be looking to part with.  Preferably looking for sellers in Europe as Her Majesty's customs officers are pretty efficient in finding things packages that need duty to be paid!
It's a whole degree, a bit like becoming a radiographer or nurse I think.  I knew a girl at uni doing it.
My audiologist said the same... and was also trying to have a conversation with me while doing the impressions!     I guess keeping things CE related, I chose the pre fit service. So the correction I needed, though admittedly minor, didn't really hold things up at all.  Actually although the correction was minor, the left shell became painful within minutes - which really is as bad as one that doesn't fit at all I suppose when it comes to CIEMs.  
The godawful MMCX connectors on the UE900s were the reason I ended up going to Phil in the first place!  I sincerely hope the T2s are a pretty different design.
I don't even own an aftermarket cable.  I detached them once when I first got em, just to see what happened, but then left them well alone until the point where the left became so loose it even came out when adjusting.     ....I do know not to remove the CIEMs by tugging on the cables, before anyone suggests that might have been what I was doing!  
Was rather upset this morning - the day after moving apartments.  It seems that only the right hand CIEM has made the move with me! :( :(   I got my CEs just before the T2 connectors arrived, so just had standard UE/Westone type two pronged connectors. I'd noticed that the left was getting looser to the point where there was pretty much no friction keeping the cable connected to the IEM at all, but because of the vertical pressure on the cable when wearing them it wasn't...
  ......does that mean they're a pair of CE6s???
It'll be pretty soon I think - apparently the new lab is nearly ready, and I imagine when it's finished Headfonia will publish its CE6 review and the rest of the line up will be revealed.
Smithamb, we're all eagerly awaiting news on the updated product line from CE.  I think they're being sensible and not telling anyone about anything until everything is ready, and I'm not surprised it's taking a while to set up a whole new lab in the UK.     Phil is probably the guy to ask about your canals.  But I have read a few times on Head Fi that ear canals don't ever stop changing.  Only tiny changes, but over time (like 4 or 5 years+) CIEMs can become...
I am definitely guilty of buying into hype.  But I can't stop myself!  Only for whatever reason the new JHA Roxannes don't really appeal - massive cable with proprietary connectors suspiciously similar looking (if heftier) to the awful MMCX ones on the UE900.  
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